I Won't Give Up (A Larry Stylinson AU)

"I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love." Everything changed once Louis turned 13 and if it wasn't for that one person that didn't ever give up on him, he wouldn't even be alive today. (or the one where Louis is a hybrid and Harry never gave up on him. )

*Warning: due to language, abuse and sexual content* This is not mine I find this on the internet!! Thank you I hope you enjoy!!


16. Chapter 15


Last night finding Liam was a close call. It was so cold, and he looked so fragile.

I woke up the same way we fell asleep. Liam in between Harry and I, while Harry had his arms wrapped around us. But somehow during the night he shifted where his head sits on top of mine, as if he was sniffing my hair.

I move my head slightly and I feel Harry’s face crinkle, my hair must be tickling under his nose. He moves his head as if he was a cat, I move my head and I am met with a sleepy Harry. His eyes are dull since he just woke up. He leans over and captures my lips with his. We passionately made out until we hear a whimper.

Harry breaks away and is looking at a confused Liam. I smile, “Liam, sorry we thought you were asleep.” He moves his head to the side as if he was asking us why we were doing that. “Well, bud you see Louis and I are together.” His face softens and makes the shape of a heart with his hands and points at us and we both nod. “Yes we love each other very much.”

At some point in this conversation the covers were removed and you see his tail wagging excitingly. He nudges his head with my arm and I start scratching behind his ear and I must have got the area he wanted because his foot starts kicking with excitement. He then moves on his back and me and Harry start attacking his tummy. If someone were to walk in right now they would think we were his parents, even though we’ve only known him since earlier he’s warmed up to us like we’ve known him forever.

We stop and he has the biggest smile on his face. He looks at us trying to get tell us something, but we have no idea what he is saying. But then he starts shaking his leg, and then we get what he needed. He needed to use the bathroom. So, Harry quickly picks him up and walks him to the bathroom. I slowly grab my crutches and make my way into the kitchen; if I can’t cook I can at least get some tea ready for them.

I turn on the kettle, and sit down on the chair, waiting for Harry and Liam to come into the kitchen. Just when the kettle goes off I hear little pitter patter of feet and running in Liam carefully plops on my lap. He puts his arms around my neck and hugs me tightly.

He breaks away and my ears twitch making my hair move, and Liam’s head cocks to the side. He brings up his hands and feels around in my hair. He freezes when he finds my little ears, and he looks into my eyes. “If you’re trying to ask if I’m a hybrid too, yes but I’m part cat, while your part dog.” He brings his hands and starts rubbing behind my ears, and a purr erupts from the back of my throat. A bright smile forms on his face and he continues to make me purr.

“Now, Libear leave him alone for now. You can do that later. What would you like for breakfast?” Harry said as he walked in going right for the fridge.

I look to Liam and I ask, “Would you like eggs? Pancakes? Waffles? Bacon?” He nods to everything making Harry and I laugh.

“Alright, big breakfast coming up; Kitten blueberry right?” He asks

“Yes babe. Thanks.” I said and Liam looks confused, “It’s a nickname love, would you want one?” He smiles and nods his head eagerly. “LiLi or Libear?” He shakes his head then nods it after, “So Libear it is. You match with Harry, his is Hazzabear.” I said and he smiles.

Soon I feel a head lean on my shoulder and Harry kisses my cheek. My cheeks go crimson, and Liam pokes them as if there was something wrong. Harry chuckles at Liam’s reaction. Soon my tail decides to make a scene and wrap around Harry’s waist making him jolt forward; Making Liam jump and he looks and he smiles. Can he get any cuter?

Harry tries to move, but my tail only goes tighter, “Kitten, can you call off the tail? The food is going to burn.” I loosen up my body and my tail falls. Harry makes his way to the stove to tend to the fantastically smelling food.

Liam lays his head on my chest and he spots the necklace on my neck. He looks and smiles, and opens up the compartment and it’s a picture of Harry and I when we first met. The sparkle in Liam’s eye gets brighter; he seriously is the sweetest boy ever.

Soon we were all sitting and eating the amazing breakfast Harry made, “So Libear, want to go shopping and get you some clothes?” I asked and he nodded very eagerly.

“But, we need to cover you up, we don’t want anyone to take you away, alright?” he nods his head.




We are now showing Liam what he has to do when he goes out. “So, you have to always wear a beanie on your head and you must wrap your tail around your body. Got it?” I said and he nods his head. I slip on the beanie fixing his hair, while Harry finds some of his cousin’s old clothes. He comes into the room and helps me with Liam and we are now ready to leave.

1 hour later…

It was amazing the look on Liam’s face when we got to the shopping center; it was as if he was never there before. But, he loved it so much he’s now asleep in his booster seat in the back seat. I just can’t seem the fathom that he looks so familiar, and yet I’ve never met him before.

We pull into the driveway and I carefully crutch myself into the house as Harry brings in Liam and recedes back to get the stuff from the car.

All of a sudden Liam starts to violently shake in his sleep and he starts to bark, as if he’s trying to say stop. I quickly hobble over to him and shake him awake. He wakes up and engulfs me in a hug and starts to violently sob into my chest. I rub circles on his back while whispering into his ear, “I got you, and no one will ever hurt you.” He eventually stops and cried himself to sleep, trying to pry his arms off of me, but he has me in a death grip.

Harry comes in and sees my predicament, “Don’t try, like a dog when their mouth locks you are not getting it off, but with a hybrid it’s their arms. You’re going to have to wait until he loosens up.” He said, so I stopped and made myself comfortable. He comes over to me and cuddles into my side, and sleep over takes us.

Author POV

“Thought you could get away from me that easy, you’re wrong. Watch yourself Louis.” The figure saying as he looks over on to Louis and Harry with Liam.

He walks off and reaches his home. He retreats down the steps into a dungeon type thing. He opens up the door and his eyes set on a figure huddled in the middle of the moldy room.

“Well, it looks like your son took the bait.” He said as the man looks up.

“Please, don’t hurt him. I beg of you, what did I ever do to you?” He said pleadingly.

“Ohh quite the contrary, Robert. You’ve done a lot.” The grizzly man replied to the severely broken man.

“Why are you doing this? We’re brothers. First you switch lives with me and start beating my son, then you have Jesse killed in your place. Seriously Luke, what did I ever do to you?” The man states.

“Ohh, Robert, you are so stupid. You don’t remember don’t you?” Luke said.

“Enlighten me.” Robert spat.

“Well, you stole Jay from me you fucking prick. I was with her until I got sick and asked you to fill in for me, you fell for her. I was her first love, but she doesn’t know.”

“Haha, that’s what you think. That night I told her the truth, and she fell in love with me because I wasn’t as controlling as you were.” Robert said, and Luke comes over and grabs his neck and lifts him up choking him.

“Don’t you dare say that ever again.” He spits on Robert’s face and slams him against the wall before walking out and locking him in the dark coldness.

You see, Robert, Luke and Jesse were identical triplets. Luke always being the controlling one, and things went so badly, he kidnapped both Robert and Jesse to do his dirty work while he beat Louis. Robert and Jesse have been kept in the basement of the house since Louis was 13. Robert hasn’t seen his son for 5 years. All he wishes is for Louis to be safe.

“Please Louis, please stay safe.” Robert whispers before slumber over takes him.

Across the city of Doncaster is Louis, Harry and Liam were fast asleep; Louis’ ear’s twitched.

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