I Won't Give Up (A Larry Stylinson AU)

"I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love." Everything changed once Louis turned 13 and if it wasn't for that one person that didn't ever give up on him, he wouldn't even be alive today. (or the one where Louis is a hybrid and Harry never gave up on him. ) *Warning: due to language, abuse and sexual content* This is not mine I find this on the internet!! Thank you I hope you enjoy!!


15. Chapter 14

Author POV

It was cold, too cold.

The rain hit the side of the house at record speeds, no one was safe outside. People stayed inside for hours before the storm hit because it would be a storm of all storms. But, not everyone was safe.

Somewhere close to the two lovers, was a little lonely 5 year old boy trying to get some shelter. He was in the worst condition imaginable. His father beat him; he even barely made it out alive. His father wanted him to speak, but since both of his parents were hybrids, it made him basically more animal than human. So as soon as he was born, there were already dog ears and a tail. But, his parents didn't worry. Well, it wasn't until they tried to get him to speak when all he did was bark. He spoke sometimes, but majority of the time, it was a bark.

From the storm he violent squealing and sobbing isn't heard by anyone, no one seems to notice anything. Well, since there is a storm and all.

But, you see there was someone who heard him. While in his sleep, Lou's ears perched up. He heard the faint bark, but he didn't think of anything so he drifted back to sleep. It wasn't until a couple hours later his ears detected a loud piercing squeal as if a dog got run over. He instantly jolted out of his slumber.

Louis POV

My ears started twitching, but then it stopped and all of a sudden a high pitched squeal was heard. It sounded like a puppy getting ran over. I jolt out of bed, instantly scared of what may have happened. I start to shake Harry awake.

"Harry." I shake him harder, and all he does is groan and move more into my side. "Harry!" He jumps up looking confused, "What, what's going on?" he asked obviously confused.

He rubs his eyes and yawns while he stretches. "Kitten," he looks over at the clock, "Its fucking 3 am, there has to be a good reason as to why you're waking me up. So, why did you wake me up at this ungodly hour?"

"I heard something outside."

"It was probably the wind, the storm is really bad."

"No, it wasn't, it sounded like a puppy or something. Please, go check. I would but I can't go out like this." I said, pointing to my casted up leg. He sighs, and gets up off the bed.

"You're so lucky I love you. So, where did you hear it?" He said as he was putting on his rain boots and coat, grabbing a flashlight.

"Wait, be quiet." I focus my ears on the sound, and it's actually got closer than before. "Well, if my cats like instincts are correct, it should be across the street, hidden in the bushes." He walks over and pecks my lips, "Be careful." And he leaves. I scramble to turn on the lights, and I open the curtain to watch Harry.

Harry POV

Why, why at fucking 3 am?

I was having a really nice dream, if you know what I mean, mentally waggling my eyebrows. Stop, I need to find what Lou hears.

It's too fucking cold and wet; I want to be back in the arms of my Kitten, mentally sighing.

I carefully walk across the street and I turn on the flashlight. I peek in the hedges and I am shocked at what I see.

I shine the light, and I see a frightened boy shivering in the cold. Shit.

I kneel down, and he looks up and starts moving away from me. He looks so broken.

"Buddy, it's alright, I'm not here to hurt you. Come on, let's go get you warm." I reach out my hand and he stares at it before slowly moving and sniffs it. I shine my flashlight, dear god he's a dog hybrid. "Come on, you can trust me, I won't hurt you. My friend Lou and I will clean you up and get you some food, how does that sound?" His eye brighten up at the word of food, well I guess I found the key word.

He moves slowly, and opens his arms as if he wanted me to pick him up. I click off the flashlight, and carefully pick him up. He instantly snuggles into my chest. I run to the house, where Lou already had the door open and a warm towel.

"Jesus, look at him." Louis said bluntly, making the little guy whimper in my arms.

of 3


I glare at him, and he put his arms up in defense. I place the little boy on the couch so I can take off my wet clothes.

"Lou, could you get something for him to eat, it looks like he hasn't eaten in days."

"You know I can't cook."

"Just heat up some of the leftovers in the fridge," he just nods his head, and I take the boy into the guest room to help clean him.

"So, how old are you bud?" he holds up five fingers, "5 years old, such a big boy." I say and scratch behind his ears and he melts into my touch, instantly sending a smile onto his face.

I start to take off his clothes and he starts to shake, "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you, I am going to clean you up, alright?" he nods and lets me continue.

"Do you ever speak?" he shakes his head, and he opens his mouth and a bark erupts, well that was different. "So, all you can do is bark?" he nods his head slowly, and he starts to cry, "I didn't say it was a problem, now let's get you cleaned up." I take off his shirt and I'm startled at the cuts and bruises across his stomach and back. I hold back the tears, and lift him up to go to the shower.

I sit him on the toilet and turn on the bathtub. After waiting for it to be warm, he slowly gets in the water. I carefully wash him up and he's like a new person. I drain the water and grab a towel to wrap it around him. I towel dry him and he is the most adorable boy I've ever seen.

Shaggy brown hair and puppy dog brown eyes. He looks at me with them hopelessly like he wants something. "What's wrong?" He opens up his arms, and I pick him up and he instantly wraps his arms around my neck, he wanted to give me a hug. I try to hold back the tears, but one slips out, and he breaks away. Looking at me he wipes away the stray tear before kissing my cheek. He is the sweetest kid ever, literally.

I give him a pair of my cousin's boxers, which he left when he was here last year, and an old t-shirt. We need to go shopping tomorrow. I pick him up and bring him to the kitchen to see Louis patiently waiting in the kitchen with food.

The little one hides his face in my neck, "It's alright, this is Louis and I'm Harry. We're here to help, you hungry?" he nods his head frantically. I sit down with him on my lap, and he eats so much, more than Lou and I could eat in one sitting. He must have been starved for days.

"Buddy, since you can't talk, can you spell?" He nods with a mouthful of food. Louis hands him paper and a pen. "So, can you start off by telling us your name?"

He scribble down ever so carefully, but even at this age, it was so neat, where it was clear and understandable.


"Liam, what a nice name; how long were you out there?"

Before the storm.


Daddy hit me really hard, so I ran.

He dropped the pen and turns and quietly sobs into my chest. I look up to Louis who has the most sympathetic face on him.

I rub circles on his back, and he soon cries himself to sleep. I look to Lou, "Let's get to bed." I whisper.

We turn off the lights, and get back to the living room. I carefully place a sleeping Liam in the middle of the mattress. I go over to Louis and he's fixated on the broken boy.

I put my finger under his chin, and he's crying. I realized that he is because he went through the same thing with his father. I put my finger under his chin and lift it up. Looking into his eyes, "Don't cry, and just think we have a chance of helping him; a chance in saving him." Lou nods his head and I chastely kiss his lips.

I carefully help Louis get onto the bed on one side of Liam, and I situate myself on the other side. Liam automatically cuddles up against Lou's chest, and I coo at the sight.

I move closer, and kiss Lou's forehead, "Night Kitten, I love you."

"Night Hazzabear, I love you too." I wrap my arms around my love and our new edition.

Author POV

"Yeah, they bought the bait. It was genius, getting the boy who was so worthless to go to them." The figure looking on said into his phone.

Liam was indeed abused by his father, but that night it was intended. He knew that hybrids are connected to each other somehow. Whenever one is in distress, another senses it, it can reach 50 miles away. So no wonder Louis was able to hear his distress.

Don't go and blame Liam for this, when it's not his fault. He didn't know what they were intending, and he was a helpless hybrid who couldn't fight for himself. His father took advantage of him knowing something like this would happen.

"Now, we just have to wait and strike. It will be gold." He says with a laugh before he hangs up the phone and walk up into the darkness of the night.

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