Dream Fighter: Book 2 to That Girl

Bri is back and more alive than ever, for she is an alien princess, and is about to become queen! What will happen, will she ever see her friends again? Or sacrifice herself to the Dream Elf Leader to save both her world and her friends.


3. The River of Dreams


      My mother. That is all I want as I tear through the castle. My hair falls down, to a few inches above my waist as I run. I find her wine tasting at a fancy table in the kitchen. 

     "Queen Bri!" The chef exclaims, "what a nice surprise."

     "Mother," I say, ignoring the chef's attempt to call me queen, "I need to talk to you."

     "Why of course, dear." my mother replies.

     I tell my mother all about the earth friends I have. She was quite excited to hear all about it.

     "I want to see them." I tell her.

     "You can," my mother explains, "wear the moonlight crystal around your neck tonight when you fall asleep." she says, "And you will dream. A river will appear, jump into it. That is the only way to see your friends."

     "The only way?" I repeat.

     "Yes the only way," mother replies, "but I warn you, if you see a Dream Elf, stay away. They will try to capture you, for royalty are the most valuable prisoners." 

     "I will be careful," I reassure her, "the Dream Elf packs patrol the river, right?"


     That night, I wore the moonlight crystal and went to bed.

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