All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


3. What Just Happened?

"Hey Ash. There you are. I was wondering where you ran off to." Violet says walking in and she sits on Ashton's lap and kisses him.

I watch them with a grossed out expression. Now I know how William feels. Yuck.

"No PDA in my room!" I tell them as she pulls away laughing.

"Not unless it's you and Daniel, right?" She smirks and I roll my eyes, throwing my pillow at her.

"Hey now. I just fixed my hair." She says narrowing her eyes at me. I roll my eyes again and her hands fly up to her hair.

Ashton watches me the whole time with a highly amused look on his face.

"Daniel and me can kiss in my room because he's my boyfriend and this is my room." I tell empathizing my boyfriend and my room. She only turns back to Ashton, smiles and leans down and kisses him.

"Okay! You wanna do all that nasty crap, do it in your own room!" I tell her shoving her toward the door and she walks out. I sigh and my gaze shifts over to Ashton who's already looking at me. I smile and he does also.

"You know how guys have there needs?" I ask not caring if this is a weird thing to chat about or not. He scrunches up his face but nods anyway.

"Well, she's a girl and she has her needs. You better go fulfil those needs before she goes completely crazy on us. More crazy then she already is anyway." I tell him and his face goes red. I scootch closer to him and poke his dimple.

He glares at me and pokes my dimple. I'm about to freak in him and tell him to not poke my dimple but, something stops me.

It doesn't bother me as much as it does when Conner or Brad do it or even William and Daniel. That's odd.

"Hello? Are you okay?" Ashton says and I blink rapidly, trying to clear my head. Weird. That's all I have to say.

"Oh yeah. Sorry. Just thinking......" I say turning to face him. He looks concerned and he leans in really close to my face.

His hand goes to my cheek and my eyes never leave his.

"What's wrong?" He asks not moving back any further.

"W-what? What do you mean?" I stutter out. He gives me a worried look then he leans in and kisses my forehead.

"You can tell me. It's what friends are for. To be there for each other." He says and he pulls me into him.

I lay my head on his chest and the tears start coming.

"Shh. It's okay. Whatever it is, you can trust me." He says rubbing circles on my back. I grab onto his shirt and and bawl like a fricken baby.

After a moment of crying and crying, I pull back, sniffle and wipe my eyes.

"What's with all these bracelets?" Ashton changes the subject to all the bracelets along both of my arms. I freeze. Oh shit.

"Oh. Uh. I just have a habit of wearing them. And plus I really like bracelets......" I trail off. After a minute, I look up to meet Ashton's grim expression. His lips are in a tight line and his eyes are hard.

"Bullshit. Let me see." Ash says grabbing ahold of my wrist and I wince. Damn.

He automatically let's go and looks at my pained face to his own.

He grabs my upper arm and then without hesitation, he takes every single bracelet off. I cry out in pain as one catches on my skin.

He looks down at my wrist and his eyes glaze over.

He looks up at me with question in his eyes. I yank my arm away from him and put all my bracelets back on and cross my arms ignoring the pain.

"Why?" He whispers. I look down, not meeting his eyes.

"I don't want to talk about it." I mumble fiddling my fingers. I can feel his stare burning into me. Could you please look stop staring and maybe walk away?

He pulls me in for a hug and I'm taken by surprise.

"Hello? Your girlfriend aka my sister is waiting for you." I say pulling away from him, putting a piece of hair behind my ear. He chuckles and lets me go.

"You know you can talk to me if you want, right?" Ash says and I finally meet his warm brown eyes. I feel myself smile and nod without thinking.

A giant smile breaks out on his face. He kisses me in the cheek and bounces of my bed and out the door.

What just happened?

I get up, shut my door and lock it. I sigh and grab my laptop and power it on.

I check my phone and see I have a text from Daniel. I smile as I open it.

'Hey babe! Wanna go out tonight? ;)' ~ Daniel

I text him back.

'Hells yes! When and what do I have to wear? ;)' ~ Me

I set my phone down on my bed and walk over to my mirror. I sit done in my chair and stare at my self, picking out every flaw I have. So, everything.

My hairs not perfect, I hate my nose and I feel so over weight. My eyes are a horrible brown colour that I hate so much. Nothing seems to fit me in stores I go to. I have no actual girl friends, there all guys.

I wipe my cheeks to wipe all the tears off but they just keep flowing. I take a deep breath and blink a couple times.

My phone goes off and I walk over to it. I open the text from Daniel.

'I'll pick you up in 10. Nothing fancy. Just normal clothes. See ya soon babe! Xox' ~ Daniel

And that's why I'm still here. Daniel. He doesn't know about my little secret. No one was suppose to know but Ashton's so damn nosy he just found out.

'Okay! See you then. Xox' ~ Me

I press send and I fix my hair, putting it in a fishtail braid. The purple and blue go really good together with the black. I reapply my mascara and I put on a sweater over my tank top and I change into blue ripped skinny jeans. I put on my TOMS, grab my phone, some money, and I head out the door and bounce down the stairs.

"Where you going?" Vi asks from Ashton's lap. His gaze slides over to me.

"Going out. Duh." I say grabbing out my phone.

'Be there soon love.' ~ Daniel

'Okay. :)' ~ Me

I out my phone away and walk over to the chair across from the two love birds.

"With who?" It was Ashton who asked me and I look at him instead of Violet.

"Daniel." I say like it's the most obvious thing ever.

"Oh. Okay." Ashton says and his gaze flickers down to my covered up wrist. I cross my arms and glare at him. He gives me a look of sympathy. I roll my eyes and look at the blank tv.

"You know if you keep rolling your eyes, one day they'll eventually roll out of your head." Violet says turning back to straddle Ashton and play with his hair and who seems to be enjoying it more then she is, if you get my drift.

"Gross." I whisper under my breath. Ashton glares at me and I smile innocently at him.

I'm not really liking Ashton right now.

I hear my phone go off and it's Daniel telling me he's here. I get up, not saying a word to either if them and walk out the door.

I walk over to Daniels truck and climb in.

"Hey babe." He says catching my lips with his. I smile into the kiss.

We break away and he starts driving to god knows where.

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