All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


6. Very, Very Soon......

I keep my eyes close, feeling someone lift me and carry me. To my bed I'm guessing sense I'm 'passed out'.

I curl up in Daniel's arms and he lets out a low chuckle. Damn, I knew he had muscles but holly crap. I can feel his toned body against me and the muscles in his arms as they hold me tight against him while carrying me up stairs.

I peek one eyes open and I try to see Daniel but it's to dark to even see my own hand in front of my damn face.

I move upward and kiss him. He's shocked for a moment but he kisses me back, holding me tighter. My hands go to the nap of his neck and his squeezes me tighter. His lips are soft and the kiss is sweet but deep.

After a moment I pull back and curl up, closing my eyes, wondering how did I end up with someone so sweet as Daniel.

"Allison! Get up!" I hear Violet yell from someplace in this house. I groan turning over so my face is smushed into my pillow even more.

"Allison! I'm serious!" She shrieks and I cringe. Jeez. It's to early for this kind of bullcrap!

I let out of a puff of air and sit up, yawning. I rub my eyes trying to remember what happened last night.

My date with Daniel, the fairis wheel, us coming back here and watching movies, him telling me he liked Frozen, Daniel carrying me up to bed and me kissing him in the way up here in the damn dark.

Right. That's what happened.

I throw my blanket off me and yawn again as I pad out of my bedroom and down the stairs.

I walk into the kitchen where Violet is and mom. I walk over to a stool and lay my head down on the island.

"Morning sleeping beauty." Mom says taking a sip from her coffee mug. Violet rolls her eyes.

"So how was your date? I heard you guys come up the stairs really late last night." She smirks and now it's my turn to roll my eyes at my dumbass sister.

"Nothing happened.... What about you and your boyfriend? What did you guys do while I was gone living my life? And sucking face on the couch the whole time doesn't count either." I tell her before she can even sputter out a word. She glares at me, as I put my hands on my hips and smirk.

"We didn't suck face in the couch. We Sykes face in my room on my bed stupid." She says and I laugh, walking away. No point in arguing with a blond. You learn that the hard way. Well, I did.

I shake my head at my sister as I run up the stairs to get dressed.

I grab out a pair of blue jean shorts and my shirt that has the little mermaid on it and it says 'Go On And Kiss The Girl'. I grab clean under clothes and I hop into the shower.

After I'm done, I put on my clothes and then I put on mascara, blue eyeliner and just a little bit of coverup. I put on some lip chap also.

I brush my hair and then throw it up into a messy bun on top of my head and I put my bright ass orange bow with black pokadots on it.

I grab my bag and sunglasses and my phone along with my headphones. I head down the stairs and jumping into Violet's car.

I turn up the radio and It Girl comes on. I smile and out my seat belt on as she drives away from our house.

"So, how did you like Ashton?" She finally asks after a long time of silence. I knew this was coming. I just don't have a proper answer for her.

"He's okay I guess." I shrug and I give my sister a smile who looks like she's going to faint any second.

"What do you mean?" She asks all quiet like. I bite the inside of my cheek not sure on how to put this into words.

"Well. Give me some time to get to know the guy. He's only been over once." That's me being nice. I honestly don't really like him. He's to nosey for his own good. One of those days, it's gonna get his nose cut off.

"Yeah I guess your right." She mumbles then she turn the volume up a little louder as Pass Me By comes on. Ross Lynch is hot. Just sayin.

After our awkward car ride, even with the radio on, we park in the parking lot and I get out.

I slam the door and I regret it instantly.

"Ally! I told you! Don't fucking slam her!" Violet snaps at me and I cross my arms, walking away from her as fast as possible towards the one place all teenagers try and avoid while that's the place I'm trying to get to so I can have at least half a day with out my pain I the ass sister.......

I walk in and go right to my locker. I can tell this is going to be a long day just by the way people are looking at me.

Something doesn't feel right....... I feel like something's going to go wrong........

Very, very soon.......

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