All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


11. Twitter

"Okay, I'm ready! What movies?" Violet asks running into my room and jumping on to my messy bed. I smile at her and walk over to my movie choices.

"Well my dear sister. We have any of these." I say spreading them out on the bed so she can see them all.

"Okay, well, we're so watching Mean Girls 1 and 2. Then The Woman In Black, 13 Going On 30, 17 Again, Brave, Frozen no duh, ooh! Tinkerbell! Why do you have all the Tinkerbell movies?" She says laughing picking them up and showing me. I roll my eyes and grab them from her.

"I like Tinkerbell." I mummer while trying not to smile.

"Whatever." She says throwing a pillow at me and I grab it, throwing it back at her.

"Just put the damn movie in Tinkerbell lover!" Vi yells at me and I get up and put it in. I join her on my bed as we snuggle up into the blankets.

"Wait!" She yells and I pause the movie as fast as I can while I look at her worried.

"What?" I ask.

"We need snacks." Is all she says and runs out the door before I can even blink.

I laugh and fall back onto my pillow.

After a few moments of waiting for her slow ass, I get out my phone and go on Twitter.

Just as I'm about to turn my phone off, I get a mention.

I give a confused look to my phone as I open it.

I groan in annoyance as I see who it's from.

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate Okay one, your username is beyond predictable and 2, your sister won't answer my damn texts or calls. FIX IT.'

I roll my eyes at the tweet and chose to ignore him just like my sisters doing.

I put my phone on sleep mode and it goes off again. You have to kidding me.

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate Don't you start doing this to, I will come over and force you to fix it my self.'

I groan and ignore it. He can't leave me alone for even a little while can he? Dumb ass.

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate ANSWER ME DAMNIT. Why are you both not answering me?! Tell me because no matter what I will find out. And you know it.'

I glare at my phone.

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS Fuck off and leave me alone. Get the hint dumb ass. You probably did something to piss her off dipshit.'

I press tweet and not even a second later, I get a respond. Damn he's fast.

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate Well what did I do? That's what I don't understand.....'

God your so fucking annoying Ashton.

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS God why don't you just ask her yourself? I'm not your damn messenger Ashton.'

I'm not going to get involved between Violet and her boyfriend. Trust me, that's never a good thing.

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate Come on! Just ask her for me! It's not going to kill you.'

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS Um clearly you don't know my sister so well. If anyone gets involved with her relationships, your basically dead. So no, I'm not asking her, do it yourself lover boy!'

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate No ask her damn it!'

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS No grow a pair and ask her yourself.'

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate I have a pair and if you wanted to see them, all you had to do was ask, I wouldn't have rejected you in anyway ;)'

@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS FUCK YOU. And DON'T you say what you said earlier because that was so uncalled for and gross. Just ask her yourself.'

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate No just ask her for me.'

@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS Bite me asshole and just do it you pussy.'

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate Sure I'll bite, where? ;) and I don't have a pussy, I have a penis thank you very much. I can prove it to you if ya want. ;) and no I'm not asking her.'

God my sister takes forever. What in the world is she doing? Emptying our whole house?

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS FUCK YOU. Leave me alone and just ask her.'

'@Ashton5SOS: @HaterzGuna_Hate But I don't wanna! What if it's something bad?'

'@HaterzGuna_Hate: @Ashton5SOS Well it's on your head Ashton. And stop whining like a damn baby you idiot.'

"Hey sorry I took forever. I count fine the popcorn and then I had to fix the microwave because something happened to it and then I spilt juice all over myself and the floor and I dropped the popcorn all over the floor, so I had to make a new bag an I had to change because I was all sticky from the juice. But I'm finally here and ready to start the movies! And it's only....... 12:45 am. Well then." She says and looks guilty for some odd reason.

"What's wrong?" I ask sitting up so I'm shoulder to shoulder with her.

"Well, I just kinda wasted movie night for us on spilling crap all over me." She says looking down as she play with the hem of her pink tank top.

"It's fine. We can still watch them. We'll just end them really late, er, early." I say and she smiles at me.

"Okay. Sorry for being such a Debby Downer. I got the snacks so we can start anytime now." She says and I chuckle as she turns the lights off and I press play and the movie starts...

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