All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


41. Twitch Of The Fingers

Allison's POV


That's all I see.


I can't feel anything, see or hear anything.

Not right now anyway.

Am I dead? No, I'm not dead.

I don't know if I should be happy or sad about this....

I try to open my eyes but I can't seem to. It's like there crazy glued shut.

I try to move my fingers, but it's like I'm immobilized.

God damn it.

After a few moments I feel......... Something. I'm not sure what though.

It- the person- grabs my hand and I can kinda hear faint chatter.

"-giant warning for me to watch out but no, I had to be the selfish jackass and only think about me- actually that's a lie. All I could think about was you if you want the honest to god truth." They take there hand away and I faintly hear feet passion against the floor.

"I don't deserve you Alli." I just realized that it's, Ashton. He's the only one who calls me Alli as much as I hate it. "You deserve so much better then me, but I don't know of I could stand seeing you with anyone else."

I can hear the tears in his voice along with pain. I can feel a heat go through my body when he says he and stand me with anyone else.

I hear him sigh deeply and takes my hand again hand and he turns it over. I want to rip my arm away but I can't seem to move which sucks ass.

He rubs his thumb over my thumb and I want to squeeze it back so badly but I can't find the strength to.

I silently gasp as I feel him kiss my scars. I want to cry as I hear him whisper "I love you." Every time he puts his lips on my wrist.

He leans his forehead against my arm and I feel something wet hit me, and I know he's crying.

I feel something slide down my cheek and he gasps.

"A-Allison?" He asks and I want to shout and tell him I'm alright.

"Alli if you can hear me please do something..... Anything." It seems like he's begging me and that's not Ashton's thing.

I should know.

I try and use all my strength to show him a sign even if it's a sound or a twitch of the fingers.

"Allison?" He whispers and I feel more tears run down my cheek and he uses his thumb to wipe them away.

"I really do love you. Even if you can't hear me, I'm still going to say it." He says then I feel him kiss my forehead.


Okay I'm sorry it's been forever and this shitty and short but yeah.

Love yeah guys.

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