All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


35. The Library

Calum's POV (SURPRISE :{D)

I sigh sadly as I glance down at my heart broken friend. Who knew that he had the hots for his girlfriends younger sister? Not me that's for sure.

I run my hand through my hair and leave again. This is the second time I've come up and checked on him.

I can't help but feel sorry for him, he's in love. Just not with his own girlfriend. I can't really wrap my head around that right now. It's actually a lot to take in.

I thought Luke would be the first to fall in love and get married. Have kids. Live on a farm. With some pigs.

Guess not. Whatever.

I flop on to the couch and about 20 minutes later of just sitting bored out of my mind, my mum comes in and puts her hand over her heart, just as Ashton had done not that long ago once she sees me.

"God damn it Calum you scared the living day lights out of me. I didn't think you were home yet. I thought you went to the library?" Mum asks as she places some bags in the kitchen. I mentally kick my self for forgetting about the library book. Smooth move Calum.

"Yeah, about that.........." I trail off not really wanting to spill Ashton's personal life to my mum.

"Did you get kicked out again Calum? That's the fourth time this month." Mum says and I roll my eyes.

"Three times mum! Three times! Just let it go!" I say as I hear her chuckle from the kitchen.

She comes in and hands me a water bottle and I thank her taking a sip.

"So if you didn't get kicked out this time, then why are you home so soon?" She asks putting her water on the table, turning to face me.

I groan and she hits my leg. "Don't groan at me Calum Thomas Hood. I will beat your ass to the moon and back."

"Right okay. It's kinda personal." I say scratching the back of my neck.

"Calum just remember I'll love you know matter what you chose in life." She says placing her hand on my knee and I give her a weirded out look.

Just as I'm about to say something witty and stupid that's probably gonna get me into some kinda of trouble like normal, a sniffle from the bottom of the stairs catches both my mums and my attention.

I turn around to see Ashton standing at the bottom of the stairs with puffy and red eyes with a blanket around him. He looks like a little kid with his curly hair all messed up from bed head and him probably running his fingers through it tons.

My mom jumps up and rushes over to him. "Ashton, honey what the hell happened to you?!"

I groan and fall backwards onto the couch. My mum is so weird.....

I close my eyes and rub them.

I feel the couch sink next to me and I would have thought it was my mum if a sniffle wasn't made.

I shoot up word and wrap my arms around Ashton's figure. He leans his head on my shoulder and I can feel him literally shaking from the sobs that wants leave him.

"Ashton, you can talk to me anytime you want." Mum say siting in the chair across from us.

My mum looks at us with big worried eyes and I look down at Ashton.

"Can I tell her the main part?" I whisper for his ears only. He hesitates at first but then slowly nods.

I look back up at my mum. "Long story short. He's in love."

Her eyes go wide like mine did when he first told me and her hand flys up to her mouth.

"Oh that's wonderful Ashton! Violet's such a lovely girl! Oh so is her sister! Have you met her younger sister? What's her name again..... Oh right! Allison! Such a sweet girl. If you haven't met Allison then you really are missing out. If you adore Violet's personality then you'll just love Allison's." Mum gushes and I glare at her as Ashton chokes on a sob before it breaks through.

"Oh, I-I'm sorry was it something I said?" Mum asks looking like she's about to cry also.

I reach out and pat her knee. "No mum, your okay. Ashton's just in a very unstable stage right now."

"Sorry for getting your shirt wet Cal." Ashton says lifting his head up from my shoulder after a moment and wiping his eyes.

"Eh, it's fine." I say waving him off. Nows not the time to be fussing over a damn tear stained shirt.

"Ashton, why are you crying? Do you not want to be in love with Violet?" Mum asks confused and Ashton sucks in a deep breath.

"It's not that Mrs. Hood, it's just, it's. Ugh- it's not easy to explain." He says and I can't help but disagree.

It actually very easy.

"I'm in love with my girlfriends younger sister." There, easy.

I wouldn't actually say that unless Ashton said I could. He'd most likely kill me first.

"Well, try me." Mum says and I can see Ashton really wants to roll his eyes at her. Go ahead Ashton, hell I'll do it with you.

"You wouldn't understand." He says.

"I'm a mum of two teenagers. I think I'll understand, especially if Calum's one of them." Mum says and I glare at her and Ashton cracks a small smile before it goes away just as fast.

Shit I really need to talk with Allison. Or at least get the whole story.

"I-well. Let's just say I'm in love with the wrong person." Ashton finally says and my mum raises her eyebrows at him.

"What do you mean? That you don't love Violet, you love someone else?" She asks and Ashton sighs.

"Yeah." He mumbles and my mum doesn't seemed fazed by it at all. Like she's been through all this and heard it all before. Oh just you wait mum. Just wait.

"And who's this lucky girl who's captured your heart?" She asks crossing her legs with a small smile.

I hear Ashton gulp. "When you asked me about Violet and her younger sister, and you asked if I met Allison before, well I have met her. A lot more then once."

"Ashton. Are you telling me that your in love with Allison?" Mum asks putting her hand up to her heart as Ashton nods his head.

"Oh my god." Mum mumbles and I can't help but crack a grin.

"Didn't see that one coming, did you?" I ask as she glares at me.

"And why are you crying about that?" She asks and I give Ashton a confused glance because he never really told me why.

"I said some stuff to her which I didn't mean at all, it-it just slipped out! I didn't mean to say any of it, I swear I didn't mean it! It's all so ducked up and I messed it up by opening my mouth and saying stuff that hurt the girl I love. Not only does it hurt her but I feel like I'm gonna die of a broken heart. " He sobs and I rub his back as he cries into his hands.

Fuck this is bad really bad.

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