All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


23. That's Just Gross

"It's beautiful." He whispers. I look up at him and see he's already looking at me. A blush makes it's way onto my cheeks and he pushes a piece of my hair out of my face and behind my ear.

"T-thanks. I worked hard on it." I mumble and he smiles at me. A real smile, not a sarcastic or snarky one.

He starts to lean in and I freeze. Is he going to kiss me again?

The real question is, am I going to let him kiss me after everything that's gone on today?


I'm about to back away and I think he senses it and he puts his hand on the small of my back and pushes me into him, making our lips connect for what seemed like the hundredth time today.

He drops my sketch book on the floor and backs me up against the headboard of my bed and he climbs on top of me, never breaking the kiss.

His lips leave my mouth and trail down my neck and I silently moan. Shit.

This needs to stop. All of it. I can't keep kissing him, he's dating my damn sister for gods sake!

"Ashton." I say by it comes out more as a moan. Damn it. Not what I wanted.

"Mmhm say it again babe." He mumbles against my skin and I almost forget what I was thinking about minutes before.


"Ashton. Stop." I say and push on his chest but he doesn't move, just bring hi lips back to mine and I feel myself go blank. All I can hear, feel and see is Ashton.

I pull away and push on him again but this time he lets me and were both breathing heavy.

I can feel his hot breath on my face and I meet his brown eyes with my green ones.

"This has to stop. Like, now." I say and he gives me a confused look as I groan.

I push him up more so I can at least sit up. He puts both hands on my waist and I ignore the tingling feeling.

"What has to stop?" He asks and I roll my eyes. Jeez listen dumb ass!

"This. It's got to stop. We can't keep doing...... What ever this is." I say motioning between us.

He frowns once he realizes what I'm talking about. "Why?"

Why? Did he seriously just ask, why? He's dating my golden sister and I'm dating Michael.

"Why? Dude your dating my sister and I'm dating Michael. You have to stop randomly kissing me out of the blue." I tell him and I finally push him all the way off me. He looks zoned out, like he's not paying attention to anything that I'm saying or what's going on.


"Well no one has to know....." He trails off smirking and I roll my eyes.

"Ashton, no." I tell him and he puts his arm around me.

"Allison, yes." He says and he kisses my cheek. I'm still shocked that he's not trying to make out with me again.

"No. Piss off Ash." I say.

"Did you just call me Ash? Not Ashton? No ones aloud to call me that but my band mates and my girlfriend." Ashton says staring at me with his mouth set in a grim straight line and I feel kinda small under his gaze.

"I-I." I stutter.

"So I guess it's okay for you to call me that." He says and I'm now slightly confused.

"I'm not one of your band mates or your girlfriend." I say and he chuckles. Okay now I'm really confused.

"Oh babe, I know your not one of my band mates, even though I've heard you sing and your amazing, but your not." He says and I blush.

"Wait a second. When have you ever heard me sing?" I glare up at the older lad. What the hell?

"Oh I've heard you sing a couple times in the shower and in your room." He says shrugging and I gap at him.

"When have you heard me sing in the shower?" I ask open mouthed at him.

"The other day when your sister and me were busy having fun in her bed. Naked. Jesus she has an amazing body..... And her boobs. Wow, don't get me started on those amazing things. And when she moans my name when I thrust into -" I cut him off.

"Ew! Asshole I really don't need to hear about you an my sister having sex! Get to the point!" I sneer up at him. That's just gross.....

"What were we talking about again? All I remember is something that had to do with me and your sister and a shower...." He says and he smirks to himself and I mentally run him over with a bus.

"Me singing in the shower?" I say and when he eyes me up and down I get what he's thinking and I groan and he smirks again.

"Ashton your so gross." I say pushing him so he falls back on the bed and laughs. Idiot.

"Oh right. Anyway. I heard you singing in the shower." He say and I look at him like he's crazy.

"You mean, you told me all that crap for nothing? Just so you could say you heard me in my sisters bedroom? How the hell could you hear me over how loud you two were being? God. You guys need to either take it somewhere else aka not my house or tone it down a couple notches. Or just don't do it?" I tell him and when I finish he looks at me like I'm the crazy one.

"Not do it? Are you crazy?! You wouldn't know what it's like." He say and my eye go wide.

"What so you mean I wouldn't know?" I snap and his eyes narrow and a knowing smirk crosses his face.

"I mean your still a virgin and everyone knows it." He says. Oh hell no. He can make fun of me all he wants but no one, I mean no one. Makes fun of my virginity..... NO ONE.

"Fuck you Ashton. I'm sorry but that's to far." I say poking him in the chest. His eyes gleam with something and I get off him and go down stairs.

I hear him follow me but I ignore him as I walk into the kitchen. I grab out a frozen pizza and put it in the oven and set the timer. The whole time I'm doing that, I'm ignoring Ashton.

"Allison. Come on babe, talk to me." He whines and I stifle a laugh. He suck an idiot.

I still ignore him as walk into the living room.

Maybe if I ignore him he'll leave or something. That or he could just realize what he did and say sorry.

"Why won't you talk to me?" He asks sitting beside me in the couch. I grab the remote from the table and turn on the tv.

"Allison? I'm home!" I hear Violet yell as she comes into the living room. She smiles at me and gives Ashton a confused look as to why the hell he's here.

"Ashton, babe. What'er you doing here?" She asks setting her stuff down on the table and walking over to us.

"Allison's ignoring me. She's giving me the silent treatment." He pouts and points at me then crosses his arms. He acts like a damn five year old.


"That's the thing. I don't know!" He complains throwing his hands up and leaning back on the couch. I roll my eyes.

"Why are you giving him the cold shoulder?" Violet asks me and I text her why.

'He made a remark about my virginity...... ~Me'

She reads it and nods her head in understanding. Everyone in my house knows not to make fun of my viginity. Ever or I'll kill them in there sleep with there own pillow.....

"Okay well, I got that cleared up. Next thing. Ashton. Why are you here in the first place?" She says locking eyes with Ashton. Yeah I may be ignoring him but I'm still paying attention.

"I came by to see when you got off work love." He says it so casually I almost laugh out loud.

Okay, Violet I know your blonde but you can't by his bullshit. Please?

"Oh. Well you could have just texted me." She says smiling at him then getting up and going to change in her room winking at Ashton on her way up the stairs.

Ashton looks at me and smirks then gets up and follows my sister up to her room to do god knows what.

I hear her door shut and I hear her giggle and that's all I hear because I get up, take the pizza out, take a slice then grab my shoes and just as I close the door I hear the moans begin......

So glad I'm leaving.

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