All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


48. "That means no stings attached, no feelings."

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Allison's POV

I sigh as I sit beside Luke on my bed. Ashton takes my computer chair and spins around in it like a little kid making me smile fondly at him.

"I feel like I was just here...." I hear Luke mumble.

Luke catches my eye when he gives me a knowing look and I quickly look away and swallow.

"Your family sure knows a lot about you, don't they?" Luke smirks at me and I smile shrugging my shoulders.

"There not the smartest people, if that's what your saying." I say and Ashton chuckles.

"Alli I'm sure that's what everyone thinks." Ashton says while scrolling through his phone.

"So what happened in the hall with your bimbo sister after I left you guys?" Luke asks turning to face me fully and grabs my legs so I'm facing him to.

"Not much. Just she tried to get Ashton to tell her what's going on but he took my side instead and then I asked him I he was coming with me and that pissed Violet off and she told him that she's his girlfriend and not me." I say pulling at a loose string on my blanket.

I look up and catch Ashton's gaze, not breaking it once. His eyes are such a pretty hazel colour...... I see his eyes searching mine for something, but not sure what.

"Okay, what's going on between you to?" Luke breaks the trance we were in and we both look away, blinking.

"What?" Ashton asks Luke.

He sighs. "I asked what's going on between you to."

I meet Ashton's eyes again but look back at Luke just as quick. "Nothing."

He gives me a look that clearly reads 'Bullshit'.

"It's-well. Not really sure what to exactly tell you." Ash says scratching the back of his neck looking at the ground and Luke looks confused.

Not that hard....

"What do you mean?"

I sigh. "It's hard to explain."

"Yeah." Ashton chimes in.

"Okay well try, I've got all day you know." He says crossing his arms.

"Why do you want to know so badly?" I blurt out.

Ashton face palms and Luke looks at me with wide eyes. "So there is something going on! I knew it!"

I slap my hand over his mouth and hiss, "Shut the fuck up Blondie."

"Don't think fucking China heard you dumbass." Ashton says rolling his eyes and going back to his phone before putting on my desk and paying full attention to the topic at hand.

I feel him lick my hand and I take my hand away grossed out. "Ew! What the hell Lucas?!" I wipe my hand on Luke's shirt and he chuckles sticking his tongue out like the child he is.

"Oh so mature." Ash says sarcastically.

Luke flicks him off before facing me again. "So explain as best as you can."

"Me? What? Why me? Ashton started it, make him talk." I say eyes wide as I point my finger at Ashton who raises an eyebrow.

"Me? Why should I talk?" He says.

"Because you started this whole thing." I say crossing my arms and he pouts.

"So are you friends with benefits or something?" Luke asks and Ashton and me lock eyes for a split second before I look back at the blue eyes of Luke Hemming's.

I open my mouth to say something but Ashton beats me to it, shocking me into more silence at his choice of words.

"It's not that at all Luke. That means no strings attached, no feelings. That's not this, well on my end anyway. I feel strings, all the time. She tugs on my heart strings. And I've got feelings. Big ass ones. Fuck, Luke I love her." He says not missing a beat and staring at me the whole time.

I open and close my mouth but nothing comes out.

Yea I've heard him say it before but I wasn't in my right mind, but now that I hear it and see him say it to my face, it makes it all more real.

Ashton's loves me. And only me.

Not my sister.

Me. Plain, old me.

"What." Luke finally says after what feels like forever.

Ashton looks over at him and runs his hands through his curly hair. "You heard me. I love her. More then anyone will ever know."

Luke looks at me with wide eyes but I can't seem to take my eyes off of Ashton.

"Oh well, will you look at that, my bladder just called me and I've got to take this call, I'll be back." Luke says leaving my room and going to the washroom out there.


I hold my hand up. "Wait. Don't say anything. Just- just give me a minute to let what you said sink in." I say and he closes his mouth and his lips go in a straight line as he nods his head.

Ashton just told me-and Luke- that he loves me. That I pull on his heartstrings. Not Violet. Me.

I smile at the thought of this and I come back to my senses when I feel something take my hand. I look down to see Ashton's hand holding mine tightly in his.

I look up and notice how close he got.

"I mean it. Every word." He whispers and I feel my self believe every word he says.

"I don't want to get hurt again." I whisper sadly.

He gives me a sad smile. "I won't let anyone or anything hurt you ever again Alli. I promise." He says and I give him a small smile.

After a minute or so he talks again. "Now the big million dollar question....... D- do you. Um. Feel the same?" He asks stuttering and at that moment I realized that I couldn't be where I am without him.

Sure it was a painful and heartbreaking experience but in the end it was all worth it.

Instead of answering him I grab the collar of his shirt and bring his face really close to mine so our lips are just brushing each other.

"You've got know idea." I say before closing the gap between us.

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