All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


15. Starbucks

Allison's POV

I sigh as I pull my shirt over my head full of wet hair. I pull it out of the back of my shirt and smile to myself in the mirror.

I walk out of the bathroom and my phone rings and I groan but I pick it up.

"Hello?" I ask holding my phone between my ear and my shoulder. I walk over and put my book back on the bookshelf.

"Hello there." A voice asks. I stand up straighter and hold my phone,

"Who's this?" I ask confused.

"Oh. You don't need to worry about that. We should hang out." He asks me. What the fuck.

"Um how about no. I don't know who the hell you are so fuck off." I say preparing for him to get pissed and hang up on me.

But, no. He laughs.

"Oh god he was so right about you." He mumbles to himself.

"What the hell are you talking about? Who told you what about me?!" I ask getting pissed.

"Okay, okay chill out. Just meet me at Starbucks in 10." Is all he says then he hangs up. I open my mouth as I stare shocked at my phone and how he just hung up randomly.


Ugh. Should I go and see who the hell this is? Yeah so I can tell them to fuck off and leave me alone.

I grab my varsity jacket and I slip on my ballet flats and I grab my keys, phone and wallet. I head out the door and hop into my car and I pull out of my driveway and make my way to Starbucks.

























I pull up to Starbucks and I park my car. I get out and lock my car as I make my way to the amazing coffee shop.

I walk in and walk right up to the counter. There's only like, 2 other people here.

"Hi there. What can I get yeah beautiful?" He asks giving me a sweet smile. I return it and I push some hair behind my ears and I look down.

I tell him my order and pay. I take it and walk over to a table in the corner by the window.

I take a sip of my drink and smile at the warmth.

I hear someone walk in and look up and see a boy around my age walk up to the counter.

I take another sip of my drink and nearly spit it out as he takes off his beanie and runs his hand through his hair. Nice muscles. And hair colour choices.

I take another sip and I almost choke as his brown eyes meet mine. He gives me a small smile and he walks over to me.

"Hi." He says. He doesn't sit he just stands there.

"You can sits down yeah know." I tell him and he lets out a breath of air as he sits across from me.

"Okay good because, I was thinking that I was making a fool out of my self by just standing there." He says and I laugh.

"I'm Allison." I say.

"Hi. Well I'm Michael." He says.

"Well Michael. Tell me about who you are." I say and he grins.

"Well, I'm Michael Clifford. I play guitar, and sing and I love food and sleep. I'm in a band, with my three best friends. I'm single. I love to die my hair and I'm 18." He says and I go back to the band part.

"Who's in your band?" I ask and he smirks.

"My friends Luke, Calum and Ashton. We've known each other sense high scho-" I cut him off.

"Wait. Ashton?" I ask randomly.

"Yeah. I think he's dating your older sister, Violet? Right?" He asks and I roll my eyes.

"Yeah. He pops out of know where all the time." I say and he chuckles and takes a sip of his drink.

"Ya. He talks about you a lot." He says and when I give him a confused look he quickly adds "Like, you and Violet of course."

I laugh at him and he takes a sip of his drink and looks out the window.

"Okay. So forget about Irwin for second and tell me about you." He says meeting my eyes again.

"Okay so I'm Allison Wall. I'm 17. I have long black hair as you can tell. But I got deep blue and purple streaks in it last year. Most people really don't like the way they look but I love how I look in my appearance. I love my brown eyes and black hair. I also love to read and music. And..... Yeah. That's me. Oh and I'm not single. Sorry." I say as I trace a pattern on the table.

"It's okay. Ashton told us about your boyfriend and stuff." He says and I wonder why Ashton told them or why he would even bother to remember.

"Oh. Okay. What else has Ashton told you about me?" I ask crossing my arms over my chest.

Michael sighs. "Nothing bad don't worry sweet cheeks."

"Like, what then? All I've ever been to Ashton is rude. Only because he's rude to me." I say and Michael smirks but then he bites it down and it turns into a smile.

"Okay. Well like, how you look and he said that your nothing like your Barbie clone sister, and that your better looking and you speak your mind. And a lot of other little things he notices that kinda scare me." He says and I'm trying to wrap my brain around everything he just said to me.

"What scares you?" I ask.

"On how much he notices and pays attention to you. He notices all these weird little things you do. Like different smiles for different people or, shot what else did he say. He said a lot...... Oh or how he tap you nails on anything when you feel like punching someone." He says and I give off a small smile.

"Wow. How can he notice any of those? Daniel doesn't even notice any of them...... Hell I don't even notice that I do them." I trail off feeling something in the pit of my stomach stir.

"He also said I'm better looking then his own girlfriend?" I ask completely shocked.

"Oh. Yeah I wasn't suppose to say that out loud....." He says looking a tad worried.

"It's okay Michael. I won't tell Ashton." I say winking. He laughs and I take another sip of my drink.

"Your pretty cool Allison Wall." He says.

"Not to bad your self Michael Clifford." I say and we both laugh.

"Wanna go to the park?" He asks standing up. I grab his hand and he pulls me up. He spins me around and I fall into him laughing. This days not that bad.

We walk out the door laughing.

I stop laughing and my smile goes away once I see what's in front of me.

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