All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


43. Soothing Sounds

Allison's POV

I look down at my phone that's beside me on the couch.

I see it's a text from Ashton. I roll my eyes and ignore it.

"Do you need anything? Like a drink or something to eat? Or more blankets or-" I throw a pillow at my sister making her laugh and catch it.

"Okay okay I get it. I'll shut up now." She says just as someone knocks on the door.

Violet walks over and opens it. I her low murmurs from the door way and I furrow my eyebrows.

A tall pissed off looking blonde boy walks in the living room standing right in front of me with his arms crossed and damn he looks good in a leather jacket.

I hear the front door open and then shut. That means it's just Luke and me.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Luke blows up. But in a calm way.

He couldn't take it to the hospital with Michael before because of some family thing that needed both boys apparently.

Calum said they were probably hooking up in a closet or something.

I sigh. I hope one of the boys or someone told them about my no talking thing.

"Yes they told me about how your not talking. Well, Ashton told me while rambling on about something. Most likely had something to do with you." He mumbles the last part but I still heard it.

I grab a piece of paper and write "Why are you here, not to be rude or anything."

He reads it and runs his hand through his hair. "I had to see you. I was worried Allison. I care about you so much. That and you broke your promise to me."

I automatically look down at my hands. Great mood breaker. I feel tears prick my eyes.

"Hey, hey. Don't do that to me, no don't cry. If you cry then I'll start crying." He says crouching down in front of me grabbing my hands in his.

"I'm sorry don't cry. Please Allison." He says making me chuckle slightly. "Yay! A smile."

He then wipes my cheeks with the pads of his thumbs. I mouth "Thank you."

He leans in and pecks my forehead. "Your so sweet Allison. I don't want you to hurt yourself anymore."

I nod my head and he sits beside me on the couch, moving my phone as I lay my head on his chest as we watch whatever I was watching before. Which just happened to be a Property Brothers marathon.



I feel someone pick me up and I stir opening my eyes a little and I see Luke smile down at me. "Hey sleepy head. Just thought you'd want to sleep in your own bed and not the couch."

I nod my head and lean it against him again.

We make it to my room and he lays me down on my bed. He smiles and turn to leave but I grab his sleeve.

I pull a few times on it and he gets the memo and takes off his jacket, and his SnapBack before climbing into bed with me. Okay that sounded wrong.

He climbs in and puts the blanket over both of us. I wrap my arms around his middle and I listen to his heart beat.

It's not dark out yet, do be honest it's only 11:09am. Well last time I checked and that was a few hours ago I think.

Yes I was eating ice cream that early. It's actually never to early for ice cream.

"Why did you break your promise to me?" Luke whispers.

I shrug my shoulders not really wanting to answer him. Or anyone really.

He sighs. "Well, all of us were so worried."

I just burry my face deeper into his shirt. "Sorry for everything that I've done. I just can't help it." I whisper so quietly that I can barley hear it my self.

Luke sits up fast and that makes me sit up to. He puts his hands on my cheeks. "You can't help what?"

I look down at my arms and scratch them without thinking. He looks down and a pained expression and grabs my hands and makes them stop.

"Stop. Please. I'll help you." He says as tears take on his blue eyes. I put my hand on his left cheek and wipe away his tear.

"You will?" I mouth and he gives me a sad smile.

"Yes. Not just me but the other boys to. We'll all help you. But you have to let us." He says an I nod my head and wrap my arms around his neck.

His arms go around my small body and he pulls back right away. He furrows his eyebrows. "What was that?"

I give him a confused look. He then pulls the blanket off us and pulls up my shirt off and I pull the blanket over me.

"Oh Allison. How do you think everyone would feel about this? Especially Ashton? Do you even understand how much that guy cares about you? All of us love you so much." He says as he takes in all my scars old and new.

"And have you been eating also? Because your to skinny." He says motioning to my stomach as I wrap my arms around my self as if I'm trying to keep myself together.

"I'm sorry." I whimper. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm so fucking sorry."

"For what?" He asks.

I look up at him in his blue eyes. "For not trying hard enough."

That's when I break down and I sob into my hands.

I feel Luke's stare in the side of my head and then I feel his arms around me, holding me to him as he makes soothing sounds.

I don't even care that I'm half naked.

He pulls me back and we lay down.

My sobs turn into hiccups and soon there just sniffles.

"Just rest." He whispers and I close my eyes as I tighten my hold on him.

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