All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


1. See? Sweet.

"Allison! Are you ready? Your sisters waiting!!" Mom yells from down stairs. I groan. I so don't want to ride with my sister. All she ever does is talk about her so called 'boyfriend'. I don't know who he is or anything like that. Hell! I've never even seen him before, no pictures, no visits, nothing. It's like she hides him away from the world. Aka, our family.

"Allison!?" Mom shouts from down stairs. I sigh as I tighten my ponytail, grab my bag and my phone, slipping it into my pocket as I finally make my way down stairs.

I get to the bottom and huff out air and it makes my lose hair fly up and back down again.

"Your sisters waiting. Go. Now." Mom says narrowing her eyes at me. I roll mine.

I push my bag up more and walk out the door. I shut it tightly behind me and walk over to my sisters car. I open the door and hop in, slamming the door in the process.

"Hey! Don't slam the door." My sister, Violet snaps at me. I suppress a groan of total annoyance as she drives out of the drive way. I put my seatbelt on and turn to look out the window.

After a few moments of nice silence, Violet decides to break it with her big mouth.

"Okay, so I have something totally exciting to to tell you." Vi squeaks. I jump and look at her like she's cray cray. Witch she truly is.

Violet has long blonde Barbie hair that's always perfect no matter what. She has bright blue eyes and a sweet smile and a small button nose. She doesn't wear that much make up like most blonde bimbos do. She's taller and older then me. She's 18 and I'm only 17. I'll be 18 soon though. Yeah yeah. A 17 year old who doesn't have her license. Shut the fuck up. Not my fault.

"And that is.....?" I ask, dreading the answer. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death but she's so annoying some times.

"My boyfriend coming over tonight!" She squeals. Well then. Wonder who he is. Maybe I know him. Probably not though.

"Really? When?" I ask trying to be nice to her. Hey! I'm trying. Give me some credit here.

"He's coming for diner and he's also been asking to meet you guys for the longest time." She stops and then starts biting her lip and twisting her blonde hair around her finger. Something she does when she's nervous. Then she continues. "I really think he's the one Al. I really, really like him. I don't want to lose him."

I sit there staring at this new version of my sister I've seen only once and that was when I was like, 7. Maybe not even.

"Well, let's hope that I like him to and mom or your doomed." I say and she gives me a soft smile. I return it.

We pull up to the school and I get out, putting my sunglasses over my eyes. It's really sunny out and thankfully super warm out also. It's late April and it's really hot out.

Okay so I'm Alison Wall. I'm, as I already told you, 17. I have long black hair. But I have deep blue and purple streaks in it. I have deep hazel eyes that I got from my dad along with my black hair of cores. He past when I was 6 so I don't remember much of him.

I walk into the school and go over to my locker. I feel a tap on my shoulder and turn around as a smile takes over my face.

"Hey ass. What's up?" I ask getting my books out of my bag as I turn to my friend William. He has curly brown hair and glasses and is a total dork. But he's my dork. No, I'm not dating him. He's just my best friend!! And he's also taller then me by like, almost a full foot.

"Nothing much. Did you do Fridays homework?" He asks and I freeze as I scrunch up my face.

"We had homework? For what class?" I ask wide eyed. He laughs at my expression and I glare at him.

"Math?" He says and I relax. Damn had me worried for a second there.

"Yeah I actually finished it in class." I say locking up my locker, and we head to class.

"Allison!" I hear and my heart flutters at the sound of his voice.

I stop and turn around to see Daniel. Yes, he's my boyfriend. He has black hair like me, and piercing blue eyes. He's also got a six pack and I'm so grateful for it!!

He runs up to me and picks me up, spinning me around as I squeal with laughter. He sets me down on the ground his lips find mine instantly. I close my eyes and relax into him.

We pull away and he smiles at William who's looking totally grossed out as I laugh.

"Hey William." Daniel says wrapping his arm around my waist and I lay my head on his shoulder.

"Hey. We're just heading to class. Care to join?" William asks faking a posh accent at the end. I giggle and Daniel chuckles.

"Yeah. Sure." Daniel says. Okay I don't just like him for his looks, those are just a Bonas! Anyway, all in all, he's actually a really nice guy. He's 18, but that doesn't matter. Mom likes him and so does Vi. So whatever.

We head to our first class witch is Math. I suck at math but thankfully Daniels a freaked wiz at it. He helps me out and tutors me. I'm very grateful for him for that.

After that class witch is borin as hell, I go to Vocals. None of the boys have it because they think it's to girly. Boys are morons some times, ya know? Jeez.

I have to do a solo on Friday and I've gotta sing Cora Moi Ben. It's Italian and I can't even speak French that good. Sigh.

When the bell rings finally, I almost fling myself out the door. I run to my locker, trying not to fall on my face while doing so, I open it up and grab out my lunch money.

I lock it up and go to the café.

I get a pizza and a water and I walk over to our table in the far corner. I sit beside Daniel and William as my other two friends sit beside the two boys.

"So how was vocals?" Brad says as Conner rolls his eyes and takes a drink from his pop. Yeah, all my friends are guys. No shame in it!!

"It was fine. Thank you for asking." I say as I take a bite from my pizza.

Conner has dirty blonde hair that's kinda long but not to long and blue eyes also. Brad has short brown hair and dark brown eyes. There both really good looking guys if I must admit. Williams the only dork that I will ever be friends with and allow to sit with us at lunch or anywhere else. Yeah, I sound like a bitch but oh well.

"Right. That shouldn't even be a class. What do you do in it anyway?" Conner says as he eats a fry. I gulp my drink and answer him.

"You sing dipshit. Duh." I say smiling innocently at him. Daniel barks out a laugh and muffles it with my hair. I grin.

"No fuck. But like, what else?" Conner says smiling.

"I have a solo on Friday if that says anything." I say staring at the table.

I can feel all there eyes on me. It's like there burning a hole in my head.

"Really? I've never actually heard you sing before." Daniel says scrunching up his face and it makes him look super cute.

"Yeah. Me either." Conner says, Brad and William, nod there heads agreeing. I sigh and pick at the toppings on my pizza.

"Well, I only sing in front of my class because it's mandatory. I have to. I don't sing in front of anyone else because I have terrible stage fright." I tell them looking up to meet surprised faces.

"Babe. There's nothing to be scared about." Daniel says and I look up at him. He smiles at me and leans down and I meet him half way.

"Get a room, would ya?" Brad says and Conner laughs while William shakes his head, smiling.

"That doesn't sound to bad to me." Daniel says winking at me and I can feel my face flush. I can feel the heat spread all over my body from head to toe.

Daniel and me have never actually, um done it. Yeah, sure, we've had pretty steamy make out sessions but that's about it. He's never, ever pressured me about having sex with him and I know he never will. Yes, he's a guy, but he's also my guy and knows that when I'm ready, I'm ready. And he's just gonna have to wait.

"Whatever. Just don't get pregnant, kay?" Conner says and Brad and William snicker at us. I cover my flaming face with my small hands.

"Hey, hey. Babe, don't cover your face. Your blush is beautiful. Just like you." He kisses me after he takes my hands off my face. I kiss him back and I smile.

See? Sweet.

The bell rings and we say our goodbyes as me and Conner head to class. Art.

We go in and take our seats as the teacher tell us to draw one of our best memories.

I look down at my page and begin to draw.

When I'm done I blink back tears as I look at my picture. I drew a picture of me and my dad smilin and him pointing to the camera, trying to get me to look at it. I have this photo in my room on my dresser and that's where I got the idea from. I wipe my eyes and Conner rubs my back and gives me a small smile. The boys know about my dad and my past and I guess everything about me almost.

"It's okay. That a nice drawing though." He says then motions to my drawing. I gaze down at it and give off a smile.

Conner pokes my dimple and I glare at him. I hate it when people poke my dimples. It bugs the shit out'a me.

I only hate it because my dad use to do it and it was his thing. No one else's. Conner does it to bug me though, so I'm kinda use to it. Even if it does bug the shit out of me. Sigh.

Daniel and me have been dating for a year and a half now. My sisters been dating whoever the guy is for about 3 months and not once have we met him or seen him. So I'm kinda excited to finally meet him and find out who da fuck he is.

I hand in my paper along with the rest of my class and go to my last class. French.

I go in and take my seat as my teacher blabs on about something weird and not important to me in anyway.

That class goes by just as fast as the rest of them did. I walk out, putting my sunglasses on and go over to my sisters car after getting my crap out of my locker. I notice she's not here yet and I lean on the car, groaning. I put my hands in my light pink jean short shorts as my white tank top flaps in the wind. It has light colours on it and says 'Be Free!' On it. I kick a stone with my black converse And a giggling sound of a girl makes me snap my head up.

I look and I see Violet with some guy that I've never seen before. Okay, I only see that he's taller then her so he must be really tall.

They say something else and kiss and she blushes, making her way over to her car. So that's her, oh so amazing boyfriend. Should have known by the way they were standing so close to each other. Jeez sometimes I think I should have been the blonde one.

I take out my phone, acting like I wasn't watching them just a second ago.

"Hey. Ready to go?" She asks the blush still clear on her cheeks. I snicker and climb in and she gets in and we head home.

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