All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


2. Okay I Like Milk

We drive home with the radio on low so I can still hear the hum of the engin. We pull into our drive way and I take my seatbelt off, grab my bag and slam the door getting out.

"I told you not to slam her!" Violet groans and I raise my eye brow at my sister.

"Your cars a girl?" I ask pulling my bag more onto my shoulder. She sighs and flips her blonde hair over her shoulder, giving me an annoyed expression.

"Yes. Her name is Lilly." She says and I bite my lip to keep from bursting out laughing like a doorknob.

I follow her inside silently shaking my head at her. I shut the door behind me and I can hear Vi already telling mom about her boyfriend coming over for super and blah blah blah.

I go upstairs to my room and shut my door behind me and throw my bag on my floor near the end of my bed. I fall face first on my bed and sigh.

"Oh I love you bed. I'm sorry I left you this morning!" I say fake crying.

"Your weird. Mom wants you." Vi says rolling her eyes as she walks off to her room. I groan, kiss my bed and go down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Yes mother?" I ask in my own very horrible posh accent. She gives me a weird look but talks anyway.

"I need you to run to the store down the road and get me a few things. Please?" She asks. I sigh takin the list from her and she gives me her card. Yeah, my mom actually trusts her teenage daughter with her credit card. Shocker I know.

I throw on my striped flats that are just randomly there and I grab my skateboard and head on my way.

After about 15 minutes I finally reach the damn store. I sigh picking up my skateboard as I walk in.

I look at the list. First is milk. Okay I like milk.

I walk over and grab it out of the cool section.

Next is bread. I like bread also. Good to know I'll have some for later.

I walk over to the bread isle and grab a loaf.

Next is soup. Okay I like chicken noodle.

I walk over and grab a few cans.

I get the other stuff on the list and check it out. I by myself a pack of gum also.

I thank the lady and ride my skateboard back home. All while doing so, I try not to drop the bag or anything in it.

After what felt like a longer trip to get home then it did to get to the store, I finally make it home. I look at my phone and see it's already 5:21 pm. Damn I take forever.

I go inside, give mom the bag and she thanks me as I walk back up to my room.

I plug my phone in and go on twitter.

I follow some people and tweet Daniel.

I get up and put on Talk Dirty To Me by Jason Derlo. I honestly love this song.

If you don't then boo you.

I start singing softly and start to dance. I walk over to it and turn it up and then I start belting out the lyrics and go full on dancing like a lunatic around my room.

I grab my brush and sing along to myself in the mirror. After it's done, I put on Lalala by Naughty Boy and I sing and dance to that to.

I feel a tape on my shoulder and I turn to see Violet laughing. I pause my music and turn back to her, crossing my arms.

"May I help you?" I ask. She makes a face and I stick my tongue out at her.

"He's almost here so don't embarrass me. Please and don't dance. You can't dance. But your singing, you can keep doing that. Your actually pretty good." She say then stalks out of my room.

"Love you to sis." I mumble sarcastically. I shut my door again and jump over to my mirror. I grab my brush and run it threw my hair. Violet has waves hair and I have pin straight hair.

After a couple moments I hear Violet call me down. Guess he's here or something. That's or she wants something.

I walk down the stairs to see he's not here yet. Huh. Wonder what she wants this time.

"There you are. Moms in the washroom and I have to go change. I got flour all over me. Can you just please take the food out real quick? Thanks." She takes off before I can even say anything. Typical sister love. Gotta love it right?

I sigh and take out whatever my mom and sister were cooking and place it on top of the oven.

I hear a knock on the door and I wipe my hands on a towel.

I walk over to the door and open it. On the other side is a guy who grins at me once I open the door. Not bad looking.

He has brown hair that's kinda curly and he has very deep dimples. Like me!! He has amazing brown eyes and a smile to die for. Yeah, this must be my sisters boyfriend. He's got all the looks to fit it.

"Hi." He says. Oh sweet, he has an accent. I like him already.

"Hi." I say back then I open the door for him to walk in. His grin widens as he walks in. I shut the door behind him and just stand there awkwardly.

"Um, I'm Ashton." He says turning to me. I bump into the wall because I how close he is. I blink a couple times and smile back.

"Allison." I say and he doesn't move so I'm kinda pined against him and the wall. Awkward. Again.

"Oh your Violets younger sister." Ashton says leaning down so we're face to face. Well, he's not shy, is he?

"Uh y-yeah. Not by much though. I'm 17." I say then mentally slap myself for stuttering because his smile grows bigger as it takes over his face.

"Oh. I'm 19." He says. He's older and taller. Great.

"That's nice. Don't ask me what we're having because I don't have a clue. I was in my room the whole time." I tell him finally leaning against the wall. The side of his mouth corks up a little and he puts his arm just above my head to hold himself on the wall.

Oh god he has really nice arms. I look up to meet his twinkling brown eyes.

"Ash. I see you've met Allison." Violet saves me from Ashton and his awkward randomness. I step out from Ashton's arm and make my way over to my sister.

"Yeah. He's a real charmer." I say sarcastically. I honestly don't know what to think about Ashton. He comes on kinda strong.....

I walk into the kitchen and grab out plates and forks. I set the table and my mom comes. She puts some food on everyone's plate and cups.

"Mom. This is Ashton." Violet says, her own eyes bright.

He sticks his hand out for her to shake, witch she does.

"Ashton Irwin." He tells her. I roll my eyes and we take our seats.

I'm not very fond of him yet but I only just met the dude. So I'll give him till the end of the night.

After I'm done, I put my plate and cup in the dishwasher and head up to my room.

I shut my door and put my music back on but not as loud.

I can tell you for certain that she's going go freak on me later for not bonding with him and her.

I sit on my bed and log into skype. After logging in, I see that William's on. I smile as he picks up.

"Hey bitch. Are you done question 15 on our homework? I don't get it." I tell him getting out my math book. He sighs and gets his out also.

"Yeah I eventually got it. It is pretty hard at first." He says scratching his head.

"Yeah. That's the only one I didn't get." I say getting out the paper and my pencil.

"Once I got it, it was actually really simple. All you do is take 1869 away from 2432 and add 750 and divide it by 6." He says and I do what he says. I think about it for a minute then it clicks in my head.

"Ohh. I see now..... Your right. It is easy once you finally get it. Thanks." I say smiling at him and he blushes looking down.

I smirk. I always make him blush like crazy. It's actually really funny.

"Hey. Who're you talking to?" A voice asks and I jump up putting a hand over my heart.

I turn around to see Anton giving me a sheepish grin.

"Oh. This is William. William this Ashton." I introduce them.

"Hi." William says with smile. He's so nice to random people. He could be talking to a rapest and he'd still be nice.

"Hey." Ashton says waving into the camera and grinning so his dimples pop. He doesn't have to smile to big for them to show.

"Hey I have to go. Mom wants me to watch Cleo." William says frowning and I laugh. Cleo's his little sister. She's like 4 or something.

"Okay. Love you!" I say to him.

"Love ya to. See ya." He says and hangs up. I turn around and come nose to nose with Ashton.

"Jeez boy. Why are you always like, right there?" I ask putting my hand over my heart again for the second time tonight.

He chuckles and his warm breath caresses my face.

"Sorry." He says and I get up off my chair and walk over to my bed trying to stay away from him. Kinda. It's like he means to be that close to bug me.

"Um about earlier, sorry if I was acting weird. Like, coming on to strong and stuff like that." He says blushing and scratching the back of his neck. It's now my turn to grin.

"It's fine. I'm friends with only guys so I know what you mean." I say chuckling and his eyebrows are raised.

"Is William your boyfriend or something?" Ashton asks tilting his head to the side as he sits across from me on my bed. I burst into a fit of giggles and he just gives me a confused look.

"No. William is most defiantly not my boyfriend Irwin. Trust me." I say still giggling. He rolls his eyes as a small smile creeps onto his face.

"If I started dating him Daniel would probably send me to a mental hospital." I say and then laugh again.

"Who's Daniel?" Ashton asks.

"Now he most defiantly is my boyfriend." I say then fall on my aside but still watching Ashton. His eyes meet mine and we just stare at each other. Not in a creepy oh my god way, but in a nice comfy type of way. If that makes any sense.

"I'm kinda your friend right?" His question catches me off guard but all I do is smile at him.

"Yeah. Your kinda my friend." I say and I watch as a giant smile spreads across his mouth.

Maybe I'll like being friends with Ashton. Who knows where it'll lead to. We could be best friends by the end of the year.

Who knows.

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