All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


24. Laying In The Grass Kissing

I shove my hands in my pockets as I walk down the sidewalk toward the most amazing place ever, besides my bedroom that is.

My phone goes off and I hold it up to my ear without looking at the caller ID.

"Helloooooo?" I ask as I walk slowly.

"Hey. Wanna meet at Starbucks?" I smile and nod my head then I quickly remember he can't see me.

"Totally. I'm actually just here right now." I laugh as I walk up to Starbucks.

"Oh cool. I'll be there in five minutes or less." He says. We say our goodbyes and hang up.

I walk in and smile as the smell of coffee and other things fill my nose. I walk up the counter and order my drink, then I take it and sit in a booth in the far corner.

I take a sip from it and relax as the hot liquid slides down my throat. Damn it's really good.

I hear someone walk in because of the little bell that dings above the door when people walk in. I look up and my smile grows.

I get up and run over and hug him. He laughs while wrapping his arms around me.

He kisses the top of my head and I can see an old couple smile at us as they hold hands and I mentally coo at there cuteness. Old people make me happy because there so cute when there with the love of there life for so long.

I pull away and he goes and orders his drink. He thanks the lady and walks over and sits across from me.

"Hey." I say smiling and his brown eyes twinkle.

"Hey." Michael breathes out. God, he's amazing.

We just stare a tech other as I take in all of his features. From his crazy hair to his soft lips and amazing brown eyes.

"Let's go to the park." He says randomly and we both bolt up and run for the door.

The parks only down the road so it's okay for me to keep running. I throw my drink in a near by trash can and book it to the swings once they come into view.

Just as I'm about to reach them, a pair of arms wrap around my wait earning a squeal of laughter from my pink lips.

We both fall to the ground and I just keep laughing along with Michael.

I take in a deep breath trying to catch the much needed air into my lungs as I look up at the white fluffy clouds floating across the sky.

Michael's face soon comes into view and I smile up at him and he returns it.

He's got himself propped up on his elbow and he's leaning over me, blocking out the blinding sun.

He leans down and my eyes flutter close as his lips lightly graze mine. I put my arms around his neck, making him put his mouth on mine.

I smile as I kiss him and he presses himself more into me, cause now he's laying on me as were just laying in the grass kissing.

Damn he's a great kisser. Why haven't I realized this before?

He then lays down on his back, pulling me with him so I'm now sitting on him. He smiles up at me while his hands are resting on my thighs. My left ones placed on his chest and my right ones running through his hair. He closes his eyes and leans into my touch and I bite my lip to keep from giggling like a small child.

He opens his eyes and shoots up, putting his hands behind my head while his lips move in sync with mine.

My hands go to his reversed skunk like hair and I lightly tug on it earning a small moan from Michael's mouth. I giggle and he presses more into me and bites my bottom lip with his teeth, making me slightly gasp and he smirks into the kiss. His tongue slips into my mouth and our tongues dance together, Michael turns his head to the side and deepens the kiss a lot.

I pull away and he leans in again trying to capture my lips with his again, making a small whimpering sound, but then I remember were at the park, out in the open and anyone could walk by and see two hormonal teenagers going at it in the grass by the swing set. That's a sight to see.

Michael pouts and I giggle while patting his cheek. He grabs my hand and kisses the palm of it, his eyes never leaving mine.

"Why were you going to Starbucks anyway? Not that I blame you, it's super good coffee and shit." He says and I sigh. Ashton left my mind and now he's back.

Thanks Michael.

"Ashton." Is all I say and he nods his head in understanding. "He just, won't leave me be."

"Yeah Ashton tends to do that..... But I've known Ashton for years so were all use to it." He says and I nod my head as Michael lays back down. I lay down also, my head resting on his chest as it rises and falls. I can hear his heart beat pick up speed as I shift a little to get more comfy.

"He's like a damn bug of my windshield that won't piss off." I groan and he chuckles while wrapping his arms around me.

"I could stay like this forever." He mumbles into my hair after a couple minutes of silence and a smile breaks away on my face.

"Me to." I sigh and I snuggle up into Michael.


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