All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


38. Just One Step Closer

Allison's POV

Just one step and it'll be all over.

Just do it. Like you said, it'll all be over within seconds.

Yes. Trust me. Now step forward and don't look back. Close your eyes.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath, my last one, and step forward, blocking out the sound around me and only focusing on my speeding heart as it pumps for the last few times.

Just as the scarf tightens around my neck, I smile as everything goes black and quiet....

But not before I hear feet pounding against the wooden floor of the hallway......














Ashton's POV

I lay on my- I mean Calum's, (my bad) bed when I get a bad feeling in my stomach. My eyes fly open and I furrow my eyebrows in confusion. I woke from my nap and I haven't left the room or the bed, for that matter sense I woke up.

Where's Calum? Never mind, he must be down stairs watching tv or something.

I move around and try to get comfy but this feeling in my stomach is only getting worse.

I sit upright and blink a couple times. Either something's not right or something's about to go wrong, very very wrong.

Just as I'm about to leave the room, my phone starts going off making me almost jump out of my skin.

I grow even more confused as to why Calum's name is popping up when he should be just down stairs- shit. Did something happen to him?!

I click answer as fast as I can.

"Ashton? Thank god your awake." Calum says but you can hear that his voice is raspy and it sounds like he's been crying.

"Calum..... What's wrong, what happened?" I ask as I jump up. Then I add, "Where are you?"

"I-I tried I swear I tried. I just didn't make it in time. I'm sorry." He sobs into the phone and I feel my gut twist.

"What happened?" I ask again more stern.

"Ashton. I-it's Allison." He says and I feel like my world has stopped moving and my heart has either stopped beating or it's going so fast that I can't even feel it beating against my chest anymore.

"W-what?" I choke out.

"Ash, were at the hospital." He says and I'm out the door rushing to my car before he can even sputter out another word. Fuck this life.

I speed off towards the hospital without breaking the speed limit (okay that's a big fucking lie...) and after 6-7 minutes of sitting in my car driving to the one place that's holding my world.

I park my car and lock it before rushing into the building.

I look around before running up to the front desk.

"Allison Wall." I say and the lady look at me with sympathy and I feel my mouth start to go dry.

"You'll have to wait in the waiting room right now. We're not letting people in her room right now." She says frowning at me and I bite my tongue to stop from shouting words that I know won't do me or anyone else any good.

I nod my head and walk toward the waiting room where I find Calum crying on Luke's shoulder and Michael sobbing by the wall in the corner with his knees pulled up to his chest.

I slowly walk over to them and I sit down beside Calum who's still sobbing onto Luke's shoulder.

All of a sudden I feel arms wrap around me and I wrap mine around him also as I let out a choked sob.

"What. What happened." I whisper out to Calum.

His dark brown eyes are sad as tears pool in them again and he blinks as they run down his cheeks.

"I-I went to her house to talk to her about the little incident that happened between you to." He pauses and takes a deep breath. "I was thinking at the time 'What the hell am I going to say to her?'"

A small smile breaks his mouth. "So I knocked a couple times and no one answered. Which I found weird because her car was there and all an some lights where on. Then after knocking again and not getting any respond I remembered something Luke told me about her so it jumped to conclusions and I found the door unlocked, so I just walked in. I honestly had know clue where I was going because I've never been there before."

His smile fades and the lights completely gone from his eyes now.

"I finally found her room after hearing something crash from a random room. So I went to it and- and." He stops and cries again. "I found her- hanging her self."

I feel like my whole body was put on fire and then dumped in ice cold water and it's numb all at the same time. My hearts been ripped from my chest and stomped on and crushed. My mouth and throat went dry and I can feel my eyes glaze over with fierce tears wanting to excape.

I run my hand through my messed up hair.

"I got her down and I notice that she was breathing very slowly and I called 911 as fast as I could! When they got to us they out her on life support and I don't know how she's doing now. She also lost a lot of blood." He says and I feel like I just died my self. I fall limp in my chair and Calum holds me up right.

"Whoa there Ashton." Calum says and I close my eyes and rest my head against Calum's shoulder.

Please, oh please let this all be a dream- no scratch that- nightmare.

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