All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


10. It Doesn't Count.

We both stop and turn to see my sister as she looks at Ashton with a hardening stare. Oh boy you gonna get your ass beat by real life Barbie.

"Violet." He blurts out and she raises any eyebrow at him.

I back away from him and walk over to my sister.

"What are you doing here ?" She asks sounding pretty posses if you ask me. I just sigh and walk away. I don't need to get involved anymore then I already am.

I walk up the stairs and I shut the door but not before hearing Ashton sighing and saying something 'bout checking up and being nice. Being nice? Yeah right.

Ya he did bring me home, but he had the nerve to actually stay the jackass. He knows that I don't like him but he stays around anyway and pushes my damn buttons.

God he's so infuriating! Can't he just leave me the fuck alone?!

I groan and fall on to my bed, face first may I add.

My bed is really comfy...... No wonder Ashton didn't want to leave it...... And back to Ashton. God. Why does everything always circle back around to him?

I close my eyes and just lay there for what feels likes forever.

"Allison?" I hear Violet ask me softly as she creaks open my door. I pull my head up and look back at her because I'm still laying on my stomach.

She shuts the door and comes in and sits criss cross on my bed and she picks at her nail polish. It looks like she just got them done. Wow thanks for asking if I wanted to come.

"What's up chicken butt?" I ask and she give me small smile.

"Well. I'm just, kinda, um, well, worried....." She says and I raise an eyebrow at her. I sit up and face her.

Better face the storm head on.

"What do you mean your worried?" I say pulling my stuffed lamb over to me and placing him in my lap. Yes he's a guy. If Violet can name her damn car, I can at least call my stuffed lamb a guy.

"Well, like. I asked Ashton to drop me off at home after school and he said yes, of course, like he's my boyfriend after all. But when the day was over and I waited for him by his car for more then 17 minutes and, he never showed." She rambles on and then goes quiet as she ends her sentence.

"Um and what else? I know you have more to say. I'm not dumb Violet." I tell her as I smile at her. Something's off about her..... Then again there's always been something off about her.

"I just think that, I know that I'm not the nicest person at times and I can be a bitch and all but it just feels like I'm never good enough. People always expect the best from me. It's like everything has to be perfect." She says and sniffles quick. I honestly have nothing to say. I actually feel a tad sorry for her.

"Okay. So what does Ashton have to do with any of this?" I ask hoping to get whatever's bothering her, off her chest.

I can be nice to sometimes to ya know. Cut me some slack here, I'm trying!

"I think he's cheating on me." She blurts out as tears over flow her blue eyes and flow down her cheeks. I can feel my stomach flop all the way down to my ass and I mentally kick it. Not my ass but my stomach.

"I honestly don't know what to say Vi. I guess you can't be to sure. Like, have you caught him with another girl yet?" I sigh and I run my hand through my hair. She wipes her cheeks with the back of her hands.

"Well, no. The only girl I caught him with is you just now." She says and I feel like she slapped me. Nothings going on between me and her stuck up, pain in the ass boyfriend. Nothing will ever happen either.

Him kissing me and then me kissing back but then pushing him away and yelling at him doesn't count as cheating, right?

Because of it does that means that he cheated on my sister and I cheated on Daniel.......

Ya know what? It doesn't count.

"Trust me when I say this Violet. Nothing, I repeat nothing will ever happen between Ashton and me. I'm not to fond of him right now anyway. He can go get hit by a plan for all I care right now, he made you cry, so fuck him." I tell her and she gives me a smile but, it looks forced.

"I know I can be a bitch to you at times and shit but I really do love you. Your my sister, it's my job to be mean to you and stuff. And with all that comes with protecting you from stupid ass boys who break your heart. I know if we had a brother, he would be the one telling you that he'd kick there ass but, we don't have one so your stuck with me kicking there ass instead." She says and I laugh and after her little rant she joins me.

I love have moments like this with my sister, they happen very rarely so I cherish every moment of it.

"Look. Why don't you just stop worrying about Ashton, because he's a dumb ass anyway and we can have a movie night in my room, like old times?" I ask her and her smile grows.

"I'd love that Alli. Your amazing and thank you for listening and helping me out. Your the best sister anyone could ask for." She says then bounces off my bed and skips to her room to get ready, I'm only guessing here.

I can feel the guilt start to eat at me because I kissed him, well he came onto my first so he's the prick who started all this.

I rub my face with my hands and groan, falling back on to my pillow.

I grab my stuffed lamb and look at it.

"What have I done?" I mumble to him.

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