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46. "I-I didn't mean to."

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Allison's POV

I wipe my cheeks with my sleeve.

Even though that just makes me cry harder.

God I've been missing a lot of school lately.

Oh well. Not that I give a fuck.

I feel someone sit beside me and I look over and see Calum giving me a confused look.

Just at that look I burst into tears again falling into him. He wraps his arms around me.

"Shhh. Calm down Allison." He says while petting my head.

"Why is it always me?!" I choke out while clutching his shirt.

"What happened?" He asks and I start to lose my breath.

"I-I can't breath." I gasp for air clutching my chest and his eyes widen.

"Shit, I- I don't know what to do. Uh." He quickly gets out his phone and calls someone.

It's hard to hear but I make it out.

"Yeah hey..... Something's wrong with Allison. She's not breathing- well wait calm down. She's breathing but it's strangled and- and you need to get here quickly.............. We're at the park." He hands up and I cough.

Fuck it's hard to breath.

What's going on.

I need help

Holy fuck.

My eye sight gets blurry and I feel myself falling.

"Fuck!" Is the last thing I hear before everything goes black.


Ashton's POV

I hit my drums to the beat of the one song Luke and I wrote, trying to get it right because for some reason I can't focus and get it.

I groan and glare at my phone as it starts ringing.

I grab it and press answer holding it up to my ear.

"Yes?" I snap.

"Yeah hey... Something's wrong with Allison. She's not breathing-" I cut him off.

"What the fuck do you mean she's not breathing?!" I blow up.

I can hear the tears in his voice. "She's breathing but it's strangled and- and you need to get here quickly."

"Where are you?" I ask starting my car.

"We're at the park." He chokes out.

"What park?" I ask.

"The new one." He chokes out before sobbing into the phone.

I put my phone down beside me and keep it on speaker.

"Okay I'm only way just hold on." I say trying to hold back my own tears.

After a few minutes of hearing Calum sob on the other end, I finally reach the park.

I stop band get out not caring if it's locked or not and I rush over and find Calum holding her on a bench with tears.

I run over and take her away from him. I hold her tightly to me. "We've gotta go."

I carry her to the car and I take her to the hospital and a bunch of people rush over once we get in.

"What happened?" A lady says with wide eyes.

I look at Calum because I really don't know.

"S-she just, we were at the park and - where are you taking her?" He goes wide eyed as they take her away and he tries to get to her, I hold him back.

"Sir please continue." The lady's says.

He takes a deep breath. "We were at the park- well I found her at the park and she was crying- I-I don't know why but it was horrible, she then said a few words and then said she couldn't breath and then she past out. I called Ashton and then we came here as soon as he came." He says and I can't control tears that go down my cheeks.

"Why didn't you bring her here first?" She asks frowning at him and I mentally roll my eyes.

"I didn't have a god damn car that's why." He snaps looking pissed. I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down and he relaxes under my touch.

"Calm down Cal." I say.

He turn to me with more tears. "This sucks......... It's always me that finds her." He chuckles bitterly.

I sigh. "Yeah and thanks for finding her."

We sit down and talk about nothing really. Just random blabber till Calum says, "You love her don't you?"

I look at him with wide eyes but soon my mind gets filled with everything of Allison and a soft smile plays on my lips. "Yeah," I say looking down at my hands. "I really do."

He pats me on the back and goes to say something but gets cut of by our other two best friends running in.

They see us and run over, Michael looking like the walking dead. Luke looks bad to but not as bad as Michael.

"Where is she? Is she okay?" He comes over and bombs Us with questions.

"What happened?" Luke asks quietly.

"I found her crying on a park bench and she couldn't breath then past out." Calum says and Michael bites his lip looking down.

"Michael, what did you do....." I ask as Luke and Calum look at him and me confused but my eyes never leave him.

He looks up at me with a new set of tears pooling in his eyes.

He grabs his bright red hair and tugs on it while he squeezes his eyes shut.

"I-I didn't mean to." He whimpers out and I feel my self start to get worried and more pissed off by the second.

"Allison Smith?" The same lady asks before.

I jump out of my seat with Calum right on my heels.

"Yeah what about her?" I ask.

She gives me a smile. "She had a panic attack. But she's all good to be let go now, just keep a close eye on her."

"What room?" Calum asks.

"184." Is all I hear as I rush down the hall way and up the stairs not even waiting for the elevator.

I get to her room before the other boys and I burst the door open and I sigh as I see she's okay.

"Are you okay? What happened?" I ask as I go over to her side.

She smiles at me and pulls me down and hugs me.

The door opens and Luke, Calum and Michael come in.

When she looks at Michael and they lock gazes she looks away and Michael looks at the ground.

"What happened?" I ask again.

"Go ahead Michael. Tell them." Allison says from beside me and I bet that shocked a few people.

Michael looks at her with wide eyes. "I'm so sorry Allison. I swear I didn't mean to."

"Tell that to Lea." She snaps.

Michael's whole body slumps and I feel the pieces come together.

I sneer at him, narrowing my eyes. "You didn't."

Luke and Calum both look confused.

Calum gets it and his eyes widen.

"Your the one who made her have a panic attack." He turns to him and Michael starts to cry again.

"I didn't mean to!" He almost yells at us.

"Wait, what did Michael do?" Luke asks confused.

"He cheated on her Luke." Calum says and Luke's eyes widen.

"Again?" He says then throws his hands up. "First that Daniel guy and now you? Seriously get a hold of yourselves."

"Please Allison." Michael says walking over to her but I kinda stand in the way.

"No Michael. I need someone who's not going to cheat on me." Allison says while wiping her eyes.

"I wanna go home." She says looking up at me before anyone can says anything.

"Okay, we can go now. Just have to sign you out." I say pushing hair out of her face.

She nods her head. "Be back." I say.

I walk out and sign her out after trying to ignore the way the lady was flirting with me.

I go back and I see everyone's quiet and Allison's not in the room.

"Where's Alli?" I ask.

Just as that leaves my mouth the bathroom door opens and Allison comes out.

She comes right over to me and wraps her arms around me, mine going around her.

"C'mon let's get you home," I say and she nods her in my chest.

I walk out with her still in my arms and the others are following behind us.

Allison turns to look at Michael in the backseat, "And if it wasn't clear enough before, we're done."

Michael looks down at his lap while Allison leans her head against the window as I drive, her eyes closed.

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