All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


20. God She's Fast.

Ashton's POV

Why is she here? This is the one place I don't have to worry about her showing up and pissing me off.

Well, it was.

"Okay. I'm done for now. I need sleep and a long drink." Calum says and as we walk up the stairs and into the kitchen.

"Want something to drink Allison?" Luke asks Alli. He gets out four bottles of water.

"Oh, uh sure. Please." She says sweetly. Luke chuckles and slides one across the counter to her.

"Thanks." She says and they all look at her then at me then back to her. What's up with them?

"Your wrong, she has manners you idiot." Calum says and hits me on the back of my head. What the hell, this is new, sense when did she have manners?

"Wait. You told them that I didn't have any manners?" She tells me sounding pissed. Well it's true. And also not my fault.

I groan. "Well around me you've always been a bitch. So I was assuming you didn't have any manners." I say getting pissed myself. God what does she do to me?! I think I'm really going crazy.

"Says you. Every time I'm around you, your just a cocky asshole who doesn't think about anyone but himself." She says and the room goes really quiet. Oh hell.

Why does she do this to me? Why? She's the one who's a pain in my ass and on my mind 24/7.

Right now I don't know what I want to do to her. One part of me is saying kiss her and never let her go, and I have know idea where the hell that one came from, and the other part of me wants to blow up and scream and shout at her. Okay I know where that one came from.....

Before I can even get a word out, she marches right over to Michael, grabs his face and kisses him.

What the actual fuck?! She just find her boyfriend cheating on her the other day and now she's here making out with Michael in the middle of the kitchen.

God she's fast.

My eyes go side along with Michael the others. But Michael's the only one who's eyes flutter shut as he kisses her back.

Luke and Calum look at each other then at me and smirk when they see my face, which is probably shocked and pissed.

They smirk and whisper to each other and look between me, Allison and Michael. What the hells up with those two?

Oh yes Cake. Lovely little bromance they have going on.

Well, they've been best friends for the longest time so it doesn't surprise me that there really close with each other. Don't get me wrong, we're all super close to one another but, with Calum and Luke it's something that none of us can actually understand. There childhood friends, I'd hate for that to be ruined.

I stand up, making the chair scrap against the floor in the process.

I walk over and out the door, slamming it behind me.

You know why I did it? Why I slammed the door and left?"

Because I sure as hell want to know. I don't know why but I just wanted to punch Michael over and over again. Just because he kissed some girl.

Some girl my ass. You care for her no matter how much she pisses you off.

Ugh shut the hell up.

You know it's true dumb ass. Yeah, she makes you mad as hell but you can't help it.

Screw off.

You care for her more then you want to admit. You won't let nothing happen to her, we both know it.

Ugh. Why are you bothering me?! I told you already, fuck off.

Whatever, you know I'm always here and always right.

I grab out my phone and see a new message from Calum.

'Where did you run off to? Get your ass back here Irwin.' ~ Calum

I sigh and text him back.

'Why? So I can just watch Michael and Allison suck each other faces off? No thanks.' ~ Me

I lock my phone and I keep walking toward some place. I can't think of where I'm going but I'm just, going there.

'Allison and Michael left a long time ago. Come back.' ~ Calum

I shake my head and ignore his message and keep walking.

Okay let's get one thing clear. I'm dating Violet, not her sister Allison. I'm never gonna date Allison, ever.

Not after she just lip locked with Michael. He's one of my best mates and he goes and gets with her even after everything that happened yesterday.

Wait, why do I care?

Maybe because Michael's my friend and I didn't give a shit about her ex boyfriend.

Just thinking of him hurting Allison makes me want to punch him.

Yeah, yeah. I care about her only because she's my girlfriends younger sister. That's the only reason.

I don't know didn't know where I was headed till I come to my destination.

Why did I come here? What the hell??

I'm going crazy. Why am I here?

She's probably not here anyway and with Michael, making out behind a tree or some shit.

I groan as my feet move foreword, toward the door without me even thinking.

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