All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


27. Drastic Measures

Ashton's POV

I need to recollect my thoughts.

I walk into my bathroom and have a shower, as I stand there, I think. Yeah I don't usually think but I believe it's time to take drastic mesures.


1: I'm dating Violet

2: I got a boner for her sister, Allison.

3: I want to kiss Allison more then I want to kiss Violet.

4: Michael's hitting on Allison and I don't like it.

5: Allison's single right now. (That I know of anyway)

6: Allison and Violet are two deferent worlds apart.

7: I think I have feelings for Allison, my girlfriends younger sister.

8: I have like, zero chance with Allison right now because I'm a dick to her.

9: Allison and me have more things in common.

And 10: I have a hard on just thinking of Allison.


Allison's POV

I grab my bag and Michael and me climb into his car. I'm going to be so late for first period.

I only have four classes everyday. Two before lunch and two after lunch.

We pull up to the school and both Michael and me get out.

I give him a weird look. "What? I still have to go to school to yeah know."

"But I thought you were already out of school?" I ask fixing my bag so it's further on my shoulder.

"Nope. Only Ash." He says and I don't remember if I even know how old Ashton is.

"I'm pretty sure I would have seen you around here because of your hair." I say running my hand through it.

"Well, to bad I didn't see you around before." He say then kisses my cheek.

"C'mon. I'm going to be late and so are you." I say taking his hand and we go to my locker.

I get my stuff out and I feel someone grab my sides. I jump an turn around expecting Michael but I'm met with a pair of glasses and curly hair.

"Hey Al." William says then he looks at Michael as I grab out my books for math.

"Hey William this is Michael. Michael, William my best friend." I say and then Michael pouts at me.

"Oh what?" I ask putting my hand on my hip.

"I thought I was your best friend?" He mumbles with the pout still on his face.

"Nope sorry Michael. Luke's my best friend so you all suck." I say shutting my locker and William gives me a confused look while Michael looks mockingly offended.

"Well then. I'll just have Ashton then." He says.

"He has my sister. Your out of luck there Mickey." I say chuckling. He playfully glares at me.

"What about Calum?" He asks.

"No, I call dips on his to." I say sticking my tongue out at him.

He doesn't respond by talking but by catching my lips with his.

He smiles into the kiss and I can't help but smile back.

I pull away and see a shocked faced William.

I laugh and Michael soon joins me. Oh god I'm sorry William.

"What- when- how? What?" He stutters out and I laugh.

"I'll explain it all later William, don't worry." I say grabbing his hand and kissing Michael good bye and we head off to math.

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