All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


32. Don't Pull Away.

Allison's POV

I groggily sit up and look around with my eyes half closed, my hair in front of my face like a tangled web.

It's now dark out so it's either really late or really early.

I look to my left and see another figure sleeping next to me. And this time, I don't mind.

He sleeping in his stomach so I can see his bare back. His curly hair is all over the place and he looks at peace. Why am I thinking all this??

Why's he here in the first place? Oh..... Right.....

I glance down at my arms, and I wince. Shit. I promised Luke I wouldn't do anything like this..... I guess what they say is true.

Promises are made to be broken.

I shake my head at myself and wonder why Ashton actually did stay. Like, yeah I asked him to (for some strange and bizarre reason only god knows) stay with with me.

At first I would have pushed him out if the bed and freaked at him but something's just change. In very weird ways.

"Allison?" I hear Ashton say in a groggily morning voice. Not gonna lie, that was very hot. And I giant turn on.

He sits up and stares at me, as if he's trying to get inside my head.

"Y-yes?" I ask feeling small under his intense gaze. I shift awkwardly and look down at my fingers.

"Are you okay?" He asks turning so his whole body is facing me.

Everything from yesterday comes back to me like a slap in the face.

Tears brim the corners of my eyes and Ashton's face softens and he opens his arms to me.

I choke on a random sob and fall into his arms as he holds me tight against his chest. He puts his chin on top of my head and is petting my hair, as weird as that sounds it's actually helping me calm down.

"It's okay Alli. He's just a ungrateful prick." Ashton says an I don't have it in me right now to correct him about my name.

"I thought he really l-liked me Ash." I sob into his chest, even though he's not wearing one I still hold on to him tightly.

I really don't care if someone walked I right now. All I care about is this moment right here, where Ashton actually shows emotion, other then being cocky, snarky or just plain rude.

"Shh. It's okay Allison. He doesn't know what he's thinking. Your amazing in every way possible." He says and I can't help but feel my cheeks flush.

I pull back from him, I can see him just from the moon shining through my window. Wow that's so cliche.

"You honestly mean that or are you just saying that?" I ask gulping a lump that's formed in my throat.

He cup my left cheek in his hand and brings his face closer to mine. "Every single thing I said, I mean."

I smile at him and he returns it. He starts leaning in and (for another strange reason...) I don't hesitate to do the same.

His lips lightly graze mine and then he gently, as if he's giving me time to pull away.

I don't move and he presses his lips to mine and my eyes flutter close and I kiss back.

And I don't pull away.

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