All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


8. Cocky Bastard

That little twit is messing with my head I swear to god. I walk over to my locker and grab out my next class books. I really just want to go home but I can't leave my sister. Oh wait. Yes I can. She can get a ride with Ashton.

I get out my phone texting her that I'm not feeling well and I'm going home and told her to get a ride with Ashton. She tells me okay and to get better....... Which is odd for her to feel caring for me.

I grab out my bag and stuff and head out of the building and walk toward my sisters car. Me being as awesome as I am, made a spare key for her car. I'm smart at times.

Just as I'm about to open the car door a voice stops me.

"Where are you going? It's not the end of the day yet." He says and I roll my eyes at him. I turn around, crossing my arms doing to.

"I'm going home. I don't feel good." I say and I turn around to open the door only for him to put his hand on my shoulders, turning me back around to face him.

"Ashton I'm serious. I don't feel good and I'm leaving." I say feeling a bit queasy and light headed. I blink a couple times trying to clear my head a little.

"You don't look so good Alli. Are you sure you can even drive?" He asks me.

"Don't call me Alli." I snap and then add "Of course I can drive dumbass."

He crosses his arms over his chest looking down at me with a 'Like hell you can' look.

I ignore him and turn around to open the door. But I think I turned around to fast because the next thing I know, I'm falling toward the ground.

"Whoa there Allison." Ashton says as he catches me. "I know I'm hot and all, but you don't have to literally fall for me. You do know that's just a figure of speech right?"

If I could, I would kick his ass so hard that he won't be able to sit for the next eight years or so.

Cocky bastard.

He picks me up bridle style and carries me to the passenger seat and buckles me in. He shuts the door and then climbs in the drivers seat.

"Oh yeah. You can so drive." He mumbles under his breath and thats the last I hear of him because I let sleep take over.











I groan and throw my hands over my eyes to block out the light that's shining through my eyelids. I roll over and I curl up to something. I think it my blanket or it could be my extra pillow. I wrap my arms around it and snuggle into, wrapping it more around me. Okay I think it's my blanket.

'It's really warm and so comfy.' I think to myself as I snuggle up to it even more.

Whatever. I just want to go back to sleep and never wake up. Okay, I'll wake up in like, two weeks or so. I need food ya know.

I'll go into hibernation. Yeah. That sounds pretty good.

Whatever I'm snuggling with shifts and I jump back away from it. Okay more like him.

And sadly, my beds not that big either, as I fall on the ground.

I groan and sit up. Damn that hurts like a bitch. I blink a couple times and I see a worried looking Ashton looking at me from the bed with wide panicked eyes.

"Are you okay? Why happened and, why are you on the ground?" He goes on and on and it felt like he wasn't going to shut up, but thankfully he finally did.

"Why the fuck are you here in my bedroom, in my bed?!" I freak on him but my voice ends in a whisper shout because I don't want anyone coming up here and seeing this. He sighs and rolls his eyes and only now do I realize he's not wearing a shirt. Okay he looks really, really good. Well his upper body does. To bad his fucked up personality ruins it. That and he's dating my stuck up pain in the ass sister. Focus Allison.

No you moron! Not on his upper half or how good looking he is and his fucked up personality! On why he's here in the first place!!

"No need to whisper. No ones home baby." He says, his eyes gleam in the light and I roll my eyes and cross my arms. Then I realize I'm still on the ground. The very hard ground.

"Why are you here Ashton?" I snap at him. God he's annoying and I'm getting sick and tired of arguing with him. Shirtless or not.

"Because you couldn't drive yourself here so I did. Then I brought you up here and I placed you on your bed. I was going to leave but you grabbed onto me and wouldn't let go." He smirks and my eyes go wide. Like hell I'd ever do that!! In the right mind anyway.

"How did you get in?" I blurt out. Out of all things going through my head right now, that's the one I'm more concerned with.

"Your mum gave me it." He says grinning. Can I just smack that from off his fucking face.

"Okay and why are you shirtless?" I ask pointing at the thing that I've been trying to avoid eye contact with.

He gives me a confuse face before looking down at him self. His eyes go wide for a sec and then he giggles. Yeah you heard right. He fucking giggled like a damn 13 year old girl with a school crush.

"I honestly don't know. I think it's just a habit I have. And you shouldn't be talking babe." He says and smirks as his eyes travel down word. I follow his gaze and notice I don't have any pants on, just in my underwear and my shirt from earlier. Well then. Awkward.

So glad no ones home now.

On to a more important topic.....

How the fuck did this happen?!

"So. What's your excuse?" He says crossing his arms over his chest with a smirk on his damn face. What does my sister even see in him? He's a cocky asshole with a major ego problem.

"I never sleep with pants on. So my 'reason' is the same as yours. Habit." I say glaring at him and empathizing 'reason'.

"Uh hu. Whatever princess." He says. I get up, ignoring the stupid nickname again, and slip back under the thick, purple blankets.

Ashton smiles at me and moves closer so his legs touch mine. I squeak and jump so there's around a couple inches between us.

He looks at me with raised eyebrows and I glare at him.


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