All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


26. Bros Before Hoes Not

I sit up and yawn, stretching my arms over my head. Huh. We're in his room. Whatever...... I look beside me, in the blanket, is a sleeping Michael Clifford.

I smile at the sight and gently push his hair out of his face. God, he's so amazing.

His lips are slightly parted and light snores are coming from his lips. His arms are lazily draped around me.

I lean down and peck his lips quick and his eyes flutter open. They meet mine and he grins.

"Good morning." I whisper.

"Good morning." He says, his voice all low and raspy from just waking up and god his morning voice is fucking sexy holy crap.

"I'm gonna go and make breakfast. You stay here." He says poking me in my chest and I giggle swatting his hand away.

He pecks my lips again and heads down stairs as I put my hand over my mouth so I stop a giggle from erupting as I look at Michael's boxers, there Simpsons....

I hear him go down the stairs and I fall back into the pillows and crap.

Shit. My phone. I sit up quickly and grab it off the night stand beside me.

I groan and mentally slap my self in the face as I see all the missed calls and messages.

I read my mothers first.

'Where are you young lady?! Answer me!' ~ mom.

'Answer me or your grounded for a week!' ~ mom

Damn she's pissed. Might as well face the storm head on.

I press call and she picks up on the third ring.

"Where the hell are you?!" She freaks out into the phone. I pull it back and glare at her through the phone.

"I'm at my boyfriends. No not Daniel's." I say his name like he leaves a bad taste on my mouth.

"What? What happened with Daniel? He's such a sweet boy." She says and I laugh bitterly.

"Sweet my ass. Mom, he cheated on me. I was with Michael when it happened." I say not really telling her everything.

"Who's Michael?" She asks. Of coarse that's what she wants to know. Not if I'm okay or anything, but who the fuck Michael is.

"My boyfriend." I say and I can almost see her roll her eyes at me through the phone.

"Honey, it's to soon for another relationship don't you think? In other words, I don't want you dating someone so soon." Okay mom your kinda pissing me off.

"I have to go. Bye mom." I say then I hang up before she can say anything to me.

Fuck you mom.

I look at the messages from Ashton now.

'Hey where'd you run off to?' ~ Ashton

'Hello answer me......'~ Ashton

'Okay I'm gonna murder you myself if you don't answer me!'~ Ashton

'Babe! Answer me please! Just so I know your okay.....'~ Ashton

'Don't do anything you'll regret Allison.'~ Ashton

'I'd like for you to please answer me..... I'm starting to get worried...' ~ Ashton

'Okay now I am worried. What happened anyway?'~ Ashton

Like hell I'm gonna tell him what happened. He'll just tease me about it for the rest of my life.

'I'm fine Ash......'~ Me

I send it and just as I lock my phone, it starts ringing and I click it.

"Hello?" I ask.

"Oh so now you decide to fucking answer me." He snaps from the other end and I'm very tempted to fucking hang up on the asshole.

"Screw you Ashton. I was to busy with something more important then to answer to your every command." I sneer back at him. God he's so annoying.

"Whatever. Where are you?" He asks.

"I'm not telling you. I texted you telling you I was okay and that's all I'm telling you." I tell him getting irritated.

"Alli. Come on and just tell me so I can come get you." He says and I'm now confused.

"What? No I'm not going anywhere with you." I tell him and I can feel his eye roll from here. Then I add, "Don't call me Alli."


"Allison. I'm serious. Where the fuck are you?" He snaps getting mad. Well I'm not far behind ya honey.

"Goodbye Ashton." I say then hang up before I hear what he has to say.

I put my phone back in my pocket and I go down the stairs quietly and I smile as I lean against the door frame as Michael stands over by the stove.

He turns around and he jumps once he sees me. "Jesus Allison. Almost gave me a damn heart attack."

"Sorry." I mumble an I try to hide my growing smile.

"I was trying to cook breakfast for us, but I can't cook if my life depended on it." He says looking at the ground.

I walk up to him and make him look at me and I lightly kiss him and he kisses back.

I pull away and Michael pouts.

I lean in to kiss him again when my phone goes off.

I sigh and take it out I my pocket and groan.

"Here. Let me answer it." Michael says and I hand him the phone.

"K. I'm going to have a shower." I say hopping off the counter and up the stairs and into his bedroom to use his shower.

Ashton's POV

Why the fuck did she just hang up on me? I wanna know who I get to beat the shit out of for hurting Alli.

What of it was Michael..... Then I'll kick his ass so hard that he won't be able to sit for the next couple years.

If one of my friends hurts her then I'll go crazy. Yeah I know the saying 'Bros before hoes' but in this case it doesn't matter because she's not a hoe. Trust me.

I glare at the screen as it tells me she hung up. God damn it!

I pull on my curls and I pace in my room back and forth, but much more relaxed then before she answered me.

I thought something really bad had happened to her, that she was hurt in any physical way. Or anyway for that matter.

And why won't she tell me where she is? What's so big on that? Jesus. She's so irritating!

I really don't want her to date anyone right now..... So I hope Michael knows what's good for him......

I just want her to stay single and not with anyone because who knows if she'll ever be mine the way Violet is to me, but. No, comparing her to her sister is wrong on so many levels.

I shake my head and I dial her number again, hoping she'll pick up.

After a ring or so, someone answers but it's not Allison.

"Hello?" He asks and I place the voice with the face and I instantly get more pissed.

Why the fuck is he with her?!

"Michael? Why the fuck do you have Allison's phone?" I ask trying to keep calm and show no signs that I want to strangle him.

"Because she's in the shower." He says and I can feel the anger in me rise little by little.

"Why is she at your house to begin with?" I hesitate to ask, trying not to blow up on him right here and now.

"Because we met up at Starbucks yesterday, then we went to the park and then we came back here and watched movies. Okay, tried to watch movies." He says chuckling and my hands ball up into fists.

"She stayed the night at your house?" I ask way to many questions. Holy crap.

"Yeah. She pasted out on the couch so I brought her up to my room and we sleep there." He says and I can almost see him shrugging his shoulders with a giant grin on his face.

I want to smack that grin off his fucking face so bad right now. Because I should be the one to watch movies with her and carry her to bed, again, and kiss her and all that shit that Michael's doing with her.

"Why are you calling Ash?" He asks, snapping me out of my trance of inner babble.

"What?" I ask like the bright person I am I wasn't thinking of anything but how much I want to beat Michael and make Allison smile. But all I can seem to do is make her frown or give me a sarcastic smile the little bitch.

"I asked why'd you call?" He asks again chuckling.

"I was just checkin if she was home or not." I lie.

"Why?" He asks getting defensive. Defensive of my girl asswipe.

"Because I wanted to spend time with her sister alone and was wondering when she was going to be home so we can avoid the awkward parts." I partly lie. I really do wanna know when she'll be home.

He sighs and I can hear him relax. "I don't know when she'll be home. I'll text ya when I find out though." He says and I hear laughter in the background and I can feel something stir in my stomach.

"What'd he want? Or what's he want." I hear her voice come through the phone.

I hear her whisper things and then she squeals.

"No! Michael I'm only in a towel you idiot!" She shrieks and my eyes go wide and I pull on my semi curly hair.

Damn. I wanna see her in a just a towel. Ugh.

"Hey Ash, I gotta go." He says and I hear Alli giggle then I hear her bare feet slap against the floor as she runs somewhere.

"Wha-? O-okay." I say confused and very, very pissed. He hangs up and I groan.

He's one of my best mates. Why would he go after her like that when he knows what I sorta feel toward her. Okay I care for her because she's just a super hot friend-ish person.

I throw my phone down on the bed and I flop down beside it.

It's been so stressing already and it's still early.

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