All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


33. Alone.

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Recap on what happened!!

I smile at him and he returns it. He starts leaning in and (for another strange reason...) I don't hesitate to do the same.

His lips lightly graze mine, very gently, as if he's giving me time to pull away.

I don't move and he presses his lips to mine and my eyes flutter close and I kiss back.

And I don't pull away.


Allison's POV

I feel my stomach do flip flips and my mind focuses on one thing and that thing only, Ashton Irwin.

My mind is going crazy but at the same time it's also very calm and collected. I actually feel something in this kiss unlike the other random times he's kissed me. This time, this time actually feels like it means more then words can say. Honestly I feel amazing and I hope Ashton feels the same.

He moves closer to me and his hand goes to the small of my back and my arms grab his arms, feeling his muscles.

We pull back and just stare at each other, not that I'm complaining. This is weird. A couple days ago I wanted to strangle him and here I am, not wanting him to leave me.

God I need help.

And as they say, all hood things must come to an end as the guilt fills me.

I feel my eyes widen as I look away and run my hand through my messy hair. Fuck I need to brush it.

"Allison? What's wrong?" Ash asks while rubbing my back softly.

I look at him biting my lip. "Fuck Ash. My sister and Michael! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Oh fuck me!"

I groan while putting my head in my hands. Ever since Ashton came into my life, it's been nothing but drama and heart ache. And I want it to all end.

"What about them?" He asks and I feel like hitting my head against a brick building.

"I'm dating Michael. Your dating my fucking sister." I say slowly hoping he gets it.

He rolls his eyes and scoffs, "Yeah? Does it look like I care? It's a silly relationship anyway just like all the other ones around here. Everyone's gonna end up hurt anyway so what's the point? That's why Daniel cheated in the first place." He rambles on and my eyes go wide and his face goes red.

He looks at me with really wide eyes and try's to reach out to my arm but I back away from him.

His face falls and goes pale.

"Fuck. Allison I-"

"No. Get out." I say and he blinks at me confused.


"I said get the fuck out!" I practically scream at him.

"No! Allison. You have to listen. Don't send me away. Please." He says teaching for me again but I flinch away and his eyes get glossy.

"Fuck you Ashton. Just get out of my room, my house! And my life!" I shout and he looks down but gets up and dressed.

I reaches for the door but then he glances back at me and my face along with my heart falls as I see him blink a tear then he leaves.

I wanted him gone, so why do I feel so empty? Alone?

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