All I can think about is my sisters cocky, stuck up, pain the ass of a boyfriend. Why?!


7. A Piece Of Paper

"Hey Al!" William jumps out if know where beside me. I put my hand over my heart to calm it down.

"Damn it William. You scared the shit out of me." I tell him, turning to face him as I grab out my books for my class.

He rolls his brown eyes at me and leans against the locker. I shut my locker after putting my phone in my pocket.

"Where's Daniel?" I ask as we slowly walk down the hallway, trying to avoid getting run over by other people.

"Um. I don't know actually....." He says looking around. I join him searching for my boyfriend.

I'd really like to thank him for everything last night, from when he bought me the bracelet to when he carried me to bed.

"Oh well. I'll find him later." I tell Will as we head off to class.

I walk in to my first class and take my seat.

I get out my phone and play Temple Run. The door opens and someone sits in the desk beside me. I sneak a glance, but I can only make out his arm which is like, super hot because of the muscle he's got.


I turn my attention back to my game till the bell rings. I turn my phone onto sleep mode and get out my binder and pen.

I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn to come face with the last person I'd expect to see sitting beside me in my math class room. The bell rings and the teacher walks in and starts talking right away, me not paying attention like normal.

"Can I borrow a pie- Alison?" He asks and I blink a couple times.

"Uh. Hey. What'er you doing here in my class room?" I ask as I give him a small smile. I'm still kinda mad that he found out about my secret.

"Well, I want to get more credits so I'm doing another semester." He says shrugging. I nod my head and I start doodling in my notebook.

"So as I was asking, can I borrow a piece of paper?" Ashton asks looking me right in the eyes. I look away quickly and pull out a piece of paper and give it to him.

Our fingers brush and I feel like he shocked me. I pull back automatically. He freezes and then after a moment he blinks.

"Why'd you shock me?" He asks and my eyes go wide. What the hell? He shocked me!

"What are you talking about? You shocked me." I tell him my eyes narrowing. He gives me a confused face.

"No. Love I'm pretty sure you shocked me first." I ignore how he called me love and I sigh. Not a good sigh.

"No. I just handed you a piece of paper and then you shocked me." I tell him giving up on trying to hide my annoyance.

He groans throwing back his head and I roll my eyes, slouching down in my chair. I don't even realize that the class is over already and I didn't pay attention at all to what just happened. I'll just get the notes from William later.

The bell goes and everyone gets up from there seats. Everyone but me.

I blink a couple times and then I get up, glancing at my book doing so, I gasp at what I wrote.

Ashton's name is all over my paper. And when I mean all over, I mean all over.

I close my book as fast as I can and look around hoping know one but me saw.

I seriously hope Ashton didn't see anything. He's nosey enough. He doesn't need another reason to poke his nose in my stuff.

IM sorry it's so short!!!

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