The ugly girl that conquired the world.

Hello, my name is Daisy. Daisy Dee Daron actually.
Although my name symbolizes something pretty.
I am the polar opposite.
I'm ugly.
I know that for a fact.
So, I'm DD and here is my story, on how an ugly girl conquered the world.


4. the week of redemption.

*ding ding*

I looked up from the book I was reading at my phone to see that I had a text from an unknown number. I opened the text and read.

"Hey babe, you didn't text me so I found your number and texted you!"

" is this again..?"

"Kyle! Duhh!"

"Uh you need something..?"

"Sure do, so theres a party Friday and guess who I want to go with..?"

"Umm...Cassie? Brooke? Taylor?"

"No Daisy Darlin..I want to take you!"

"Oh! Why me?"

"Because your good, I can tell, pick you up at 6 Friday! Bye Daisy Dee!"


OH MY GOSH!!! IM GOING TO A PARTY!! WITH KYLE!! I mentally screamed!

Now, for Friday, just hurry up!

A/N: alright you guys this is my first real movella, so tell me what y'all think! should I keep writing?!


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