The ugly girl that conquired the world.

Hello, my name is Daisy. Daisy Dee Daron actually. Although my name symbolizes something pretty. I am the polar opposite. I'm ugly. I know that for a fact. So, I'm DD and here is my story, on how an ugly girl conquered the world.


3. I'm still ugly..he's still cute.


As I enter room 308, Honors English, my eyes immediately float to the seat wear *he* is sitting.

Yep, row 3 seat 4, and what do you know..? I'm row 3 seat 3.

Apparently Kyle has become very popular over the weekend, because he's got everyone in our class crowded around him in one big circle.

And I mean EVERYONE!

He looked up, caught my eye and like it was automatic pushed through everyone and walked over to me.

"Heyy, Daisy Darlin!, how was your weekend.? I missed you!"

"'s was fine....I missed you..?"

He smiled at everyone and took his seat, but not without pushing a little piece of paper into my hand and whispering.

"Here's, my number, call me."

The rest of the day was a blur...

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