Some secrets are meant to be kept a secret


3. Tonight

Ava's POV

I watched as the man sifted through his array of products, pulling out different types and setting it to the side. I looked behind me making sure no one was watching us, even though we are secluded in an abandoned building. I always fear the police will break down the doors while I'm here taking me off to jail, being known as a junky instead of the popular.

He finally pulled out my stash, heroine, I don't inject I just smoke or snort. I handed him my was of cash before slipping it into my inner pocket of my jacket.

"Thanks" I said softly as I turned around and left out of the building. I looked around again just to be on the safe side before getting into my car and taking off towards Carson's house.

I'll have to make a detour so I can give myself a little high.

Carson's POV

I walked into my almost always empty house and threw my Keys into the bowl next to the fruit. Taking my shoes off I headed up stairs and flopped on my bed. I grabbed my stereo remote and turned it on, cranking up the volume.

Looking at the clock I calculated that I have an hour to myself until the girls get here and they'll want to do some serious partying. I closed my eyes and let the bass pump through my veins.

I jolted awake to Steph siting on my bed.

"Jesus, Steph, trying to give me a headache?!" I raised my voice slapping her on the arm. She laughed and pushed me back down.

"Calm your tits" she said and stood up walking over to my wall of trophies. I hated that wall, that wall symbolized everything my parents thought I was but I really am not.

"Where's Ava?" I asked sitting up and pulling my legs underneath me.

"Uh I think she said she'd be here in a bit." She answered and then went back to examining the trophies. "So there's a party at Harry's dad's place tonight that I think we should go to."

I ran my hands through my hair and sighed. "Yeah sound like fun." I lied through my teeth. I like parties but they get old so fast, especially when Steph is shacking up with some college guy an Ava is off doing who knows what.

"Oh Ava just texting and said she'd meet us at the party." Steph spoke up now walking to my closet. "So let's get ready then."

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