Some secrets are meant to be kept a secret


4. Party

Carson's POV

I drove up to the front of Harry's massive house. My headlights illuminating the front yard, some people covering their eyes. Putting the truck in park I looked over at Steph, she just finished putting lipgloss on and pushed her bra up and her shirt down.

"Ready?" She said raising her eyebrow at me. I nodded and got out making sure my pencil skirt was pulled as far down as it could go, which was only mid-thigh.

The thing about parties and all the events I go to, I don't enjoy them but they've been so apart of my life it's like a bad habit I just can't break.

Steph and I pushed through the crowded doorway leading into the house. Steph immediately took off towards the pool table where an array of guys stood. I decided to look for Ava.

As I made my way into the kitchen I stopped and grabbed a cup of beer and started to drink in, the taste bitter yet addictive. Once my cup was half way empty I filled it up again and went into the lounge. A couple was making out on one of the seats and then a group of people stood near the edge of the room. Ava instantly stood out to me and I made my way to her.

"Carson! You're here!" She said noticing me and walking my way. She was a little tipsy so she's probably been here awhile. I stabled her with my hands as she took another drink of whatever she was drinking.

"Hey, you ok?" I asked she just smiled and stepped out of my grasp.

"Of course just having fun!" She spun a little but fell into some guy who just laughed and happily held onto her.

"Well I'm gonna check on Steph." I said knowing she didn't hear me. I just rolled my eyes and walked back out into the hallway, taking a drink from my cup.

I walked outside trying to get fresh air. The wind was bitter but the beer was ran hot through my veins warming me up. I looked down the street and saw what looked to be a bar. That would be better then here I thought to myself.

I decided to walk enjoying the cold breeze and the dark of the night.

Pushing through the bar door I headed right up to the bar and sat down on one of the stools.

"What can I get ya?" The bartender asked me.

"Just beer from the tap" I said and showed him my fake ID. As he went to get my drink I looked over to my right an saw a couple I college guys playing pool. Farther down the bar some middle aged men sat drinking their sorrows away.


I trend to my left quickly startled a bit only to see Mr. Horan leaning against the counter. I tried not to notice how handsome he looked in casual attire.

"Oh hi Mr. Horan" I said and watched as he slid down and sat right next to me. He looked down at his drink and took a sip.

"What are you doing here?" He asked, right then the bartender set my drink down in front of me and walked off. I looked at mr. Horan as he eyed my drink.

"Ah" he said. I looked at him weird for not saying anything about my under aged drinking.

"You aren't gonna say anything me. Horan?" I asked. He made a disgusted face and looked up at me.

"Call me Niall, I hate when people call me that outside of school."

Niall.. I said that to myself.

"Ok Niall what are you doing here?" I asked taking a drink of my beer. The name sounding weird coming from my mouth.

"I just found this place thought I'd try it out. Didn't think beautiful girls would be here" he said and took another drink. Obviously he's drunk. I mean I'm his student.

"Oh" I laughed awkwardly and faced my drink again. I felt warm breath on my neck as he leaned into me and whispered.

"You are beautiful, ms. Moore"

The hair on my neck stood up and I pulled away some.

"Niall, you're drunk you don't know what you're saying" I said quietly. He sat back up and slumped over some his blonde hair falling in his face.

I stood up and set money down. "I'll see you on Monday mr. Horan"

And with that I left.

I walked back up the steps into Harry's house and tried looking for Steph. When I walked up stairs I found her in one of theany bathrooms passed out. I helped her up and we went down stairs. I saw Harry sitting around some other guys and a few girls and he waved at me.

"Hey Carson you made it. You look hot as usual." He said looking me up and down. I rolled my eyes.

"Have you seen Ava? I asked. He thought for a moment then nodded

"Yeah he went home already."

"K thanks. I'll see ya later"

"Hey we should hang out sometime." He asked

"Sure that's fine." I said behind me as I helped Steph outside. We got to my truck and I lifted up some and then shut her door. She leaned against her window as I got in and I started the truck up.

"You know you are just a great friend... I love you .... You just are amazing" Steph mumbled until she fell asleep. As I took off driving I looked over at her and smiled a little. No matter how much my friends ruin their lives I still love them.

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