Some secrets are meant to be kept a secret


6. Monday

Ava's POV

I pulled up to school in my usual parking spot. I dabbed some concealer under my eyes to hide my darkening bags. Taking one last glimpse in the mirror I flipped it up and got out of the car.


The dim light coming from the single bulb in my bathroom was making my head spin as it flickered slightly. I wiped the sweat from my brow pushing my bangs out of my face before I continued to crush my new drugs into fine powder.

"Ava! Come on! You're gonna make me late for school again!" Said hunter, my kid brother.

"Shut up! I'll be down in a sec!" I yelled back. I spread the powder into a straight line then quickly inhaled it. My senses heightening. Quickly cleaning up the mess I then splashed my face and pulled my hair to the side. I looked in the mirror, bags were becoming a little more prominent and my skin is becoming much lighter. I frowned a little at my once pretty face being replaced by this unrecognizable monster. It's my fault..

~end flashback~

"Hey Ava"

I looked over and saw Dylan walking up beside me. I smiled at him.

"Here's your English work you needed done. You know I can tutor you if you'd want, like Tuesday nights or something." He said. I reached for the papers and looked over them quickly making sure it was everything I needed.

"Thanks but no thanks. Sorry Dylan." I replied. His face sunk a little at my dismissal for his proposal but he shook it off and have me a brief smile before walking off. I felt bad. I mean he's so sweet and he's actually really cute but I really don't need another thing on my plate right now.

Carson's POV

I walked up to my locker and looked over to see Ava digging in hers. She looked tired but i cleared that thought from my mind registering the fact that she'd partied all weekend.

"Hey" Ava said walking up to me, a smile on her tired face.

"Good morning." I said shutting my locker. We headed towards English. I was a little paranoid at seeing Mr. Horan after our little confrontation a couple nights ago. I'm hoping he doesn't remember a thing, especially the under aged drinking part.

Once we sat down Steph soon joined us taking a spot inbetween is.

"Sup" she said pulling out her phone and checking it before putting it back up.

"Nothing tired" Ava said.

I just mhm'd and focused on my desk dreading this hour to go slow.

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