Some secrets are meant to be kept a secret


5. Jason

Carson's POV

I awoke to the soft mumbles coming from Steph. I rolled over and saw her diagonally laying across the extra bed one of her legs falling off the bed. I laughed quietly at the sight of her. It's a good feeling being able to see the real Steph, not the trampy side.

My phone vibrated and I lifted it up to see it was just Harry asking about going out later this week. I sent a quick "yes" back then set my phone on it's dock and got out of bed.

"Steph....Steph..." I shook her foot and she moaned flipping over and falling off the bed. I laughed not being able to contain it and she gae me the death glare making me laugh even harder.

"Shut up" Steph said, throwing a house shoe at me. It hit my arm with a thud.

"OW" I rubbed my arm. She smirked definitely satisfied with her throw. I just rolled my eyes and went to go make breakfast.

"Come down when you aren't so cranky" I yelled up to her as I was halfway down the stairs.

I rounded the corner to the kitchen singing blink 182 when I ran right into someone or something making me fall to the ground.

Looking up I saw it was just my brother Jason, I guess he was home today.

"God Jason! Wanna not stand in the doorway? Or idk how about you call?" I said harshly while standing back up. He was just laughing at my clumsiness.

"Well, no matter where I stand you're still so accident prone it won't matter." Jason said. I noticed he already had some breakfast cooking.

"How long have you been here?" I asked. He shrugged

"Idk, it's what 11 o'clock.. So about an hour" he flipped a few pancakes on a plate and handed it to me. "Is Steph here?" He asked.

"Isn't she always.. And thanks." I replied, pouring syrup on top of my pancakes. He made her a plate and then sat down with his, when Steph ce around the corner. Her shorts so short you couldn't even see them last her baggy night shirt.

"I hoped you'd be here." She cheekily said to Jason. I looks at Jason and thought I saw a hint of red on his cheeks before he gave a snide remark back.

"Couldn't leave my sis here alone with you now could I?" He teased.

She rolled her eyes, "much better with me then you" she said.

"Soooooo" I clapped my hands together "what are our plans today?" I asked trying to change the subject. They always get all flirty around each other.

"Oh speaking of plans, I'd love to set you up with one of my friends that I go to school with. He's a great guy and you'd think he's hot" Jason said pushing his plate aside after finishing his food.

"Uhm, I'm not really wanting to date right now Jace.." I took my plate to the sink rinsing it off and putting it in the dishwasher.

"Oh come on Carson, give him a chance."

I rolled my eyes. "Not right now."

"Ok fine, so when is mom and dad coming home next?" He asked.

"My next dance competition I think, which is next week." I replied.

That's gonna be just so fun I thought to myself.

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