light meets dark

have you ever felt like you don't belong ? well that's what its like for justus everyday . she just happens to be the school geek and gets bullied everyday by everyone including the towns bad boy niall horan .


4. 4

~~i was walking down the hall after class , with a smirk on my face and really i didn't care that people were talking about me because as i past and i heard the whispers the didn't bother me. i realized how stupid i was for believing that i was all the things these people said i was, because I'm not any of them. well maybe I'm a bit of a bitch but that's what they get for bullying me for all those years. i was feeling good about myself. that was until the PA. system came on saying "Justus Cooke to the office please. justus cooke." as i was walking to the office i felt sick to my stomach. i had never had to go to the office before! and defiantly not because i punched a kid! even if that kid happened to be niall horan, who very much deserved it. i walked into the office , the first thing seeing as i walked in was a sick looking niall horan with an ice pack to his jaw. damn! i looked like it really hurt! ha ! he deserved it! i once again had a smirk on my face until i realized where i was. i suddenly felt sick again and millions of thoughts ran through my head including a few questions. would i get a detention? or worse suspension? or even worse expulsion ? i seriously felt like i was gonna through up. " you wanted to see me sir?" i asked quietly addressing the principal with my head facing the ground. " yes i would very much like to know how i have an injured Mr.horan over here." the principal said " well sir he was harassing me yet again and he came towards me when i stood up for myself and threatened me physically so i defended myself and punched him after he tried to punch me. and i would apologize for my behaviour in any other circumstance but in this particular situation i feel that i have done nothing wrong only stood up for myself." i said quite quickly causing me to be slightly out of breath when i finished. "niall is this true?" he asked . but niall didn't speak he only nodded. " well you both have detention together for 2 weeks. and i seriously hope u can work things out during that time." the principal said before starting to escort us out. niall went to protest but quickly stopped himself realizing that it wouldn't help him any.  the ice pack niall had , had melted so he took it off his jaw . his jaw was a deep purple slightly yellow and green. had i really hit him that hard ? wow! i was thinking a lot while walking to my locker about the fact that i  defiantly need to get out of these nerdy , gg clothes. but one problem, they were the only type of clothes i had. the final bell ran signaling the end of the day so i quickly took out my phone and texted jess '  meet me at my house asap! ' i put my phone in my pocket, grabbed my stuff out of my locker , hopped on my bike and quickly rode home.

five minutes after i got home jess arrived. " so what did you want me over here so quickly for? " she asked " well I've been thinking since this morning and i thought that i needed a change in wardrobe. you know enough with all the nerdy , gg clothes, time for something a little more edgy right? " i said." so this means were going shopping?" she asked " yuppers!" i said smiling. jess let out a very excited squeal . " MAKE OVER!" she yelled i just laughed. i asked my mum to drive us ,and she was thrilled with the idea so she agreed on giving us a ride to the mall.

looks like i won't look like a nerd for much longer .

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