light meets dark

have you ever felt like you don't belong ? well that's what its like for justus everyday . she just happens to be the school geek and gets bullied everyday by everyone including the towns bad boy niall horan .


3. 3

~~weeks have passed since i met Jess and were like best friends now. she been helping me get my confidence back . she told me" Justus your a beautiful, strong  and very smart girl, you can't keep letting people push you around . you said your dad taught you some self defence, use it. the next time someone trays to tease you or physically hurt you make sure they feel sorry for all the times they hurt you in the past . you can't live like this any more . I'm not going to let you ."  i realised how true  what jess was saying was. so the next day when niall started bothering me again i did just that.


i was walking down the hall with my books in hand and heading to my next class. me and Jesse had separate classes this i was walking alone, which was something i always dreaded. i kept walking trying not to be noticed when i heard "oh look it's the gg guys! haha!" come from one of the populars. probably sean he was always a dick so yeah . niall turned around and smirked at me and said " well well what do we have here? little miss perfect grades , little miss I'm a good girl i don't do anything fun so i won't get in trouble , oh yeah it's little miss justus the gg.ha!" the hall erupted into laughter. ugh m so done with being the good girl and little miss perfect niall was right about that. but i was so dome with all his shit but most of all i was done playing the nice girl role in this little story i needed to change. so for the first time in forever i spoke up and said " oh just shut the fuck up horan!" i heard a few gasps from the crowd. niall turned around looking pissed and said "what did you just say?"  through his teeth " oh i think you heard me horan or are you deaf?" i said smugly laughs erupted from mine and a few other people's mouths. niall ran towards me and pinned me against the wall " i asked what you said justus." niall said roughly " i said SHUT. UP HORAN. now is that slow and loud enough for you niall? i asked. many people in the hall laughed this time. niall raised a hand to punch me but i blocked it once he swung and countered with a punch of my own hitting him in an obviously weak spot for niall because he stumbled back looking confused and utterly shocked. actually everyone in the hall had the same expressions in there faces. i picked up my books and continued walking to my class leaving everyone in the hall shocked. 


hey guys sorry for the short chapters I promise that I'll try to do better but im kind of new at this so please be patient thanks :)

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