light meets dark

have you ever felt like you don't belong ? well that's what its like for justus everyday . she just happens to be the school geek and gets bullied everyday by everyone including the towns bad boy niall horan .


2. 2

I was walking down the school hallway, on my way to science. I hate science! hate the class, hate my teacher  mr. worthy but worst of all , I was stuck sitting next to Niall Horan. I sat in my seat and opened my books to the proper pages. " hey gg give me your notes." I heard niall say I took out my notes from the previous day and handed them to him. I looked up and saw that he not only had numerous piercings but also tattoo sleeves and tattoos that possibly continued down his chest." what are you staring at ?" niall said. crap! he saw me! "n-nothing." I said stuttering nervously "good." he said while slamming my papers down on my desk startling me. I don't know if its just me but it seems like niall goes a little harder on me then other nerds at the school. he didn't say anything just looked at me . mr. worthy went on about some stupid subject that nearly bored me to sleep. the bell finally rang and I  basically sprinted to my locker, grabbed my art bag and continued running to art class. out of all my classes art is my favourite . I felt that I  could express myself through my art work. ms. michelle always loved my art work she says that she can feel the emotion pouring out of my art work. today I felt abandoned and alone so I represented that through my art today. I drew a girl sitting on a rock that's surrounded by water. she had her knees curled up to her chest and her head between her knees. I painted it while thinking about how niall abandoned me to become popular. we used to be like bestfriends. I would stand up for him everytime he got bullied, now he's the one who's bullying me. I girl walked up to me snapping me out of my thoughts . "wow! that's amazing!" she said I looked up at her . she looked familiar .she had  long dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, black eye lashes and really cute wide black  rimmed  glasses." im  jess by the way."  she said . now I remember! she's a youtuber! one of my fav youtubers actually! " im Justus and thanks." I said smiling. " so jess what class do you have next?" "history..." she replied "great me too!" I say the bell rang and  we walked to history talking about our personalities with every detail. maybe I wont be so alone after all

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