Racing Against Time(H.S)

72 hours, what could you do in 72 hours? Harry knew exactly what he could do in 72 hours. He could save a life.

More importantly, saving her life.


2. Thank you's and Kisses

Isabella's P.O.V.

       I love the way he say's my name, the way he say's it slow sound out every syllable perfectly. Although he saved my life back there something told me not to get close to him, he's dangerous. The tattooed beauty comes back with some ice and sets it on my cheek making me flinch at the coldness of it, "I hope that feels better." I smile and nod, I need to get going. My parents are probably worried, I stand grabbing my black clutch, "I must be going my parents are probably worried." He looked confused, "you still live with your parents." I shake my head, "no its just I'm home from collage for the weekend." It gave him a bit of understanding then, he politely asks for my phone and I agree. I assume he's putting his number in. "goodbye." I walk down the side walk, taking a glance back to see the green eyed boy looking at me. I take a moment of courage, my mum always told me if I liked what I saw take a chance. I mean, Harry's hot but I would but I'd never date someone like him, he's the type who'd get me in money problem or worse, drugs, that's defiantly not what I want. I look back at him once more, fuck it, I've got nothing better to do. I ran back up to him wrapping my arms around him, "Thank you." I let go, looking into his eyes, I kiss his cheek and walk back home. I guess that was a nice enough thank you. "Hey Isabella, I'm expecting that call!" he yells from across the street, I smile and wave. I defiantly would be giving him that call.

Harry's P.O.V.

I wanted her to call but as the same time I was afraid. What if that call lead to dating, then those three little words, then marriage! I can't love, its a common fact, I'd never love. I loved once but never again.


Not after Charlie.






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