Racing Against Time(H.S)

72 hours, what could you do in 72 hours? Harry knew exactly what he could do in 72 hours. He could save a life.

More importantly, saving her life.


1. Hitting isn't nice!

~Harry P.O.V.


    I walk the empty streets, passing no more than a couple drunks. I love the peace of it all, no one to interrupt my thinking, everyone sound asleep. I could tell some club was near by, so there wouldn't be much peace. In the distance I spotted a girl and some dude yelling at each other, I just laughed shaking it off until he raised his hand to slap her. I ran as fast but I still heard the slap come in contact with her delicate skin, I push the bastard against a black Mustang and spat at him, "bro, I respect that you can have a fight with your girl anytime you want, but to go so low as to hit her, that crosses the line." I look back at the beauty as she tries to stop her bleeding cut left upon her cheek. "How many times?" She looks up at me a little confused, "What?" I sigh a little frustrated, not at her but at the Dick here in front of me, "how many times has this dumb ass cunt here hit you?" She looks at him and he begins to threaten her, "tell him and I'll kill you!" I wrap my hand around his neck and slam his head harder on the car, "shut the fuck up! Let the lady speak!" "I'm sorry Joey, he's been hitting me since last month." She looks down and he spat at her, "you bitch!" I twisted his arm, "now listen here and listen good, if I ever see you hit her or any other woman, I will hunt you down, strap you down to a chair and have this pretty little lady here cut off your balls! Got it!" He nods still in pain, I throw him to the ground, him scurrying away.


I walk to the girl and touch her cheek, "ouch." She cries like a cute little puppy, "Here lets get you some ice." I pick her up and we walk back to my flat, "thank for saving me back there um..." I realized I'd never told her my name, "Harry." She smiles and I smile back, "I'm Isabella by the way." Isabella, such a beautiful name for such a perfect girl. "Nice to meet you, Isabella."







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