One direction one shots

One Direction one shots
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©Tommo1991xx: March 26,2014


1. Chapter One - (How You Meet)

Chapter One - (How You Meet)

©Tommo1991xx: March 26,2014

- Louis -

You two have been best friends for as long as you could remember. Louis always says he meet you while you were still in your mum tummy since he's two years older than you, but the real story is that you two meet when you were five and he was seven. Your mums have been best friends since they were born so you obviously meet Louis through your mums

- Harry -

You first laid eyes on your cheeky curly headed guy in a club. You two dances around all night until it was time to go. Harry being stupid didn't ask for your number so you both went home with that night on your minds.

-Liam -

When Louis and Harry decided to push Liam of the top bunk on their tour bus your Uncle Paul called you to check on Liam since you owned a little family clinic. Once you meet Liam you couldn't get over the fact of how beautiful he was, to bad he had a girlfriend.

- Niall -

You worked at a Starbucks in California, so it wasn't a surprise that Niall Horan walked into Starbucks. "What can I get you?" You questioned. "A hot chocolate, two coffees one with two creams one sugar, and the other with three sugars no cream, a bagel, and your number." He stated. "Comin-" you stopes when you caught his last order

- Zayn -

You and Zayn meet at the airport when you first came to London. Zayn was waiting for his family to come in and you were lost in the airport looking for your brother. Zayn still doesn't know why he walked up to you that day but he was glad that he did.

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