Riley, Micheal, Jade, and Ashton. Summer vacation. Road trip.

~ "Ash!" Jade screamed. As I looked up, glass splashed forward, towards me. I could only see black and red then.~


1. Baii.



           I applied a large layer of eyeliner, perfectly. I do think I ought to be an expert at it. I let my rough, frizzy, straight, auburn-brown hair fall straight down my shoulders. "Well," I said to my boyfriend Nash, "I best be getting on my way." He laughed. "See you, babe." I kissed him softly yet seductively. He bit his lip. "Dammit," I sighed, "Your so sexy when you do that." He laughed, again. I smiled, grabbed my bag (because I never did homework so whats the point of lugging an empty backpack), got my credit card, and left the door seeing him smile.


           "Okay," My oh-so-spectacular friend Jade said as we drove to school, "Anything going on with you and Nashy-poo?" She trailed off on a high note. "No. Not at the moment." I replied, not really caring what she said about me and 'Nashy-poo'. She was overrated anyways.


~*~ Okay guys! First Chapter, Hope you liked it! Lol Nash Grier ily <3 ~*~


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