Not so average

in this story you will read about this fourth grader who has a HUGE secret and in this story you find out the ups and down about Nina's major secret that affects her entire life!


2. The Day It Happened

Come on Max i said. Ok said max. LETS SWIM! we both said as jumped into our huge pool.After i got out i got our pug Curlie and went out front.(clouds rumble) aww man i hate the rain. OH RAIN WHY DONT YOU JUST GO AWAY AND NEVER COME BACK! i said while doing hand moves.JUst after that the clouds slowly roll away.Did I do that i said while looking at my hands.Later that day my light went out because it was old. Light why did you have to go out please please go back. Then it did. I looked at my hands again probably a just that thing that always happens..........or maybe not?

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