Elsa's daughter

Elsa marrys jack frost,they have a babby girl named Elsanna.But,when jack gets killed Elsa kills herself.Now Anna and Christoph have to take care of Elsanna.Oh and Elsanna got her moms ice powers,and is a witch.And anna and kristoph's kids Rocky, and Jhon are witches and wizards too.What could go wrong with Arandail's,Mayflowers,Wely's and Potter's running around the school?Oh and of course one of the Arandell's running arounding frezzing stuff?Good luck Hogwarts.But of course six more years to come after this


3. turning 11

11!!!!I was finaly turning eleven!Rocky and Jhons birthdays were yestterday,but we dicided to celabrate together.Me and rocky went to change,while Olaf helped Jhon..."We will need to see what Olaf........did...."i said.We both burst into laughter.I put on a light blue dress,with swirls all around it.Rocky wore an identical one,but in pink.Jhon came in wearing a grren suit with swirls,"Awsome!"me and Rocky said.(oh and i know this is mid story but,Rocky is short for Rockel.We ran down stairs,everybodt was there!execpt aunt Anna and uncel Kristoph.They did not like me,they think I am the reason my parents are dead!Me,Rocky,and Jhon still had a great time!Olaf came in blue pants and a sparkiling white shirt!Olaf took my parents death realy hard.For a while aunt Anna would not let me near rocky and jhon.So we just had each other.Now Olaf tries realy hard to make me happy,and laugh.We partied untill 5 p.m.At my aunts recuest,I had to go to my room.When she came to give me food she beat me.Rockey and Jhon snuck over so we could have a sleep over.That was the last time I would see the for a long time

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