Elsa's daughter

Elsa marrys jack frost,they have a babby girl named Elsanna.But,when jack gets killed Elsa kills herself.Now Anna and Christoph have to take care of Elsanna.Oh and Elsanna got her moms ice powers,and is a witch.And anna and kristoph's kids Rocky, and Jhon are witches and wizards too.What could go wrong with Arandail's,Mayflowers,Wely's and Potter's running around the school?Oh and of course one of the Arandell's running arounding frezzing stuff?Good luck Hogwarts.But of course six more years to come after this


1. The story

It was just another day,or so I thought.I walked into my parents Elsa and Jacks room.On the floor my dad laid dead.My blue eyes filled with tears.I went to turn and walk out,but something stopped me.I spung aroung getting my nearly white hair in my eyes.When I got it out of my face,my mom sat there with a knife to herself,"NO!!!!"I screamed like my life depended on it."I'm sorry."Those where the last words my mother ever said.Becouse she took the knife,and stabbed it in her heart.I sat there,crying.The room begain to freeze in a second.

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