Summer with One Direction

It was summer and I finally finished college. It was a few months before I started teaching dance classes at performing arts school for talented teenagers. I was going to be teaching ballet and hip hop dancing. One day I decided to take a stroll with my best friend and sister Kaia through Jackson Square. As you can guess we live in New Orleans. I stopped to look at a painting of the French Market when I was knocked to the ground by none other th Harry Styles. That moment is what began the next few month's of constant concerts,screaming fans,and endless days on a tour bus with 5 boys and my bestfriend who will be with me through it all. Sharing a small enclosed space space with 5 guys that I dislike I wonder how im going to survive. Maybe by the end of it I will have 5 new bestfriends that are huge popstars. And I get kidnapped, wait what!? I hope these idiots can find me or all hell will break loose. This will be intresting.


5. Chapter 5

"When my parents divorced 6 years ago she remarried this guy named Andrew a year after along with him came his 6 kids all girls, eventually they all moved out an it was just me again. I started highschool and hated it, I didn't have many friends an a lot of people tried to start fights with me. And a lot of then succeeded at it. After the third fight Andrew kept trying to get my mom to send me away."

"The fights wasn't even my fault but they wouldn't believe me. My mother quit talking to me so I basically just spent my days locked in my room or at the dance studio a few blocks away. After I left home for New Orleans my mother began trying to contact me about how sorry she was. I knew everything she said was a load of horse shit so I just stopped even answering." I told Louis and after I finished I looked up to see he was almost in tears the little mush ball.

Louis got up and came to my side and hugged me." I'll be your mother" he said.

"Kay mom!!!" I said pushing him off. At that time the waiter had brought us out food.

"Ok so I believe I'm up to 10 questions, fav band?" he asked.


"Fav food?"

"Chicken!!!" I answered taking a bite of steak.

"Fav tv show?"

"Doctor Who." I said. Mental note always get steak here, it's amazingly heaven.

"Fav pair of shoes?"

"I questioned Lou but converse."

"Weirdest experience you had?"he asked taking a bite of a fry.

"Umm when I met all of you."I said laughing.

"Oh really how?"he asked curiously.

"I was hoping for a nice casual stroll through Jackson Square not some let's go all over the world tour with a random boy band!"I said laughing.

"Hahaha, okay I agree. Why don't you like Harry?"

"He's annoying, cocky, arrogant, and egotisticle.Plus it's his fault I'm here."I said finishing off my steak and moving on to the baked potato.

"Okay what happened to your real dad?" He asked.

"He was a drunken fool, he would take any chance to hit us and he has spent so much time in jail I can't count on my fingers and more." I answered.

"How did he react when you and your mom left?" he asked.

"He wasn't happy, he even tried to kidnap me but never succeeded."I said looking down.

"I'm sorry." Louis said. "Ummm what's your full name?"

"Keke Alexandra Adair." I said.

"Ok your turn." Louis said.

"How old are you?"


"Any sisters?"

"4 younger: Daisy, Phoebe, Charlotte, and Felicite."

"Fav band?"

"The Fray."

"Any fears?"I asked.

"Birds, definitely birds." He answered shuttering.

"Hahaha ok, if you had a super power what would it be?"

"I would fly."he said lifting up his arms and making circles.

"Haha okay fav song?"

"Look After You by the Fray "He said.

"Fav color?"

"Dark red."he said.

"Fav sport?" I asked.


"Stupid Brits." I muttered, "Least favorite food?"

"Baked beans." he said crinkling his face.

"Any instruments?"I asked.

"Piano." he answered.

"Fav thing to have at all time?"

"Silly string!" he yelled getting some glared from other people.

"What's up with the Stylinson thing?"

"Me and Harry's bromance that fans shipped our names together." he said.

"What is shipping?"

"When you put 2 people's names together." he said laughing.

"Fav nickname?"

"Swag master from Doncaster." he said laughing.

"Any cousins?"

"No." he asnwered.

"What's your full name?"

"Louis William Tomlinson."

"What day is your birthday on?"

"December 24,2013."

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Yes, Eleanor Calder."

"If you wasn't a popstar what would you be doing?"

"Studying to become a drama teacher." he said.

"Ready to head back?" I asked.

"Yup I've been away from Harry for to long." he said walking to pay the bill, rolling my eyes I followed. We have yet to be spotted by fans and I want to keep it that way. I turned on my iPhone and started playing Bruno Mars' Grenade out loud as we walked down the street . We got a lot of glares but eh who cares. I started singing along and eventually Louis joined in.

Mine and Louis' day out was fun and I felt like we became really good friends. We even swap phone numbers and said that we would both keep in contact when this trip ended. By the time we got back to the bus we were telling some of the corniest jokes we have heard.

We got on the bus and saw 4 pacing boys. They looked up when they heard us walk in and all let out a breath at the same time.

"Thank God your back!" Liam said giving me a hug.

"Ummm what's going on?" I asked getting worried. "Hey where's Kaia?"

"Bathroom." Niall said still pacing. I made my way back there and knocked on the door.

"Kaia are you in there?" I asked. All of a sudden the door swung open and she is yanked me into the bathroom.

"He broke up with me!" she yelled sobbing. I gave her a look that said keep going. "He said that we were done, that he has been cheating on me and said he finally f-found s-someone better. He told me to keep being the bitch I am and to keep fucking the guys from One Direction, he called me a slut and then hung up."she said sobbing louder. Okay there is two things you don't do one you don't mess with my food and two you don't mess with the people I care about.

Pissed beyond belief I stood up, grabbed Kaia's phone and walked out. When I made it to the front of the bus I made Niall go sit with Kaia and started to make a phone call.

I never liked Nicholas he was always an ass and I hated him. When he picked up the phone I wanted to hit him more than already did."Already crawling back to me?" He asked and I could feel his smirk all the way through the phone line, pissing me off more.

"No you fucking asshole it's Satan aka Keke. What did I tell you about cheating and hurting Kaia again? That I was going to rip your testicles off and feed them to a pack of hungry wolves. I will hunt you down you incompetent asshole and do just that. How dare you call her a bitch and a slut, well then I guess it takes one to no one. You and your little tramp are perfect for each other you're both diseased ridden. Kia is never crawling back to you again and if I even see you within 25 feet of me or her you will be 6 feet under the spot you will be standing. Delete this number and I never want to see your pathetic face ever again." I said then hung up the phone not giving him the chance to speak.

After I set the phone down on the table, I looked up to see the faces of Harry, Louis, Zayn, and Liam who seemed to be in shock."Remind me to never get on your bad side ever." Zayn said moving to sit on the couch. The other three agreed and sat down as well.

When I turned around I saw Kaia's tear stained face and Niall's shocked face."Thank you, thank you thank you." Kaia said running over and hugging me, still crying.

Niall made to sit with the other four and said,"Remind me not to piss her off." I smiled at the boys and went to get Kaia some ice cream and 2 spoons joining her and the boys for a place on the couch for a movie night.

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