Summer with One Direction

It was summer and I finally finished college. It was a few months before I started teaching dance classes at performing arts school for talented teenagers. I was going to be teaching ballet and hip hop dancing. One day I decided to take a stroll with my best friend and sister Kaia through Jackson Square. As you can guess we live in New Orleans. I stopped to look at a painting of the French Market when I was knocked to the ground by none other th Harry Styles. That moment is what began the next few month's of constant concerts,screaming fans,and endless days on a tour bus with 5 boys and my bestfriend who will be with me through it all. Sharing a small enclosed space space with 5 guys that I dislike I wonder how im going to survive. Maybe by the end of it I will have 5 new bestfriends that are huge popstars. And I get kidnapped, wait what!? I hope these idiots can find me or all hell will break loose. This will be intresting.


3. Chapter 3

Harry P.O.V

I woke up crammed against the wall. I looked and saw Keke, she was very beautiful, she was 5'5,long wavy copper colored hair that goes down her ,mid back, dimples that make an appearance when she laughs or smiles, tan, blue eyes, and aristocratic facial features, I must admit she has a nice rack to, and she was, she was the right kind skinny not like to where you could see skin and bones.

I studied her sleeping face one more time then pushed her off the bed. She woke up startled and shot me daggers. I gave her my famous cheeky grin before laying back down to go to sleep.

*2 hours later*

When I wake up again I hear laughter in the common area. I threw a shirt on and walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bowl of Lucky Charms."Well goodmorning Sleeping Beauty someone decided to finally grace us with his presence." Keke snorted before turning back to the tele.

"Har due har." I said plopping down at the kitchen table. I looked at what they were watching on the TV and saw Scooby-Door. "Aren't you guys to old to watch Scooby-Doo?" Liam, Louis, and Zayn scoffed and rolled their eyes, Niall and Kaia stuck their tongue out at me a little childish I think but they are watching Scooby-Doo, Keke got up and hit me on the back of the head. then sat down between Liam and Louis.

"Yo Leprechaun pass me the Oreos."Keke said reaching passed Louis to get to Niall, for some reason I started to get jealous so I put my bowl in the sink and made my way to the couch and wiggled my way in between them.

"What the hell Horan!" Keke said between a mouthful of cookie. I shrugged and tuned into the movie on the TV. After a while I noticed I was sitting really close to Keke. I moved my arm an inch so that we were touching, for some reason I felt happy and content but I don't know why. I don't know if she noticed or not but she didn't move her arm if she did.

After the movie we all just sat around and talked. The girls listened to us banter with each other and I believe they found it quite hilarious. I couldn't help it but my mind kept wandering to why she goes to go to Kaia when she has a bad dream,mnm I guess it's time for Harry Styles the detective of investigation, or investigation detective, ehh I'll figure the name out later. My first step will be to talk to Keke and ask her.

I stand up and start walking to the bunk beds room when I accidentally step on Keke's foot. "OW?Watch it you little twat."she yelled. Yeah she can piss me off,so I grabbed her arm and pulled it behind her.

"What the hell your hurting me."she yelled again. Does she ever stop yelling?

"Do you ever shut up?" I asked and by the look on her face i decided to keep going. "Why don't you like me? I'm likeable, I have millions of fans that love me. But you hate me! I don't understand what I did to you!?" I practically pleaded I don't plead what the hell is wrong with me,did someone spike my breakfast?

The look on Keke's face was deathly scary, you know that saying if looks could kill I'd be so far under I'd be heading straight for hell. "Haha Styles first thing the only fan you have is the mini fan sitting in the bathroom."she paused so she could let the guys stop laughing, now I know who's side they are on. "Secondly I don't hate you but if you were on fire and I had a glass of water I would drink it. Thirdly what you did to me was turn my life upside down. I was wanting 3 months of doing nothing till school started. But you had to come along, you should have watched where you were going! I only came so Kaia would have the time of her life before she started stressing out about her future job! I have no privacy, people know where I live now and I'm getting so much crap on Facebook from people I don't even know! its your fault I'm in this mess!" by the time she finished I think I saw tears.

"I'm sorry? You're traveling with the 5 hottest guys how could that be bad?" I asked. Honestly I don't get the problem.

The look on her face said that was the wrong answer. "100,000 sperm and you were the fastest?" she said. I'm pretty sure that was rhetorical.

"Yes cupcake I was. " I stated giving him a cheeky grin

"Ok Styles I'm bo-" I didn't get to hear the rest because Zayn basically picked her up and threw her over his shoulder carrying her to the living room. "Your right Styles I do hate you!" she said.

I was feeling alot of mixed emotions like sadness, anger, and jealousy. This chick makes me bipolar and I wish Louis didn't invite her to come along. I decided to take a nap so I layed down on my bunk bed and slept.

*3 hours later *

I was being shaken awake by Louis,"Mate get up we have a show to do." he said. Ignoring him I rolled outa bed and walked into the common area to see it was empty.

"Where is everyone?" I asked.

"The stadium." he answered walking out of the bus doors. Las Vegas was huge and bright it was May 20 and we head out again on the 24 so I can look around a bit. Oh yeah did I mention it was hot here, I was glad when we walked into the stadium through a side door, I was kind of disappointed that I didn't see any fans. We walked into the dressing room and the stylist started to get me ready for the concert.

When they finished I was making my way to the green room so me and the guys can do our usual pre-show routine. I was walking passed the dance studio when I heard music. I looked in and saw Keke and Kaia , the guys, and our choreographer. I walked in and noticed they were both dancing to Niki Minaj's Starships. I sat down with the group and continued watching, I figured out that the choreographer was teaching Keke some dance moves. It was fun watching them but I decided to talk to Kaia.

"Hey Kaia why are we watching them dance?" I asked.

"I love to watch Keke dance. I think she is going to be a great teacher once school starts again." she told me.

"So she is a teacher?" I asked dumb founded.

"Yes she studied dance at college and the New Orleans Dance Academy gave her a job teaching ballet and hip hop." she said matter of factly.

"How old is she?" I asked.

"20." Kaia said. I didn't say anything back, I was very shocked and I wanted to learn more about her, she intrigued me.

"Show time." a producer said before walking out again. We followed him out except for Keke and the choreographer. Kaia was granted permission to watch from backstage and I never thought that girl could get more excited I was wrong.

During Niall's solo me and Louis started to do some funny stuff that we rehearsed. But Niall did something we didn't decide on doing. " If only you saw what I can see, you'll understand why I want you so desperately. Right now I'm looking at you and I can't believe, you don't know oh oh. You don't know your beautiful!" during his solo he went to where Kaia was and brought her on stage. After his surprise solo was finished we all gathered in the back and finished the show. We exited the stage with a very beet red Kaia and meet Keke who was just as sweaty as us.

She looked at Kaia and started laughing. Niall turned to Kaia and said," I know we hardly know each other but I would love to get to know you better and then take a shot at dating? So will you give me the chance to get to know you more?" Niall always had a weird way if asking girls out. Everyone's attention turned to Kaia waiting for her answer.

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