Summer with One Direction

It was summer and I finally finished college. It was a few months before I started teaching dance classes at performing arts school for talented teenagers. I was going to be teaching ballet and hip hop dancing. One day I decided to take a stroll with my best friend and sister Kaia through Jackson Square. As you can guess we live in New Orleans. I stopped to look at a painting of the French Market when I was knocked to the ground by none other th Harry Styles. That moment is what began the next few month's of constant concerts,screaming fans,and endless days on a tour bus with 5 boys and my bestfriend who will be with me through it all. Sharing a small enclosed space space with 5 guys that I dislike I wonder how im going to survive. Maybe by the end of it I will have 5 new bestfriends that are huge popstars. And I get kidnapped, wait what!? I hope these idiots can find me or all hell will break loose. This will be intresting.


2. Chapter 2

"So how did you find us?" I asked waiting my turn to climb on the bus.

"I got the address from the mail you had on the kitchen counter."Liam answered.

Climbing on the bus and looking around my jaw dropped to the floor. The tour bus was huge once you got passed the curtian that seperated the driver, it was huge for a bus. You walked straight into the livingroom one side has a very huge couch across was a huge flat screen tv that wass drilled into the wall practically. Beyond that was the kitchen,some side of the couch was a half circle thingy of seats for everyone,across from that was the essential kitchen needs stove, microwave, sink, coffee maker (thankthe heaven), and a toaster beside the blendar. After that was the beds and bathroom. The bathroom was at the far end left beside it was a set of bunk beds and closet. In front of the bathroom was a closet and another set of bunk beds, the same on the other side facing it.

I counted the beds and came up with 6,I then counted the people and came up with 7, we had an extra person. "Hey guys and Harry we have an extra person." I said.

"Your right Keke."Zayn agreed after everyone took their sweet time counting some more than others cough Harry cough.

"One of you girls can bunk with me."Harry said with a cheeky grin looking at me and Kaia.

"Paws off Styles not gonna happen." Niall practically growled at him. Umm strange much? I shook my head and finally had enough.

"Would you two idiots shut up! Neither girl

"Would you 2 idiots shut up! Neither girl is sharing a bed with Harry (mental shudder). Kaia you get the other bed and I will get this very comfy couch." I said then plopped on the couch to prove my point.

"One of the guys can give up their bed. You can't sleep on the couch." Louis tried to reason. I looked at each of the boys knowing they wouldn't give up their bed.

"Nope sorry I gotta have my food stash."Niall said then slapped his hand across his mouth because he just gave up his "secret" food stash.

"Mate we knew about it already and I can't give up mine because....I just got new sheets."Liam said.

"I just got a new mirror."Zayn said.

"I don't think thats safe."Kaia whispered next to me.

"Ummm,I just dont want to give up my bed."Harry said flipping through the tv channels. Real gentleman like right?

''C'mon guys.'' Louis whined.

"What about you mate?" Zayn asked.

"....I dont share?" Louis said.

Sighing and rolling my eyes."Jee dont offer all at one time. Doesnt matter you stupid Daleks (thats right I used a Doctor Who refrence be jelous) Ill e fine."

Kaia went to go unpack,Niall went to go get food (shocker right),Zayn went to go shower and stare at himself in the mirror for who knows how long, Liam went to take a nap,and Louis went to call his girlfriend. That left me and the ever annoying Styles. I was watching a re-run of Girl Code whe. Harry reached over to change it to soccer. "What the hell dude!?" I yelled at him.

Still standing in front of me he said,"Football game is on."

Harry turned to walk away when I said,"Stupid Brits (no offense to British people you guys have be coolest accents and not to mention Doctor Who) its freaking soccer in America!"

Harry was about to say something but never got the chance because we hit a bump or pothole that was in the road when he fell on me,Niall dropped his chips, a crash then Zayn yelling, Kaia laughing, Louis dropped his phone and cursed, Liam fell out of his bed and onto the floor,and Paul apologizing. "Dude get off of me!"I all but yelled.

Still not moving he leaned back alittle. "But come on babe this would be the moment you told me you are in love with me and we kiss." Harry said with a cheeky grin.

Seeing my chance I grabbed the remote and pushed him off and started laughing at the look on his face. "Dream on Styles." I smiled sweetly then turned the channel back catching the last 10 minutes of Girl Code. The boys got back to what they were doing except a few was cleaning up tbdir messes they made.

*10 p.m.*

"Hey Liam where are we going?" Kaia asked then taking my dorito.

"Woman." I yelled before snatching it bag.

"Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas." he answered in between fits of laughter.

"Omg Kaia Keke look!" Zayn yelled shoving his phone in our faces.Looking at his phone I noticed he was on Twitter and there was a huge picture of me, Kaia, and the boys getting on the tour bus. The caption read: One Direction new Girlfriends?????

"What the fucking hell!" I yelled while Kaia just put her hand to her mouth.

"That's not all."Zayn said. He started tapping on his phone again then turned it back to us. Teen Beat magazine showed a picture of me and Styles talking at Jackson Square. The article said: Has Harry Styles found a new girlfriend to replace Taylor Swift? It sure looks like it,they do make a cute couple.

"What the fuck, Styles we are not dating."I said staring at him.

"Agreed."he said looking a little sad.

I put my head in my hands and groaned."This day has been a long day." I said standing up and reaching to the cabinet above the couch to get my pillow and blanket. Everyone else afraid and went to their beds as well,while Harry waved at me and closed the curtain separating me from them.


I was 5 standing outside my parents bedroom back at the old house. They were fighting again when my dad who was out drinking again raised a hand and slapped my mother. I started to cry and yell but my father pushed me In my room and told me to shut up and close the door and lock it.

I started to hear more yelling then a crash then police officer pick me up and gave me for my grandmother.

*End dream*

I woke up and started crying, I've had that re occuring dream throughout my life since the day happened. The older I got the less I would dream but it never went away. I closed my eyes again and I could see it re playing against the back of my eyelids. like I've done so many times I got up and went to Kaia's bed.

I couldn't shake her awake and I gave up. I turned and was about to leave when Harry called my name. I walked over to him and crouched down." What?" I whispered.

" What are you doing up its 2 in the morning?" he whispered.

"I had a bad dream." I whispered feeling myself blush.

" And you crawl in the bed with Kaia?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"Yes." I said rolling my eyes.

"OK." he said turning off his phone and plugging it up to the charger. I got up and turn to leave when he grabbed my wrist.

I turn back around, "What?" I asked agitated as a wave of fatigue washed over me.

"Sleep in my bed Kaia won't wake up.There's enough room if I slide over for you to fit." he said.

I looked at him,''Shove over Styles.'' I said as I took some of the cover. For the rest of that night I didn't dream at all. Harry didn't try anything or make mean comments about me running to Kaia after my bad dream. I do have to admit he smelled good and look really good shirtless.

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