One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


6. Chapter 6

"Your brother!?"i screeched out.

"My brother?" Jace looked stunned. I mean I guess I would to but did he forget that he had a brother? really?

"Where's mom and dad?" Samuel asked stepping into the foyer of the huge mansion,without being asked in but then again I guess it's his house to? I don't know and I'm not going to take the time to figure it out.

"Work." Jace answered taking a step back and looking Samuel up and down.

"They still work?" Samuel asked plopping his bag down beside him.

"Well it is Wednesday they have to work." I answered in the most obvious tone of voice.

He looked at me and winked, "Right." I looked at Jace who looked pissed off before walking out the door. As much as I want to see that....weird reunion I have a day out on my own and I want to get started before night falls.

I start left and head into town I pass a mall very handy, a walmart, a smaller shopping center, and a few dozen houses. My stomach growls so I turn back a ways and stop at a small food joint named Black Angel (A/N I just made that up.)

I was stuck between chicken and a hamburger but I don't eat hamburgers that I haven't made so I go with the chicken.

The waitress brought me my food but didn't do the service with a smile, rude much. As I scarfed down my food I watched the other people in my surroundings. I saw a young couple eating each others face then stopping to eat a few bites of food. I shift from them a little sick to my stomach and focused on a little toddler sitting with her family eating though more like playing with her food.

My thoughts shifted from the child to my father, I wonder how he is doing if the treatments are working or if he is improving. I pull my phone out and call my mother but having it go straight to voicemail. I finish up the last of my fry and flag the waitress down for my check.

After I pay I take a stroll through the medium sized park that sets of a little ways from the dinner I was at. My thoughts shift to Jace why I don't know. He has changed a lot over the years physically and mentally. I date back to when we were kids and I first started to hate him.


We were 10 and I had developed a tiny crush on him but of course I never let on. "Where did you put it!?"

"Nowhere." he screamed back.

"Did to! That was my favorite book and you did something. How do I know this? Because you were the only one in my room!" I yell.

"Why are you accusing me of something I didn't do?" he asked crossing his arms on his chest.

"Because you did do it." I said mocking his movements.

"Because your jealous." he said and smirked.

"Jealous? jealous of what?" I scoffed.

"Of me,cuz I have a life and don't have to bury my head in a book for something fun to happen." he said.

"I could never be jealous of you. Your repulsive and stupid I have better education than you ever will." I challenged.

"I'll be successful when we get older and you will be alone living out on the street using those precious book to keep warm." he smirked back.

"I HATE YOU!" The childish part of me yelled at him then stomped away to my room.


I was pulled out of my memory when I was knocked to the ground. I looked around and saw it was a guy on bike. he quickly apologized then road away. I saw that i hurt my arm pretty bad. I cursed then walked to the nearest building I saw.

It was a food joint so I easily made my way to the bathroom. I make temporary bandage and quickly walk the rest of the way home.

I walk in the house surprised I see vases crashed onto the floor and furniture out of place. "Jace! Samuel!?" I yell hoping to hear a reply but getting a crash instead. I run to the noise and see them rolling on the floor.

Thankful neither of them are hurt just a lot of broken things. "What the hell is going on!" I yell causing both boys to stop and look at me. Jace's eyes travel down to my arm were the blood as shown itself.

"Why are you bleeding?" Jace asks knitting his eyebrows together.

"Don't change the subject what is going on here?" I demand stepping over glass shards so I could tower over them.

"He started it!" cry jumping apart from each other and pointing.

"Are you both 3." I say more to myself than to them. "Get up, both of you." I say stepping back. Jace steps back away from me but Samuel gets really close and all into my personal square. I know what your thinking Kate it's not a square it's suppose to be a bubble, but I don't care I'm weird and squares are cool.

"Well I could tousle with you but there wouldn't be much fighting." he winks and smiles at me showing his full set of perfect teeth.

"Touch me and I swear to the Nutella gods I will kick your ass all the way out of this house." I threaten then out on a sweet smile.

"Well that will have to be a chance I'm willing to take." he says and moves closer. Honestly he isn't bad looking but he has this cocky attitude about him that I don't like so I take 2 giant steps back.

There was a loud slam of the door and I'm betting his mother I mean their mother is home. There were loud gasps one after the other, looks like I owe myself money, and finally Susan walks in the room face pale and mouth pretty much dragging the floor.

"Samuel....Jace? Claire? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN HERE?" Her face turned from shock to beyond pissed off her face could literally kill right now. I held my hands up then pointed to them before quickly,running, behind her wrath to come. "Start talking now."

For the second time those geniuses gave her the same brilliant response thy gave me, "He started it." my response was to slap my hand against my head and let out a loud sigh.

Susan looked between the two of them before taking calming breaths. How I don't know I would have gotten light headed."Samuel my office now. Jace clean this up starting with all the glass. Kate do whatever." she grits out. Samuel runs to her office obviously scared if her,after that she exhales and walks after them her heels being the only sound through out the house.

"Your in trouble." I sing out propping up against the wall.

"So are you." he says standing in front of me.

"I have anything to do with this." I say standing up straight.

"Yea you left us alone." he says.

"How was I supposed to know this would happen?" I say making hand motions.

" doesn't matter." he says exiting the room.

"What do you mean it doesn't matter?" I say following.

"Nothing just drop it." he says going to a closet and grabbing a broom and dust pan.

"No I think I wanna know." I say.

"Some things are better left un said." he said going to the foyer and I again follow.

"I don't care I wanna know." I say standing in the doorway.

"Because he was insulting you and making inappropriate comments about you." he yells at me. I stand there shocked not being able to say anything.

I snap back to focus red hot anger coursing it's way through my veins. "What did he say." I bite out.

"He asked if you had a boyfriend I told him I don't know. He asked if we had sex I told him no. He said that he might try to do something I was to much of a coward to do i told him to shut up. He then talked about how you were a prude and how it would take a lot for him to get you into bed. That then agin looks were deceiving that you were probably an easy lay and it wouldn't take much. Said you dressed like a whore and I snapped after that. Your not a whore I was only defending you."

Most girls would focus on that last part that he said every girl but me. I focused on the insults and the sexual comments. I saw red felt myself moving towards what I don't know not until I burst through Susan's office doors. Their heads look up and I see Samuel after that my vision goes black.

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