One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


3. Chapter 3

After I finished changing i went downstairs into the kitchen and made a ham and cheese sammich and grabbed a bag of Doritos with a Mtn. Dew and went up up stairs to the Home Theater room and turned on to Netflix. I was halfway through Jackass 2 when the door opened and Jace sat down beside me. "I never took you as one to watch a movie like this." he said.

I rolled my eyes and looked at him."Sorry that what I watch isn't up to your expectations. Next movie will be Titanic and I'll go grab the tissues for you." I turned back to the movie and took a drink of Mtn. Dew.

He scoffed and looked at me, "I more of a The Notebook kind of guy sweetheart."

"What are doing in here, there is a whole house and backyard but yet you pick this room while I'm in here." I said with annoyance lacing my voice.

"My mom is forcing me to take you to my friends party tonight." he signed.

"Well tell your mom I said no thank you." I said shoving more popcorn into my mouth.

"Well to bad your going." he said.

"Umm no I'm not." I said.

"Yea you are you have to because if I don't take you then I can't go to Shawn's party at the end of summer."

"Well have fun missing that party." I said.

"Your going whether I have to dress you myself." with that said his phone started ringing and he got up to leave the room when he stopped at the doorway,"be ready by 8." and then left the room.

"Stupid baster wanna be Harry Styles thinks he's all that." the list became inaudible before I continued to watch the movie.

5 hours later

It was well into the day before I stopped watching Netflix, I got into a season and finally finished the last episode. I bumped into Susan. "Hey sweetheart how was your nday? Do anything interesting?" she asked.

"Just watched TV." I answered shifting to put all of my weight on the other foot.

"Oh well that's good." after she said that she wandered off to another while I headed to the kitchen,the other place I spend most of my time in haha. I grabbed something to drink when a voice called out announcing that its time to eat supper.

I walked and took my usual seat at the table. Susan and Jace filed in and took their spot after I did, the only person that was missing what is Jace's father. Tonight we have steak with potatoes and salad. It was quiet at first but Susan quickly filled in the silence. "Jace are you guys ready for tonight?"I looked down at my plate not saying anything but Jace gave a disgruntled snort. "Ok what about you Kate I'm sure he has told you by now, aren't you excited?" she asked smiling.

"Um yes ma'am." I said not wanting to upset her.

"When will you guys leave?" she asked.

"At 8 so Katie be ready." with that he shoved the last bit of food in his mouth got up and left to his room.

"Asshole." I muttered under my breath because he purposely said my name wrong.

"Yes he is." Susan said and left as well leaving me to eat alone again.I looked at my phone then cursed to see that it was 7:30 when we are supposed to leave at 8. I shoveled the last bite of steak then ran upstairs changing into a different pair of clothes. I was was just finishing my makeup which I don't wear often,when a loud and constant knocking sounded at my door.

After the 28th knock he started yelling my name, I grabbed my phone and opened the door. He obviously didn't hear the door open because the next pound was on my nose, needless to say my nose is bleeding and its bruised. "What the actual fucking hell!?"

"We're late." with that he walked away. I ran into the bathroom and grabbed the nearest roll of toilet paper and walked downstairs where he was waiting impatiently for me. "Why do you keep being slow. What's up with the paper?"

"Because your giant man hands gave me a nosebleed." I said dabbing at the blood again.

"You'll be fine now come on and don't lag again." he said rolling his eyes and heading downstairs towards the garage.

There was a lot of expensive cars maybe 20 in all everyone of them I would die to have. But he went past all of them to the farthest end of the garage to a motorcycle. "Hell no." I said.

"Yes now get on." he said shoving a helmet at me.

"No." I said then thrust it back to him.

"Fine then walk there.Its only about ten miles north." he said casually while he opened the garage door to roll his bike out of the garage. I eyeballed between him and the bike,sighed and joined him beside the bike. He closed the garage put his helmet on and started the bike. What did I do I stood there rethinking my decision.

He gave me an annoyed look, I sighed again and put on the helmet and got on. When he drove to the end of the drive way I almost peed myself and quickly put my arms around him so if I fell to my death I'd be taking him with me.I gave up on trying to see anything because it was all dark blurs.

10 miles for a car was 5 miles for this thing so thankfully we made it there quickly. "Umm you let go of me now. I know I'm hot and all but your nails are cutting through my shirt." he said after he took his helmet off. I mumbled an apology and let go taking off my helmet and fixing my shirt. He came and stood beside me then pushed me forward probably afraid I would bail right then and there.

We got inside the house and the party was in full swing,there were couples dancing and making out some on the verge of sex, other people were drinking and dancing as well. I took it this persons parents weren't here because there was a lot of alcohol. He lead me to the kitchen were most of the booze was and about 3 guys.

"Hey man!" a guy said then gave him a bro hug.

Jace slapped his back then turned to me and said,"This Shawn (the guy that bro hugged him), this is Derek (he was standing beside Shawn before his bro moment),and Kyle.Guys this is Kate." Kyle was the cuter one out of them all but there was a certain air about him.

"Your wondering something and I know what it is." Kyle said.

"What is that?" I asked wondering what his answer would be.

"Your thinking that I'm the hotter one out of the 4 of us ( there was some guffaws and protest from the guys,but ego much?) but the thing that you already know just haven't figured it out yet is I'm gay." he said.

"All the hot guys are gay." I said then fake pouted. The guys laughed but Jace,he seemed like he was searching for someone. Guessing he found who he was looking for he left me with the guys.

"So how did you meet our boy?" Shawn asked.

"Oh um I'm staying with his family for the summer." I said.

"Has he made a move yet?" Derek asked.

"No we despise each other." I answered.

"A girl that doesn't fall at his feet,the world has ended guys get ready to fight zombies." Shawn said then laughed.

"You want a drink? A soda or something you look someone who doesn't drink."Kyle asked them went to the fridge and pulled out a coke and shook it at me.

"That's fine." I said then reached for it. "Thanks." I popped the top and took a drink when 2 girls rushed into the kitchen.

"HEYYY," a girl said,she was very pretty brown hair and a body I wish I had.

"Hola!" the second girl said you could tell right off the bat she was Latino.

The girls and the guys hugged but it was the girl with the brown hair that noticed me first. "Who's this?" she asked.

"This is Kate.She is staying with Jace."Shawn said wagging his eyebrows.

"Well good luck with that and I'm Michelle Levine."the brown haired girl said.

"My name is Erica Ramirez. How long are you staying here?" she asked grabbing a sprite.

"Umm the summer I'm going back a week before my school begins." I answered.

"What grade?" Derek asked.


"Ah so the same as us." Michelle said smiling."Welcome I'm glad to have another friend that is a girl."

"Mhm I agree. We will get along well." Erica said.

"That'll be awesome." I said feeling at ease with these people.

An hour passed and the guys and girls put their numbers in my phone and started to tell stories of their high school years before Jace walked into the kitchen. "And Shawn barfed all over the teacher the rest of the year he never heard the end of it and basically skipped the class." Kyle said and laughed.

"Ohh I remember that!"Michelle said grabbing her 3rd coke. I was sitting on the counter and Kyle was beside me.

"Do you remember what Erica did to Sabrina on that class camping trip?" Derek said.

"I never forgot." Shawn said then looked at me."Sabrina Is your all around bitch, sorry Kyle."

"None taken I tell her everyday." Kyle said."She's my sister." he told me because I had a confused look on my face.

"I had to share a tent with her and she never stopped griping so to get her to leave and she did the whole night I got the guys to stand outside of the tent and pretend to be a bear. She ran all the way home I got in trouble but the quietness was totally worth it." Erica said.

"I remember that." Jace said laughing.

"Jacey." a girl who looked like Kyle came up and wrapped her arms around Jace.

"Well speak of the bitch." Michelle said then moved away from her to Shawn.

''Well if it isn't the nerd crew and who are you?"she sneered. Guessing she was talking to me but the look on her face made me not want to talk.

"That's Kate shes staying with me."Jace said.The look on her face after she said that made me want to go dig my own grave. I was to scared to say anything and I don't get frightened easily but this chick scared me with her ice cold stare of death.

"Why are you hanging out with nerd crew? You can always be cool and come hang out with me." she said then smirked.

I made my last prayers to God and said something that might get me killed."Because I like hanging out with them they're nice and not a total bitch like you. Besides I'm afraid that I might catch a few STDs from just being near you." After that was said Jace smirked,and her face turned the deepest shade of red I've ever seen. The guys whooped and high fived me while the girls laughed and patted me on the back.

"You'll regret that bitch you just wait I'll get you for that,come on Jace."she grabbed his arm and stormed out dragging him behind her.

"Should I go ahead and make funeral arrangements?" I asked and swallowed.

"Oh yeah." Derek said then patted my back.

"That was amazing but when we get home I'll never head the end of it. Thank God I drove a separate car tonight." Kyle said and grabbed a alcoholic beverage.

It was about 3 hours when we saw Jace again and I was tired. We talked and got to know each other more I really liked these guys especially Erica. Jace came into the kitchen where we stayed at most of the party. It was huge then again this house was a mansion so why not there was room enough for and people to come and go as they pleased.

"Its time to go." Jace said and the way his voice sounded there was no room for argument. I said goodbye to everyone and followed him out the front door where a lot of people were passed out.He threw the helmet at me and sighed when I didn't catch it.

"What is wrong with you?" I asked not wanting his bad mood to ruin my good mood.

"None of your business now get on." he said. I did as told and it was a quiet ride back home. He opened the garage door and parked the bike. I gave him the helmet and went upstairs not wanting to be around him. I changed clothes and immediately fell asleep.

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