One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


2. Chapter 2

I woke up from my nap and saw that it was 10 at night and I was really hungry. I quietly made my way downstairs to the kitchen, I started looking around in the pantry but didn't find anything appealing. So I decided to look in the fridge, finding leftovers from what I suggest was from tonight's supper. I put it in the microwave and went to go find something to drink, I settled on a mountain dew and went to go get my dinner from the microwave that just cut off. I sat at the counter and dug into my spaghetti occasionally taking long drinks from my mountain dew.

After I finished I put my dirty dishes in the sink and started my way back to my room when I bumped into Jace for the second time that day. "Do I need to repeat myself watch where you are going."he said.

"Whatever you say troll."I huffed out before trying to get around him.

He put his hand out in front and stopped me,"I believe you owe me an apology short stack." he said.

I raised my eyebrow and looked him up and don't before putting my weight on both feet. "I'm sorry did I hear you correctly troll or do I need a hearing aid. But did you just tell me to apologize to you then you call me short stack?"

''Yes so go on apologize." he said motioning me with his hands to start.

I smiled,"I am so sorry you are an incompetent asshole who's ego is the size of Europe that needs to get a bigger vocabulary and stop calling me short stack and find a better nickname to annoy me with." I stomped on his foot and he started hopping holding the hurt foot but I didn't care because he moved out of my way.

When I made it back to my I turned on my iPod touch put it in my Idock and Skillet poured through the speakers,I walked over to the bookshelf and picked up the book I brought to finish. One of my favorite things about this room is there are doors by my bed to a balcony,a couch and a loveseat, and there is also a beanbag chair and one of my more favorites is a cup chair you know a half C shape I can't think of a better way to explanation I hope you can understand what I'm talking about all on a large white shag rug.

Instead of sitting in any of those places i decided to sit in the window seat that looks out into the backyard. The backyard is huge there is a large patio and about 8 acres of lush green grass then miles and miles of wooded area. It was pretty dark out so I couldn't really see anything.

*Next Morning*

I woke up with my head on the window and my book in my lap, guessing by my sore neck I fell asleep reading. I stood up and stretched then put my book back on the shelve making sure I marked the right page, I have about 12 more pages left it should take about 10 minutes to finish.

I walked to the bathroom took a shower and got dressed in white shorts Metallica shirt and purple converse and walked downstairs to the kitchen. I start to rummage through the cupboards to find something appetizing when Susan calls my name to come in the dining room. When I walk in I see there's a big breakfast on the table. John Susan are sitting together and Jace is sitting by himself.

The only open seat left at the table is a beside Jace, when I sit down beside him he scoots away from me i rolled my eyes and started to get me some breakfast. "So what is everyone's plans for today?" Susan asked looking around.

"I have to go to the office today. What about you?" John asked.

"To a photo shoot for my newest line." Susan said looking really excited.

"Jace what are your plans?" John said looking at Jace.

"Staying in my room." he grunted out.

"Well why not show Kate around?"Susan asked. There was a grunt from him and an un lady like snort from me. The adults looked back and forth between us then at each other. John got up and kissed Susan then man patted Jace on the back said goodbye to me then left for work. Susan sat there and looked at us before standing up and saying,"Play nice both of you I have to go don't burn the house down."She kissed Jace on the head waved to me then left.

I got up and started back towards my room a place I'm going to be staying in a lot. "Where are you going?" Jace asked.

"Why do you care?"I retorted back.

"I don't."He said then stood up.

"Why did you ask then."I said.

"Because Its my house." he said looking at me, "and you are an unwelcome stranger."he smirked.

I rolled my eyes and was about to say something when my phone started ringing. I looked at the I.d and saw it was my dad. "Daddy?"

"Hey sweetheart how are you?"he asked.

"I'm good how are the treatments?" I asked.

" Oh um they are helping.." he said.

"Are you lieng to me?" I asked. He has done it before he says its to protect me but from what? I know he is dieng that doesn't change anything.

"Hey sweet its mom."

"Where did dad go?"I ask.

There was a slight hesitation but she finally gave an answer,"He is going to have more test taken." she said.

"Tell me how he really is doing."I said.

"Not good sweety but we will get there don't worry. I got to go be good text me later love you." she said and hung up before I could even say goodbye. I shut my phone off and looked to see Jace still in front of me on his phone.

"Are you finally done?That took forever,miss your daddy."He mocked. No one at my school mocked me about calling my dad daddy or keeping him close. I rejected going to parties so I could stay with my parents and I never regretted not going to them. People at my home town knew about my father he was a well loved man and respected to.

I couldn't help but my eyes misted a bit didn't he had to know why I was staying here someone had to of filled him in"Yes I do you ass I miss him very much and of you wasn't such a jerk through the years you would know why."I spat.

"If I hadn't of been the jerk I recall you taking my favorite football card and flushing it down the toilet."He said.

"That was because you took all of my barbie dolls and cut their hair off!" I yelled.

"That as because you broke my favorite game."He said.

"That was because you, no never mind I sick of hearing you talk."I said shoving my way through him and heading up the stairs.

"I was done with you ever since we were kids!" he yelled after me. I didn't know if he could see me but I flipped him off before slamming the door to my room and locking it. I flopped on my bed and took out my phone sending a text message to Sam my best friend asking how everything has been so far. We talked for about an hour before she had to go out with her boyfriend.

"Great she is going to be with him all her time this summer and when she is with him she ignores everyone and I was wanting to talk to her while I was here this summer." I said to my myself, great I'm talking to myself isn't that the first sign of crazyness.

I get up and walk outside on the balcony, and automatically started sweating. I looked down at the pool and decided to get my bathing suit on it is summer anyway. I grabbed a towel from my bathroom and padded barefoot to the backyard.

I had been swimming for about 2 or 3 hours before I heard the door open and close and someone drag a chair to the edge of the pool. I popped my head out of the water and saw none other than Jace sitting there. "What do you want?" I asked.

"What I can't watch you swim?" he said.

"No because that's creepy and I don't like you." I said swimming to the edge of the pool.

"Well its my house so I can do what I want." he said raising an eyebrow at me.

"Ok well enjoy your time at the pool De La Jerk Off." I said climbing out of the pool and grabbing my towel. I was drying off and saw Jace still sitting there. "Where is your phone?''

"On the counter. Why?" he said playing with his shirt.

"Oh no reason." I said putting my towel down a sneaking behind Jace with one good shove him and chair sent into the water and he gave a very girlish scream. I stood there laughing then grab my phone to take a picture, after I took the picture and put my phone down I walked to the edge t see a struggling troll. "You seem to be a little wet."I pointed out still laughing might I add.

"Oh you are so dead."He threatened.

"Yea ok."I said as I bent down to reach for the chair at a safe distance. I put it in its upright position (hahaha) and watched as Jace started swimming around.

"Come in the water is nice."He said smiling lazily at me.

I scoffed and rolled myself,"No thanks the water is kind of ruined now."I said smiling.

He swam towards me and asked for me to help him out."Yea no I know that trick."

"Suit yourself." he said then grabbed onto my leg and pulled me forward next thing I know is that his hands are on my waist and I'm sopping wet again. When I came up and cleared the hair put of my eyes and started looking around for the bastard. I made a complete 360 turn and didn't see him.

"Jace!" I yelled.

"Yes."He said smirking as I started to swim towards him.

"What the hell is wrong with you!?" I asked. Instead of letting him answer I decided to get even I jumped on him bringing him down and dunking him in the water. I swam away to the edge and then got out of the water scraping my leg on the concrete and running to get my towel again.

Jace popped up and looked directly at me he swam towards the edge and got out as well I was prepared to run but when he got to me he bent down and started to touch the spot on my leg where I was bleeding. "Does it hurt?"

"Stings a little why?"I asked getting really worried.

"Come on."He said pulling my hand and me towards the kitchen. We walked in trekking water everywhere and he pulled me up stairs to his room? Oh goodness help me am I going to die? We entered his room and it was clean not a complete mess like I would have expected.

He finally stopped pulling me when we were inside his bathroom."Sit."he ordered pointing to at the toilet so I sat. He rummaged through a cabinet grabbing a few things. He sat next to me on the bathtub side and started to clean the blood. While he cleaned the wound and put cream on it I sat there akwardly not really saying anything.

"What happened?" he asked taking the bandage out of the wrapper.

"I scrapped it getting out of the pool." I explained.

"Your good now."he said looking at me and gathering all the stuff he used to bandage me up. "So what do you plan on doing while your here?"he asked turning and looking at me.

I shrugged,"Nothing in don't know anyone here so I'll probably just stay in the house." I said and shivered from the cold.

"You should probably go get some clothes on, don't want you to get sick do we."he said and then walked into his room. I followed suit and then made my way to the hallway. "Hey Kate."

I stopped and turned to look at him,"Yea?"I asked.

"I'm glad to have you here."he said before putting on headphones. I walked into the hallway then down the stairs to my room wondering when the sweet nutella Jace started being nice to me and if the pod people came to visit him I'm his sleep.

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