One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


13. Chapter 13

I was slowly being shaken awake and when I finally focused on my surroundings my head was on Jace's shoulder and his arm was around me. He ended up falling asleep on me and Samuel was across the aisle grinning his Cheshire cat grin. The person that was waking us up was the flight attendant telling us that we will be landing soon. Jace and I looked at each other and then quickly away.  Straightening up I looked out of the window and saw that we were eye level with the clouds.


We slowly started to descend even more and eventually we are all standing at the baggage carousel. The boys were bickering beside me and of course I would be standing in the middle. Susan and John  were talking about today and Friday and what preparations they would need to do. Saturday night is the wedding and apparently they have a house sitting on a dormant volcano. I know what you guys are thinking or well asking we are currently on one of the smaller islands of Hawaii.

Yes Susan and John sent Samuel to a boarding school in Hawaii. When Samuel found out that Amelia lives here he did go and live with her and then he and his wife fell in love.


Friday Samuel is coming to stay with us so the couple wont risk seeing each other and have bad luck. It was late in the evening so we went straight to the house after dropping Samuel off leaving the introductions for later in the evening.  We all were tired and it is only a 10 minute drive we all decided to take naps.


Getting to the house the revelation finally hit the two adults. "Jace and Kate you are both  going to have to share the room here for the weekend." Susan said.


"But I don't buh I huh?" I asked really wondering if the two adults are going to let two teenagers share one room for the weekend.


"Ah come on Kate it won't be that bad." Jace said smiled and put his arm around my neck before quickly releasing me.


"See you guys will be ok together. Now I am going to take a nap come John.'' She said before walking away.


I turned and looked at Jace sighing. "Show me the way.  To tired for this mess." following him up the stairs there was four doors. Looking in disbelief I looked through the first two and saw a bedroom with two beds and a bathroom in the second room. The second set was a home theatre and the other a work out room. Bringing me to the conclusion of how rich are these people?


Slamming the door I held open shut I marched to the bedroom and went inside. Seeing Jace shirtless and in boxers I guess he is already ready for his nap. Not caring I decided to change. "Don't look put your head in the pillow." I told him. After changing I threw myself on the bed and told him it was safe.


"Hey Kate."Jace said.


"What." I said back.


"I'm sorry about when we were kids." he said then went quiet.


"It's ok." I said turning over to face him and finding that he was asleep.


Sighing I quickly followed after him and went into a deep sleep. Waking up I was lying in a field of flowers. Sitting up I looked around and saw that I wasn't alone. My parents were across the field getting up I started walking getting halfway Jace came out of nowhere. "Don't go any farther Kate." he said.


"What? Why?" I asked. Instead of answering my question he disappeared. As I finally reached my parents the scene changed my mother was standing beside a coffin and it was half open showing the upper body portion of who was inside the coffin. "Where is dad?"  asked as I reached her.


She didn't answer me but begin to cry heavy sobs racking her body until she was on the ground clutching my legs. Looking at the half open coffin I saw my father lying there lifeless and no color anywhere just gray. Understanding why my mother was crying I began to cry to and scream that this is not funny to wake up and don't die. My useless pleas didn't help and eventually I was on the ground clutching my mother crying.


"Kate Kate wake up!" Jace yelled. Waking me from my nightmare. Looking up I saw terror mirror back at me in his eyes and his breathing frantic. "It was just a bad dream."


I tried to speak but my throat was to raw and my eyes burned coming to the conclusion that I not only cried and screamed and my sleep but in real life to.  Jace seeing me shake and begin to cry again held me. After a few seconds we heard running feet and loud whispers. As the footsteps got closer Susan and John burst through the door looking as terrified as Jace looked and as I felt.


After they made sure I was ok they told us that we will be leaving on an hour to go to Samuel's place. "What was your dream about?" Jace asked me.


After I told him his face went white and he didn't say anything. Jace really liked my parents and when he found out about my dad's cancer he was as upset as I was. We all found out together me Jace, Susan, and John because y parents invited them all over for dinner one night.


The reactions were bad mostly from me. I got so mad I ran off to my room and he came and yelled at me through the door until I opened and let him in. I believe that was the only time when we were kids that we were actually nice to each other. He stayed with me the whole night and didn't leave till the next day and our relationship was back to the way it was.


Remembering that we are leaving soon I went to the bathroom to freshen up. Pretty soon we were at Samuel's house . It was like a 2 bed and 2 bath cottage with a pretty good sized yard for the baby to run and play in. Samuel and a very pregnant women walked out of the house arm in arm smiling.


"Oh my goodness just look at you!" Susan screamed running to the women.


"Guys meet Maria in person this time."Samuel announced. We all took turns hugging her and making introductions.


"How far along are you?" Jace asked just out of the blue.


"Jace that was rude." Susan scolded. "Haha its ok Susan. I am going on 9 months today." She said proudly with excitement and joy almost bursting from the seams.


"What is it a boy or girl?" Jace's dad asked.


"A little girl."Samuel said.


"Finally! I was so tired of boys!"Susan laughed out.


"Thanks mom."Jace said looking sad.


"Well the wedding is here out in the backyard and then the ceremony will be throughout the house."Maria explained going to sit on the couch. "And because of this the vows wont take long." She said making huge circles around her stomach.


"From what Samuel told me all that is left is the chairs and tables to be set up tomorrow. And on the big day making sure the caterer puts everything in the right place and the finishing touches on the decorations and flowers to be delivered on the big day of course." Susan finished out.


"That sounds about right." Maria smiled. Out of nowhere the doorbell rang. Samuel left to go answer it and after a few minutes came back with pizza.


"So what's the baby's name?"I asked.


"Samantha Aelita Williams." she said proudly.


After staying a few hours Susan finally decided that she had enough for the day and we left to the house. Walking in the William's front door. "Tomorrow we will be with Samuel and Maria all day so Jace why don't you take Kate around the town." Susan suggested and walked down the hallway beside the stairs to their bedroom.


"Man why do I have to show you around i'd rather set up chairs." Jace mumbled walking up the stairs to our shared bedroom.


"No like im jumping for joy about it either." I snapped at him.


"Just remember bring a swimsuit." he said then began to stripping down to only boxers and climbed into bed. I admit I stared because lately ive been seeing more of the bare chest half naked boy. After getting ready for bed I climbed in myself and slipped into a dreamless sleep. 



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