One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


12. Chapter 12

I walked downstairs and Susan was running everywhere like well like a chicken with her head cut off or a zombie trying to find his, haha ok sorry anyway. "You needed me Susan?" I ask cautiously and I do mean cautiously asked.


She stopped and I don't know how in those heels. "Yes I asked Jace to help me pack but he said he would be right back. I asked where he was going and he said to get you. I need you to help me pack!" she all but yelled in my face.


"Um for what?" I asked genuinely confused.


"For the wedding! We are leaving tomorrow morning!" now she was yelling.


"But it's Wednesday?" I said confused as all will get out.


"We are flying out to help Samuel with the wedding now come on I need help packing!" she kept yelling.


"Alright alright!" I yelled back.


She gasped at me I really mean she gasped at me, "Dear you do not have to yell." and with that she walked away. Groaning I followed after her and began her packing.


About five hours later I plopped down at the table for supper. Looking around I saw Samuel and Jace smirking at me. "What?" I asked.


"How was spending the day with mom?" Samuel asked laughing at me. Instead of replying I did the only thing I could I threw a piece of bread at him.


Jace fell on the floor laughing taking ROTFL to a series level. To get back at him I took a big spoonful of pasta and well dumped it onto his head.


"Kids what is the meaning of this?" the guys father said coming into the dining room.


They both looked at each other then turned to me and pointed. "She did it!" they yelled.


"What? They left me to pack with Susan." I defended myself.


I was getting ready for him to yell at me but all he did was stick his hand in the air for a high five. "Good job I would have done the same if I was you."


"Dad!" they yelled and Jace got up to go clean up as Susan walked into the room with a bowl of salad. "Where'd Jace go?" 


"To clean up." I answered. Susan gave me a confused look and me and John looked at each other and started snickering. After a few minutes of silence Jace sat down shirtless and wet hair. To say ladies and gents what we are all thinking he looked ffffiiiiinnnneeee no he looked hot.


"Don't stare you'll start to drool." Samuel said and started laughing while Jace winked at me. What did I do I looked down and felt the blood rush too my cheeks known as a blush.


After supper I went upstairs to shower, pack, and bed. Didn't know what to pack so I packed half of my clothes and the dress I'm being forced to wear. After my shower I threw myself on my bed and looked at my phone to find drum roll please....nothing from my mother they have been MIA lately and I'm starting to worry.


I love both of my parents and if something happens I don't know what I will do. I finally fell asleep around one and was woken up at three. "Hey come on get up." I heard then felt a finger poking my face.


"Yeah mate it's time to leave." said the voice on my opposite.


"When did you turn Australian Taylor?" I asked half asleep and turned over.


"Who's Taylor?" asked the voice to my left.


"How could you forget Taylor our wedding is tomorrow." I mumbled.


"1..2..3!" Was all I heard until I felt the coldness and then pain on my head.


"What the hell." I yelled out. Looking up I saw Jace and Samuel smirking at me.


"Payback for last night." Jace said. Touching my hand to where the pain radiated I felt wetness. Pulling my hand away I saw blood.


"Uh oh mom isn't going to like this." Samuel said kneeling in front of me and looking at my head.


"Let's bring her downstairs." Jace said a flicker of worry crossing his face. The two boys picked me up off the floor. Dizziness and nausea came over me and I quickly ran to the bathroom. Thankfully as I was throwing up the boys waited outside the door till I was done.


"You done in here?" Samuel asked. Not having the strength anymore I nodded my head.


"Can you walk?" Jace asked.


I nodded my head no and he picked me up bridal styled and started downstairs to the living room. "Boys what happened?" Susan spazzed.


"She hit her head." Samuel explained.


"We will talk about this later. You both know that we have a flight to catch and cannot be late. I will call my friend and let him check over her while we finish with the preparations. Jace go upstairs and get her things. Then you come see me and help me with my bags. Don't just stand there chop chop!" she said after a moment of them not moving.


I felt really sick and it was getting hard to breathe. After about 20 minutes Susan's friend finally came. As it turned out that he is one of the best doctors in this state. That does not surprise me that they are well acquainted friends and that Jace and Samuel were hardly ever sick.


As it turns out I do not have a concussion that Susan was freaking out about. I am able to fly with no problem, and the reason I vomited was because of the rush and suddenness of what happened. By the time he left it was time to leave for the air port.


The seating of the plane ride was Susan and her husband, me and Jace, and Samuel with some stranger. The stranger was a big guy that slept the whole way and used him as a pillow oh and to make it worse there was a child behind him kicking his chair and yelling at him from behind. I felt bad for Samuel but that was karma for dumping me in the floor this morning.


Sitting with Jace was not all bad, even though it was quiet for half of the way there, the times we did talk was very interesting. "Hey I'm sorry about this morning I didn't see that happening." he said.


"It's cool." I replied even though I was mad at both of them I couldn't hold a grudge against them. I started to get sleepy and Jace went into what seemed like his 20 part apology. At part 15 I laid my head on his shoulder and was on the border of sleep and awareness. I felt him grab my hand and kiss my head. By the time I fully crossed into oblivion and could have sworn that Jace said he loved me before I fell in deep sleep and awoken to a colorful land and the mad hatter?









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