One Summer

My name is Kate Adams and I'm starting my senior year well I have to get through summer first. My mom is sending me to one of her friends house to stay with them for the summer because her and my dad are going to stay at a research facility because my dad has cancer. I thought it would be a quit summer but I forgot the people I'm living with Susan and John Williams have a son named Jace Williams,we werent friends when we were kids and never kept contact, yes we hated I mean hate each other that much. I hope I can survive the summer, I really do...

(May contain false language and cursing)


1. Chapter 1

"Kate, honey I have to take you yo the airport now and no later."my mom yelled up to me.

"OK OK I'm coming."I said grabbing my last bag and jogging down the stairs.

"Hurry up scoot."she said doing the earn motion towards the door to leave already.

"Where's daddy I haven't said goodbye yet?" I asked.

"In the bedroom."my mom said impatient. I dropped my bag and walked down the hallway, my dad was in the military but that wasn't how he got to be in a wheel chair. He got to be in a wheel chair from the Leukemia, my dad loved the army but on a doctor visit something didn't look right. The doctors ran test and he came back positive for cancer, my mom cried and my dad blamed himself. One thing no one in this household will tell is that we went to a family counselor to help deal with this "crisis" that's what my mom called it. But now we moved past it, the doctor said he only has a few months that's why they are going to the facility to hopefully change that.

I pushed open the door and walked up to the bed seeing as he was asleep I decided to kiss his forehead and call later. I walked back to the front door and saw my mom already got the car and my bags put in the trunk. I hopped in the passenger seat and my mom drove away, the airport only took 10 so not long."Where am I going again?" I asked.

"To Connecticut and they are going to meet you at the airport when you get off. Call me as soon as you can, and sweety I love you me and your father both do. Be good this summer call 4 times a week 5 even." she started crying so I held her hand since she was driving and all.

"Just bring daddy back home alive."I said tearing up as well.

" I will don't you worry about that." she promised turning into a parking spot. She helped me get all of my bags and go through security check and get to my gate number. We said our goodbyes and then I boarded my plane, I turned my cell phone off and when we got into the air I slept the whole way.

A flight attendant woke me up telling me to fasten my seat belt and put my set in the upright position. Haha I said upright position,yes I'm childish and no I don't care that your judging me. I got my bags and I was looking for my mom's friend but I don't see her not that I had a description or picture of her anyway least the lady could do was hold up a sign.

Turns out there was a sign and no not a sign from the man upstairs but a man in a monkey suit with my name. "Are you miss Kate?" he asked.

"Why yes yes l am Kate Adams at your service." I said smiling then did a salute. He gave me a weird look then grabbed my bags brining me to a really big Cadillac escalade, I hopped in while monkey boy put my bags in the back and he got in the drivers seat giving me a disapproving look. "What?"

"Madam you are supposed to wait till I open the door for you."he chastised.

"Well it was hot and l am perfectly capable of opening a car door."I said back. He apparently didn't like my answer because he was quiet the rest of the ride and had a sour look on his face. The silence eventually got to me,''How much farther?'' I asked.

"30 minutes."he replied.

"Can you turn on the radio please?"I asked nicely.

"What station?''

''Just scan it I don't know the music stations here." I replied and pulled out my sending a quick text to my mom saying I landed safely. It took a few minutes but she texted back k and call you later. I figured they were driving and dad was taking another nap, he does that often saying its from the treatments and cancer I hope they can help him this summer.

We pulled up to the house I mean mansion, mom didn't tell me how rich these people were, I waited till the driver opened the door because he practically ran to my door before I could open it myself and then he handed me my bags and pushed me up the stairs then got in the car and drove off. Well he's very pleasant I thought as I rung the door bell. A women in her mid 30's opened the door and pulled me in.

She gave a little squill then ran off, ookkaayyy does everyone in this household man handle then run off'? I set my bags down because they got to be a little heavy and I couldn't hold them anymore. I just stood there akwardly shifting back and forth between my feet when a man walked in he looked to be in his late 20's and looked like a butler."May I help you?'' he asked.

"I don't know?" i said.

He gave me a confused look and asked,"What do you mean you don't know miss?"

"A lady pulled me in screamed then ran off in that direction." I pointed to the direction she ran off in and he walked in that direction after her I guess. 5 minutes later the lady,butler, and some man looked to be a little older than the lady walked in.

" I am so sorry I ran off I was just went to find my husband and son." she apologized.

"Its ok." I said then shook her hand. " I'm Kate Adams I'll be staying with you for the summer." I introduced myself.

"I'm Susan and this is John,I don't know where Jace could be. I didn't see his car in the garage,I'm sure he will be back later. Anyway I'll show you to your room and then we will eat lunch.Sound good?" she asked me. I nodded my head then followed her up the stairs, there was 3 levels and I was on the second one. "Jace stays up on the 3rd level there is a home theater up there and its connected to our Netflix account so just watch whatever you want. This is your room I tried to make it seem like your room, your mom told me a bit about you so I did it the best way I could." she finally stopped and took a breather and opened the door.

The room was purple and black and the purple paint had glitter in it. The bed was the same colors and the purple cover had a really cool design in it,there was a flat screen tv, a cool little sitting area and a bookshelf, and my own bathroom that thing is huge. Susan left me to unpack and put my things away,I put my clothes in the drawers and closet bathroom stuff in bathroom and books I brought on the bookshelf where I could find room. I looked over my new room for the summer and then wandered downstairs.

I found my way into the dining room it seemed like and saw Susan setting the table. "Um those books in my room are they for me?" I asked.

She looked at me and smiled,"Of course your mother told me what kind books you were into. I might have to borrow them they looked really interesting."she smiled and winked at me.

"O of course their yours anyway you bought them." I stuttered.

"I bought them you, you don't know anyone here besides us and like my son is going to show you around so I got those for you to occupy your time with and there is a pool outback to keep you cool and a game room down in the basement next to the garage."

"Thanks."I said grabbing a ham and cheese sand which and some chips.

"I'm really sorry about your father I hope they can help him this summer. I know it must be hard on your family your mother doesn't tell me much, she's afraid that I will try to send money. I want to and every time I do she sends it back." she admits then blushes.

"Don't worry about it you aren't the only person she has done that to. We try not to take money from people we don't want to look like a charity case when we get along fine." I said taking a huge of my sand which and John walked in and sat next to Susan.

"How has your day been so far Kate?" John asked.

"Its been good a little jet lagged I might take a nap later." I said then wiped my mouth.

"Yes of course you must be tired I don't travel by plane much that is Susan's job she is an artist of making clothes or something like that." John said then chuckled at what he said. I polished off the chips put my plate in the sink and started to my room. I was looking. at a text I had gotten during lunch from my best friend Kara Jones telling me how her summer has been so far and all the cute boys she has meet so far. I was about to reply back when I bumped into a really large and soft wall that smelled like Axe. With an oof from me I felt my butt and the floor make contact and my cell slide out of my hand toward the stairs.

"You should really watch where your going."The big wall of Axe grumbled out.

I stood up and brushed off my backside already feeling my tailbone bruise. "Or maybe YOU should watch where YOU are going."I said emphasizing the you because you was being rude.

"Who are you anyway?" he asked.

"I'm Kate, who are you?" I said back.

"Jace and are you the annoying runt that is going to be living with us aren't you." he said.

"Yes I am you incompetent asshole." I spat at him then walked/hobbled up the stairs due to my bruised tale bone. I walked in my room and flopped down on my bed quickly falling asleep.

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